The Best Rom-Com To Stream Right Now!!

Today’s generation admires romantic comedies the most as compared to the other stuff. As we saw from the public and critics review, the rom-com series is considered the best one to go for in the long run. They are regarded as romantic with the clinches of comedy, frothy, heartwarming, and engaging storylines that entertain their viewers throughout the end. In the time of this depressive pandemic situation of COVID-19, everyone wants some comedy entertainment in his life. That’s why most of the streaming networks are encouraging the streaming of rom-com TV series. They are more engaging with the end-up twists and a bowl of popcorn and lots of fun.

Suppose you are getting confused among a massive number of rom-com series presented by the various networking channels, whether it is Netflix, Amazon, HBO, or Hulu Max extra. So you need not worry, here we are for you to fetch out the best ten rom-com series which is fully worthy for you to watch.

The below list of best rom-com series is highly admired by the public and achieved a pretty excellent score by critics. 

Here is the list below:

1. Two weeks notice :

Two Weeks Notice

No rom-com web series list is deprived of this beautiful romantic comedy-drama named Two weeks notice. Bullet Train lead Sandra Bullock and Grant are the lead characters of the story. Here Bullock was featured as Lucy, an environmentalist lawyer, and George Wade is more like an assistant therapist than a lawyer who assists Lucy. They both don’t understand how their professional relationship has converted into love in a concise notice of two weeks.

This series is one of the best rom-com series available on HBO max. You can go and enjoy it.

2. To all the boys I’ve loved before :

To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

The beautiful love story is based on the 2014 YA novel of the same name. It is one of the most profitable rom-com series in Netflix’s history. Lara Jean, a high scholar, and Cantino are the lead characters of a story. To make his ex jealous, cantino built a casual relationship with Lana.

But later on, when that causal relationship has converted into love is beautifully depicted in the story. Both shared beautiful chemistry over there. The audience highly admires it. 

It is still streaming on Netflix.

3. My best friend’s wedding :

My Best Friends Wedding

This is one of the best rom-com series you have ever been through. It gives you a look of the 90’s highlighted as in the story. Julia Roberts featured in the drama with her bubbly persona, and her beautiful smile wonderfully captured her character in the story. She meets with a boy named Jerk, and the story begins.

To get more about its storyline, you can go to My Best Friend’s Wedding series, which is still available on Netflix for you.

4. The Holiday :

The Holiday

The Holiday is one of the heart touching rom-com series that is available on amazon prime. As if you want a heart touching story to be watched, then the Holiday featured Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz on this is the best for you.

Both the ladies swap their home to get over their heartbreak. Apparently, in the stories, Kate Winslet falls in love with Jack Black, and Diaz falls in love with Jude Law.

This story is higher than love. It would be best if you binged it on Amazon Prime.

5. Never been kissed :

Never Been Kissed

This series is the hilarious romantic drama in which Drew Barrymore is featured as a younger copy editor in Greek. On the other hand, Josie Geller went to his High school again as an undercover reporter. In high school, she met with the male lead character of the story. Both the characters were surviving a beautiful relationship in the path of their life and the supporting roles of John C Reilly and Molly Shannon. The story is full of romance, comedy, and suspense until the end.

It is still streaming on Disney+. Go and watch it.

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall :

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This sensitive comedy-drama is based on a TV composer, Peter, a girlfriend named Sarah Marshall. The whole story goes around Hawaiian resort in an attempt to overlook her. She is with her boyfriend there, but somehow Peter finally gets over Sara with lots of twists and dramas. This story is full of lots of comedy, which engages you till the end of the story.

 It is still streaming on the Hulu network. 

7. The Big Sick :

The Big Sick

This unique love story is based on the real-life story of Kumail Nanjiani with his spouse, who is also featured in the movie to give a realistic cast. The series is so heart touching. The female character Emily went into a coma after the break up from ex. Later in the form of her second love, Kumail met her in the same hospital where he learned extra about her and fell deeply onto her at the same time. Wet hot Michael Showalter directs this series. It is full of candy, romance, humourous and private stuff of their real life.

This remarkable love story is still available on Amazon Prime to watch.

8. 13 going on 30 :

13 Going on 30

This is one of the best romantic comedy dramas ever made. As the name of the series suggests, a thirty-year-old couple enjoys their life as being thirteen with lots of love, flirtation, and thrilling comedy. It makes this series good stuff. This movie is appealing a lot to fans. Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are featured in the drama.

Thirteen going on 30, is still streaming on Starz. Go and enjoy the movie.

9. 10 things I hate about you :

10 Things I Hate About You

This is one of the most admired romantic comedy-drama. It has been based on classic literature style. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger in Kat and Patrick’s role in this series as the high school students. They both fall in love with each other. Both were featured as sparring couple in the school drama of Shakespeare Taming of the screw. These actors did their best to bring out the outrated character of Shakespeare drama. You will highly admire this romantic comedy-drama.

It is still streaming on Disney Plus.

10. When Harry met Sally :

When Harry Met Sally

Good Nora Ephron writes this beautiful romantic comedy-drama, and Good Rob Reiner is the director. Good Billy Crystal, featured in Harry’s role, and Good Meg Ryan, is featured in Sally’s role, where both shared a beautiful love story in the story. Its captivating storyline will engage you till the end. Here we are not going to reveal its story.

So, you go and watch it on CBS All Access networks.

Above are the Best rom-com series that we are presented in front of you to save your time. They are damn worth watching. So, if you are excited to watch a romantic drama full of humorous comedy, then you can watch any of them and enjoy it with your family and friends aside from a bowl of popcorn.

Till then, stay tuned with our page for more exciting news for you.

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