Best 10 Scary Movie Recommendations for Every Kind of Horror Creep to View on Halloween

As the pumpkin doors begin to adorn and the cold whispering winds feel like magic, you know it’s Halloween time. To make your October Eve scarier here we are recommending a terrific list of horror movies that you can watch during the spooky season. Let’s get ready to watch the frightening movies with your loved ones, then grab a popcorn tub with spiced pumpkin slices and some sweet candies n Say Trick ‘n’ Treat.

Paranormal Activity series

The spooky supernatural thriller series depicts a young couple who are haunted by a nightly demonic presence in their home. Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat starred as a couple, who set up a camera to find out what is horrifying them. It is the most beneficial film ever and all the series have been critically acclaimed.  

Conjuring series

The conjuring series tells the real dreadful story of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who underwent through inadequate events in their farmhouse. It got positive reviews from critics, who applauded the performances of the cast, movie direction, story script, and soundtrack. 

A Quiet Place series

This series features a father and a mother who struggle to survive and raise their children in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind supernatural demons with an intense sense of hearing. It is highly acclaimed by critics for its atmosphere, direction, acting, and musical score. 

Insidious series

The insidious film franchise is a horrifying thriller which originally released in 2010, demonstrates a family that protects their child(Elise Rainier) from a comatose state in an astral realm known as ‘The Further’. Finally, she encounters her most frightening time, as she returns to her ghostly childhood home from where it all began. 

IT miniseries 

The two-part TV miniseries is based on psychological horror drama, a monster that can transform itself to manipulate the phobias of its prey. It especially adapts the appearance of a darkly comedic clown as a humanoid called Pennywise. In the first part, the lucky seven confront Pennywise in their childhood in 1960. In the latter part, they returned as adults and defeated him in 1990. It was telecasted on ABC.

The woman in the Black

The second adaptation of Susan Hill’s 1983 novel “The Woman in the black”, which was formerly aired in 1989. The storyline is about a widowed lawyer who travels to a village where he observes that the avenging ghost of a spurned woman is threatening the villagers. The critics highly appreciated this movie and the most profitable movie.

The Witch

In 1630, a farmer from New England leaves his estate, relocates his Puritan family to a remote place near a dark forest. As unusual and distressing things begin to happen with them and testing each family member’s trust and hope. This film hit the box office and received favorable reviews from critics.


The scariest movie tells about a Graham family disturbed by an unusual presence after the death of their mysterious grandmother. When she passed away, her daughter and grandson started to uncover the terrible secrets about their family. It achieved both commercial and critical success.

The Babadook

A psychological horror film follows a single mother afflicted by the brutal death of her husband, fights with her son’s terror of a demon in the house, but soon realizes a demonic existence all around her. Based on Kent’s 2005 short film monster. This movie didn’t get a favorable success.


The Saw movie franchise is about a dying cancer patient John Kramer known as Jigsaw Killer, who tortures people physically and mentally through his painful “Games” and tests their willpower by forcing them into brutal situations.  The only way to survive is by extreme sacrifice. He never kills anyone on his own, but to show the value of their Life and Time on Earth. He implores his victims and assumes that if they survive, they will be rehabilitated.

Do watch all the movies and let us know which movie scares you the most. Stay attuned to our website for more updates.

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