Is it worth to buy Maruti Suzuki Baleno?

Maruti Suzuki is one of the top manufacturers of day-to-use cars at an affordable price. This is the main secret of success behind Maruti Suzuki. Even a Japanese Brand Maruti Suzuki dominated Indian Automobile Market as well. Baleno is one of their great product comes with style & power. Here we let down the positives & negatives of Baleno, the hottest and young hatchback with luxury interiors.


  1. One of the bigggest reason to buy Baleno is its Style. Its Hot, Young and looks more luxury at this pricepoint.
  2. Top Variant of Suzuki Baleno got 4 Star rating in Euro NCAP Crash Testing ensures the safety of the car.
  3. Baleno’s Mileage is economically acceptable and we tested the Indian Model which is gives around 16kmpl on city drive and 19kmpl on highway trip.
  4. The Steering response of this car is quite interesting that makes this car as driver friendly.
  5. Maruti’s Service Network and Affordable Service Costs.
Suzuki Baleno Interior
Suzuki Baleno Interior


  1. When it comes to Suspension, its not likeable by all drivers especially city riders. Its purposely added Stiff Suspension that makes you more Roller Coaster Ride in Bumps but steady ride on Highways.
  2. CVT- Baleno CVT responses slowly when it on highway drive and it comes without paddle shifters to change the gears manually. (At this segment Honda Jazz has Paddle Shifters!)
  3. Cheap quality plastics & Insulation. I don’t know why still Maruti Suzuki doesn’t concentrate on Quality Materials.
  4. Less power below 2000rpm.
  5. Even the steering response is quite reasonable its missing something for Fun to Drive that we feels on Suzuki Swift and Ritz.
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