What’s new on Amazon Prime in October 2023!

Here is the monthly preview of upcoming Amazon Prime Video content for October 2023. Just to let you know, this page essentially talks about original content rather than licensed fare, concentrating on well-known intellectual properties and highly anticipated movies and television episodes. Given the lack of complete details, we will update this post monthly to reflect any new information we obtain. Keep checking back for updates and links to our reviews and recaps of October’s offers, since we provide the most extensive coverage of all streaming releases here at Ready Steady Cut.

As the spooky season begins, Amazon Prime is set to release some new and exciting movies and series as a tribute to Halloween. Some of the most exciting series we are looking forward to is Totally Killer, a horror comedy or reality show with a special star cast in Make Me Scream, and more exciting things to watch this Halloween 2023. Below, see the complete listing of what’s coming to Prime Video.

10. Totally Killer 

Director:Nahnatchka Khan
Genre:Horror, Comedy
Release Date:6 October 2023
Cast:Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, Charlie Gillespie
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

On Halloween night, the ‘Sweet Sixteen Killer’ returns, targeting 17-year-old Jamie, played by Kiernan Shipka. Ignoring her overprotective mother’s warnings (Julie Bowen), Jamie faces the masked maniac, triggering an unexpected time warp. Now trapped in 1987, she teams up with her teenage mother (Olivia Holt) to unmask the killer before she’s stuck in the past. This horror-comedy premieres on Amazon Prime Video, starting October 6, in English and Hindi. With neon nostalgia and spine-tingling twists, it’s a race against time for Jamie to rewrite history and end the cycle of terror.

9. The Burial

Director:Maggie Betts
Release Date:13 October 2023
Cast:Jamie Fox, Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

In “The Burial,” funeral home owner Jeremiah O’Keefe (Tommy Lee Jones) enlists the help of charismatic attorney Willie E. Gary (Jamie Foxx) to rescue his family business from a soured handshake deal. Their unlikely partnership uncovers corporate corruption and racial injustice while forging a bond that defies expectations. Premiering on October 13th in English and Hindi, this inspirational tale weaves humor and heart into a story of resilience and justice.

8. Upload: Season 3

Director:Greg Daniels
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi
Release Date:20 October 2023
Cast:Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

“Upload,” the brainchild of Emmy-winning writer Greg Daniels (known for “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “King of the Hill“), offers a unique blend of sci-fi and comedy. Set in a futuristic world brimming with holographic phones, self-driving cars, AI assistants, and 3D food printers, it’s a glimpse into a technologically advanced society. Starting October 20, you can embark on this witty journey in both English and Hindi, exploring the humorous side of tomorrow’s innovations.

7. The Other Zoey

Director:Sara Zandieh
Genre:Romance, Comedy 
Release Date:20 October 2023
Cast:Josephine Langford, Heather Graham, Drew Starkey
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Meet Zoey Miller, a brilliant computer whiz with no time for matters of the heart. Her world takes a delightful twist when Zack, the school’s soccer sensation, suffers from amnesia and misidentifies Zoey as his sweetheart. This charming tale of mistaken identity and unexpected romance will have you hooked from October 20th, available in both English and Hindi. Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with laughter and love!

6. Awareness

Director:Daniel Benmayor
Release Date:11 October 2023
Cast:Pedro Alonso, Victor Cerezuela, Carlos Cortés Ciudad
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

In “Awareness,” Ian, a rebellious teenager on society’s outskirts, wields a mind-bending ability to create convincing illusions, fueling his survival through petty scams. When a con goes awry, his powers spiral out of control in public, painting a target on his back for two rival organizations hungry to exploit his gifts. This high-stakes tale of power and intrigue unravels on October 11, and you can delve into the gripping narrative in either English or Hindi, witnessing Ian’s struggle against formidable forces in a thrilling showdown.

5. Sayen: Dessert Road

Director:Alexander Witt
Genre:Action, Thriller
Release Date:20 October 2023
Cast:Enrique Arce, Alfredo Castro, Jorge López
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Venture into the wilds of southern Chile with Sayen, a determined young Mapuche woman, as she embarks on a perilous quest for vengeance against the mercenaries responsible for her grandmother’s murder. Armed with her ancestral skills, she defies the odds, surviving to confront the invaders. In a momentous decision, Sayen faces the crossroads of her destiny — whether to seek personal justice or rise as a protector of not only her own people but also other indigenous communities threatened by a malevolent corporation. From October 20, this gripping saga unfolds in both English and Hindi, offering a poignant exploration of resilience and the fight to safeguard ancestral lands and ways of life.

4. Everybody Loves Diamonds: Season 1

Director:Gianluca Maria Tavarelli
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Release Date:13 October 2023
Cast:Kim Rossi Stuart, Anna Foglietta, Gian Marco Tognazzi
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Prepare for a thrilling dose of comedy-infused heist action with “Everybody Loves Diamonds,” an intriguing Italian series. Inspired by the audacious 2003 ‘Antwerp Diamond Heist,’ known as ‘the world’s largest theft of diamonds,’ this eight-part saga unveils the escapades of a team of cunning Italian thieves, led by the charismatic Leonardo Notarbartolo, portrayed by Kim Rossi Stuart. With ingenious tactics, they outsmart top-level security, orchestrating a daring theft of precious gems valued at millions from the Antwerp Diamond Centre. Starting October 13, this captivating series is your ticket to a rollercoaster ride, available in both English and Hindi, promising a blend of humor and high-stakes drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. One Shot: Overtime Elite 

Director:Raoul Peck
Release Date:13 October 2023
Cast:Reels Family
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

“Silver Dollar Road,” a documentary by Academy Award-nominee Raoul Peck, delves into the Reels family’s story, as narrated by matriarch Mamie Reels Ellison and her niece Kim Renee Duhon. Their journey encompasses not only the protection of ancestral land but also the fight for justice for their wrongfully imprisoned brothers and uncles, Melvin and Licurtis. This powerful documentary, based on a 2019 ProPublica article, uncovers how the legal system has been manipulated to weaken black land ownership and widen the racial wealth gap. Set to release in India on October 20, it’s a poignant exploration of enduring struggles for justice and equality.

2. In My Mother’s Skin

Director:Kenneth Dagatan
Genre:Folk Horror 
Release Date:12 October 2023
Cast:Beauty Gonzalez, Felicity Kyle Napuli, James Mavie Estrella
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

“In My Mother’s Skin,” a horror fairy tale set in WWII-era Philippines, follows young Tala, whose family faces torment by Japanese soldiers. As her father seeks help, Tala’s mother’s health deteriorates. Desperate, Tala turns to a mysterious fairy for protection, only to discover a gruesome truth. Premiering on Amazon Prime Video from October 12, this chilling tale promises a spine-tingling journey into the unknown.

1. Make Me Scream

Director:Jane Mun
Genre:Reality TV
Release Date:3 October 2023
Cast:Tempestt Bledsoe, Darryl M. Bell, Javalan Chew
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Prepare for a spine-tingling Halloween experience with “Make Me Scream: Halloween Special,” a unique horror-themed reality game show brought to you by Amazon Studios and MGM Alternative. Hosted by horror enthusiasts and real-life partners Tempestt Bledsoe (“The Cosby Show”) and Darryl M. Bell (“A Different World”), this hilariously terrifying special invites three celebrity teams led by Jaleel White (“Family Matters“), Shoniqua Shandai (“Harlem”), and rapper Lil Xan to navigate a series of bone-chilling scare zones, all while battling to keep their screams at bay. The ultimate prize? The coveted Medal of Mayhem. Tune in exclusively on Prime Video from October 6 for a night of thrills and laughter like never before.

Look at the list of what’s new on Amazon prime in October 2023.

October 1

  • Frasier S1-11
  • Hit S3
  • A Fish Called Wanda
  • A Guy Thing
  • A View To A Kill
  • A Star Is Born
  • Abduction
  • Arsenal
  • Beethoven
  • Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
  • Body of Evidence
  • Bolero
  • Bowling for Columbine
  • Bubba Ho-Tep
  • Casino Royale
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Crawl
  • Daybreakers
  • Detroit
  • Diamonds Are Forever
  • Die Another Day
  • Dirty Work
  • Disturbing Behavior
  • Doom
  • Dr. No
  • Eight Men Out
  • Jonah Hex
  • Judas and the Black Messiah
  • Justice League
  • King Richard
  • Shazam!
  • Steel
  • Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Tom & Jerry
  • V for Vendetta
  • Watchmen
  • Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Flesh & Blood
  • For The Love Of The Game
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • From Russia With Love
  • Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Going My Way
  • Goldeneye
  • Goldfinger
  • Green Lantern
  • Hall Pass
  • High-Rise
  • Holiday In Handcuffs
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • It’s Complicated
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit Of The Doubt
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost
  • Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
  • John Tucker Must Die
  • King Solomon’s Mines
  • Lawless (2012)
  • Legally Blonde
  • License To Kill
  • Live And Let Die
  • Mac and Me
  • Mariah Carey’s All I Want For
  • Christmas Is You
  • Mars Attacks!
  • Masters Of The Universe
  • Mean Creek
  • Moby Dick
  • Moneyball
  • Moonraker
  • Much Ado About Nothing
  • Mulholland Falls
  • My Adventures With Santa
  • Nanny McPhee
  • Nanny McPhee Returns
  • Navy Seals
  • Nerve
  • Never Say Never Again (1983)
  • No Sleep ‘Til Christmas
  • Nowitzki The Perfect Shot
  • Nutcracker: The Motion Picture
  • Octopussy
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Original Sin
  • Rain Man
  • Red Corner
  • Righteous Kill
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
  • Sicario
  • Spectre
  • Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron
  • Suicide Squad
  • That’s Entertainment
  • The Apartment
  • The Birdcage
  • The Intouchables
  • The Mistle-Tones
  • The Sugarland Express
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • The Defiant Ones
  • The Firm
  • The Golden Compass
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • The Little Things
  • The Living Daylights
  • The Love Guru
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • The Party
  • The Shop Around the Corner
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • The Untouchables  
  • The Wedding Singer
  • The World is Not Enough
  • Thunderball
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • UHF
  • Universal Soldier
  • You Only Live Twice

October 3

  • Billions S5
  • Make Me Scream

October 6

October 7

October 9

  • Missing Link
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies 
  • Copshop
  • Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe
  • Renfield

October 11

  • The Greatest Show Never Made
  • Awareness

October 12

  • Blended

October 13

  • Everybody Loves Diamonds
  • The Burial

October 15

  • Half + Half S1-S4
  • One On One S1-S5

October 16

  • Long Shot

October 17

  • Polite Society 

October 20

  • Upload S3
  • Sayen: La Ruta Seca
  • Surrounded

October 23

  • Shazam! Fury Of The Gods

October 24

  • Zainab Johnson: Hijabs Off
  • Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles

October 25

  • Studio 666

October 26

  • Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy

October 27

  • The Girl Who Killed Her Parents – The Confession

October 31


Our website currently lists the premiere dates for every Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu series that will be available in September 2023. It might appear that there won’t be many new Amazon Prime additions in October 2023, but that will likely change as the month progresses. This post will be updated with further information in the next 30 days.

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