Six Four Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

Six Four is a gripping crime drama that follows the life and story of the father turned detective Chris O’Neill as he investigates the abduction of their teenage girl in Glasgow. The show is set in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and stars a talented cast, including Vinette Robinson, The Devil’s Hour star Alex Ferns, and James Cosmo. The series is based on a novel of the same name by Hideo Yokoyama, and the book revolves around a traditional suburban family whose fate turns wary. The show has been adapted to screens by Gregory  Burke and it premiered on ITVx in the UK on 30th March 2023 and has quickly received many positive reviews. Here is everything we know about the series’ second season.

Six Four Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

A specific release date for the upcoming series is yet to be set, and we are yet to determine just how soon the series trailer will be available. The first season premiered on 30th March, and we have not received any updates on the series renewal. The show has a 6.1/10 rating on IMDB, and shows with lower ratings have been renewed. It is right to assume  that we may see the show’s second season either next year or before the year ends. The first season had four episodes; the second could have the same amount or even more. We will keep you updated if the series creators provide any news.

Six Four Season 2 Plot: What will Happen?

 The tv show follows serving police detective Chris, who learns of a cover-up in an infamous unsolved case that divided the police when a local girl Julie Mackie disappeared. Meanwhile, Chris’s daughter is missing, and his wife  Michelle, a former undercover police, takes matters into her own hands to search for her as they investigate the Mackie case. Chris and Michelle uncover a web of corruption and ambition, and their search for the truth leads them into the criminal underworld. Just as they progress, the Minister of Justice’s daughter also gets kidnapped, similar to the Mackie Case. The show explores whether the past is repeating itself and whether the truth of what happened to Julie Mackie will eventually be uncovered.

Six Four Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

 The cast of the Six Four series brings together a talented group of actors to portray the complex characters of this thrilling crime drama. Kevin McKidd takes on the role of Chris O’Neill, the serving police detective embroiled in a dangerous investigation that uncovers a web of corruption and cover-ups. Vinette Robinson portrays Michelle O’Neill—Chris’s wife and a former undercover officer who risks everything to find their missing daughter. Alex Ferns plays Gordon, the character involved in the unsolved disappearances. Other casts include James Cosmo, Andrew Whipp, Brian McCardie, Richard Coyle, Alison Peebles, Laura Cairns, Lorne MacFayden, Iona Anderson, Frances Grey, and Jessica Hardwick.

Season 1 Review:

The show has a 6.1/10 IMDB, which translates to the series being averagely good. If you want to blow off steam and  test your detective instinct, then Six Four is the perfect show for you

Six Four Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the show’s second season is yet to be released and will not be coming out soon. We have yet to receive renewal updates on the Six Four series, and it is too early to expect a trailer. If the series is renewed, expect a trailer to be released either before the year ends or early next year.

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