Top 10 Kids Website 2010

1.   National Geographic Kids:

National Geographic Kids by folks at National Geographic have a well-deserved reputation for excellence and it continues full-steam with this Great site. Unlike a lot of kids websites in which the content is nothing but filler between video game ads , National Geographic Kids is the sharpest, best-produced kid’s site on the net providing quality entertainment and knowledge .National Geographic Kids

2.   Yahoo Kids:

Yahoo Kids offers study help or homework help, on all subjects. There’s an “Ask Earl” section where Earl answers all questions of kids! So now kids don’t really have to pester their parents for homework or doubts. Kids can also know about the latest kid movies for them and watch them. They can get wallpapers and various downloads of all kiddish stuffs. They can know about the latest music, books and they can play games too. Over-all its very user-friendly and kids will really love it!Yahoo Kids

3.   Disney:

Disney is the place on the Internet where kids and their parents can connect with their friends to play, to learn, and to explore. It is full of activities for kids to do. Users can watch videos, play games, chat, and check out all that Walt Disney has to offer. Recommended for children of all ages!


4.   Nickelodeon:

Nickelodeon is divided into different sections, all packed with fun activities. ME:TV is a TV show and section on Nick.com that provides a space for kids to submit their homemade videos; some are chosen to post on the site and/or TV show. Kids can also submit their comic drawings or jokes to Nick.com. NICKtrition takes a stab at nutrition education; kids can watch clever videos of the food group “team” playing basketball and teaching the importance of each food group, and there are fun tips on cutting back on sugary foods. The Weather Center provides 5-day forecasts by zip code, highlights peculiar and extreme places, and can help with any weather-related report with its extensive glossary of weather terms. If kids register for a NickName, they can email other Nick.com users (they have to already know their friend’s NickName as there’s no search feature). The NickMail Maker is a fun tool; just add music, sound effects, backgrounds, and Nick character stickers. NickName holders can also make a Web page at NickPage Central. The best feature of Nick.com is its library of over 300 games. Few are educational, some are really fun, and most highlight characters from Nickelodeon TV shows.


5.   PBS Kids:

PBS Kids is a colorful and musical collection of websites based on favorite TV shows such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Teletubbies, Reading Rainbow, and Sesame Street. Kids will enjoy seeing their favorite characters online, playing games with them, and singing along with the theme songs. PBS Kids comes at 5th place. It loses top ranks for the lack of “press any key” games for toddlers and for the number of plugins necessary to enjoy the activities.

PBS Kids

6.   Kaboose:

Kaboose not only has fun stuff for kids but for their mums also. It offers a lot of free games, movies, movie reviews, recipes, videos, health info and alot of other entertaining features.Kaboose

7.   BabyTV:

BabyTV is an innovative, first of its kind, free commercial television website that was designed in conjunction with child psychologists and infant development experts. It provides a safe, stimulating and educational environment for infants and toddlers, as well as a service for parents who are looking for effective ways of entertaining their kids. It offers free games, learning interactions, shows, videos and alot more.


8.   Funology:

Funology offers the science of having fun! It offer free creative activities, games, jokes and learning activities.Funology

9.   Zwinky:

Zwinky are virtual paper dolls, so kids love them! Free to subscribe, your kid can endlessly change their clothes, hair, and accessories. Alongwith games and some creative activities they can also meet and chat with other kids. The site offers virtual currency called Zbucks, that users can earn by playing games and then purchase even more stuff for their Zwinkies.


10.   Club Penguin:

Club Penguin is a very popular kids destination, user can adopt a penguin, interact in a virtual town, and play games or chat with others. Games, Coloring Pages and chatting are free, but you’ll need to buy a membership ($5.99/month) to own a pet. User is encouraged to report any inappropriate language or conduct.

Club Penguin


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