Love is Blind Season 5: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Updates!

Can you believe how quickly time flies? It feels like just yesterday when we were all gathered together, watching the Season 4 final couples’ slow dance to the beautiful tune of Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” Oh, the memories! And let’s not forget that unforgettable moment when we anxiously shouted at our televisions, eagerly waiting for Netflix to sort out those pesky “technical difficulties” during the Season 4 “live reunion.” But you know what? It’s time to do it all over again! Get ready, because the fun is about to begin once more.

Yes, Love is Blind, the popular Netflix series has just been renewed for a fifth season, and the launch is soon. Netflix confirmed this back in March 2022.

Love is Blind Season 5 Release Date: When Will it Come Out?

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement from Netflix or Kinetic Content regarding the release date of Love Is Blind Season 5, fans can have some fun speculating based on the previous seasons’ release dates. Love Is Blind Season 1 was released on February 13, 2020, Season 2 on February 11, 2022, Season 3 on October 19, 2022, and Season 4 on March 24, 2023.

By examining the gaps between the release of seasons 2 and 3, there was an eight-month interval. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that Love Is Blind Season 5 might premiere in the fall of 2023, possibly in October or November. The new season will probably come shortly after the Altar special for season four, which, if our calculations are correct, should be available for streaming sometime between July and September 2023. Exciting times are ahead, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next season of Love Is Blind!

Love is Blind Season 4 Review:

Love Is Blind Season 4 brought a fresh twist to the familiar dating series formula. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with mean girl villains, unexpected fiancé-swapping, and multiple breakups. Despite the hurdles, four couples managed to make it to the final weddings.

These updates will give you a glimpse into who is still together and how their relationships have evolved since the weddings.

Love is Blind Season 4 Couples: Are They Still Together?

Let’s catch up on the relationship statuses of the Love Is Blind Season 4 couples. Brett and Tiffany have managed to make their love last, as they are still happily married. However, it seems that Marshall and Jackie have gone their separate ways and are no longer together.

On the other hand, Jackie and Josh have successfully maintained their relationship and are still going strong. Paul and Micah, although not officially together, have decided to part ways romantically. As for Kwame and Chelsea, they have defied the odds and are still happily married.

Lastly, Bliss and Zack have found lasting love and are happily married. It’s an intriguing mix of outcomes, with some couples still holding onto their love while others have chosen different paths.

Love is Blind Season 4 Rating:

Love Is Blind Season Four made a significant impact with its premiere, attracting the largest viewership the show has seen to date in 2023. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes provides an overall approval rating of 74% based on 23 reviews, with an average rating of 5.75/10. Gadgets 360 rates the season at 6.1/10. While opinions may vary among reviewers and viewers, it’s clear that Love Is Blind Season Four garnered attention and generated discussions.

Who Will Host Love is Blind Season 5?

Great news for Love Is Blind fans! The dynamic duo of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey will be returning as co-hosts for the upcoming season. In an interview with Women’s Health before Season 4’s release, Nick and Vanessa teased that this new season will bring something completely fresh and exciting to the show. They seem to have some surprises on their sleeves to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats.

Love is Blind Season 5 Cast: Who Will Appear?

As anticipated, the contestants for Love Is Blind Season 5 are still under wraps, and their official announcement is yet to come. However, based on Netflix’s previous patterns, it’s typical for them to reveal the cast of a new season of two weeks before the series premieres. If our earlier predictions about the release date hold, viewers can look forward to meeting the fresh batch of singles in early October or early November.

Also, there’s been an interesting development! Khloe Kardashian recently took to Instagram and shared a photo alongside Love Is Blind alum Alexa Lemieux. Her caption hinted at a potential future cameo, suggesting that some of the single Kardashian sisters might consider appearing on Love Is Blind. If this were to happen, it would undoubtedly be a remarkable surprise for fans of Love Is Blind and the Kardashian family.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Love Is Blind once again as a new group of participants embarks on their journey to find love!

Where Will Love is Blind Season 5 Take Place?

While the shooting location for Love Is Blind Season 5 has been kept tightly under wraps, the pattern from previous seasons is worth noting. Season 1 was filmed in Atlanta, Season 2 in Chicago, Season 3 in Dallas, and Season 4 in Seattle. With this in mind, it’s reasonable to assume that any major city with a significant singles population could be a potential candidate for the upcoming season.

If rumors on online forums are to be believed, it seems that Love Is Blind Season 5 has been filmed in Houston. While this information is not officially confirmed, social media can sometimes provide valuable insights from dedicated fans and sources who share information. With its vibrant city life and diverse population, Houston could indeed be an interesting and fitting choice for the next show season.

What to Expect in Love is Blind Season 2?

love is blind season 2 plot

Just like in previous seasons, Love Is Blind Season 5 will introduce us to a fresh cast of 30 singles, consisting of 15 men and 15 women. These individuals will eagerly embark on the blind “pod” dates, where they’ll have the opportunity to form connections and hopefully find a lasting bond. The ultimate goal for these participants is to find a special someone to become engaged to and, ultimately, marry.

Given that many of the new cast members are likely fans of the show and have watched previous seasons, viewers can anticipate a new level of strategizing from these singles. With knowledge of past seasons, they may employ different tactics to enhance their chances of finding their soulmate within the experiment. It’ll be intriguing to see how these new contestants approach the process and what unique twists they bring to the table.

Love is Blind Season 5 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

While Netflix has not yet released a trailer for Love Is Blind Season 5, we eagerly expect any updates and will keep this page updated as soon as a clip becomes available. Stay tuned for the latest news!

We’ll let you know as soon as we get an update regarding the new season’s trailer. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Season 4.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling season filled with heartfelt connections, strategic moves, and the quest for true love. Love Is Blind Season 5 is bound to captivate audiences once again with its blend of romance and strategic gameplay!

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