Top 25 Cartoon Characters of the 90s !

The 1990s marked the introduction of all kinds of cartoons to the public in general and prospering in mainstream culture. Cartoon characters of the 90s are among the most popular and undoubtedly the most famous characters. Characters range from sophisticated characters like Tom and Jerry, Batman, T.J, Courage, and many more. And this article will give you a closer look at the Top 25 Cartoon Characters of the 90s.

During the 1990s, many adolescents began to popularise mature cartoons. Here, Tom and Jerry lead the list best known for their amazing fight, teasing, and love. Then the list was followed by Batman and Samurai Jack. So, let’s round up to this list of such Top 25 Cartoon Characters of the 90s Kid shows that will take you back in your childhood (if you’re a 90’s kid)!

25. Terry McGinnis

Cartoon Name:Batman Beyond
Released Date:1999-2001
Original Network:Kids WB
IMDB Rating:6.7

Terry in Batman Beyond is one of the best cartoon characters of 90. Bruce Wayne begins off in 2019 when he realizes that he is becoming too old to battle crime and live. Bruce Wayne met Terry McGinnis 20 years later in 2039. McGinnis discovers Wayne’s secret identity after they stop the Jokerz gang together. He discovers later that night that his father was killed.

24. Gaia

Cartoon Name:Captain Planet and The Planeteers
Released Date:1990-1996
Original Network:TBS
IMDB Rating:6.7

She is the essence of the planet who sends five magic rings – four with the power to command an element of nature and one predominant Heart – to five chosen youths across the globe. She deserves to have been dormant for the entire 20th Century and aroused to see a more corrupted world than when she was last conscious. However, this is denied by a flashback episode set in the 1920s in which people get guidance from Gaia.

23. Pepper Ann Pearson

Cartoon Name:Pepper Ann
Released Date:1997-2000
Original Network:ABC
IMDB Rating:7.1

Pepper Ann Pearson is the main character of a US-based animated TV program of Sue Rose on ABC Saturday morning at Disney. Pepper Ann was the first Disney animated women’s TV series. Pepper Ann concentrates on the challenges and tribulations that occur through his teenage life and in the middle school of Hazelnut with its ups and downs.

22. Johnny Bravo

Cartoon Name:Johnny Bravo
Released Date:1997-2004
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:7.2

There was Johnny Bravo, an upsetting strong young guy before the world’s Barney Stinsons, who strove to get ladies up to speed, but who often and unwelcomely failed. His program was our first taste of mature humor with references to pop culture for most of us. He is sure all women desire him, and Johnny Bravo has no shortage of trust. He’s well recognized for the karate chops, along with the sound of a bullwhip, with his black attire.

21. Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Name:Powerpuff Girls
Released Date:1998-2005
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:7.3

The first and only TV characters that began to teach us about feminism at that time are Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom are pretty young girls who can be fierce fighters if the circumstances demand. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have many adventures while saving the skills from mad scientists, bank thieves, and aliens.

20. Mowgli

Cartoon Name:The Jungle Book
Released Date:1989 -1990
Original Network:TV Tokyo
IMDB Rating:7.4

Mowgli is considered one of the greatest characters from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. It was just enjoyable to see the show. Mowgli is a child suckled by wolves in the jungle. If Shere Khan, an endangered animal tiger, is menacing his death, he is helped by a panther and a bear. We used to like watching Mowgli grow up and do stupid things with Baloo and with Bagheera.

19. Tommy

Cartoon Name:Rugrats
Released Date:1991-2004
Original Network:Nickelodeon
IMDB Rating:7.4

Rugrats’ show focused on a group of infants, mainly Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica, and their daily existence, and shared experiences of ordinary life from the perspective of infants. During its 13-year stint, it earned over 20 honors, among them four Daytime Emmy Awards and six Kids’ Choice Awards, honors for the amazing performance of Tommy.

18. Bugs Bunny

Cartoon Name:Looney Tunes
Released Date:2011-2014
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:7.5

Looney Tunes is based upon Bugs Bunny and his Daffy partner. They live with their colorful neighbors, such as Lola Bunny, Speedy Gonzales, Speedy Sam, Marvin Martian, Silvester, Tweetie, Granny, and Gossamer. The program has become a global brand that produces several TV series—movies, books on comics, video games, etc.

17. Drake Mallard

Cartoon Name:Darkwing Duck
Released Date:1991-1992
Original Network:Disney Channel
IMDB Rating:7.6

Darkwing Duck is a Disney Television Animation American cartoon superhero TV series in which Drake Mallard is the main character. Darkwing Duck describes the hero’s escapades, assisted by his sidekick and McQuack pilot Launchpad (from DuckTales). Darkwing tries to reconcile his selfish ambition for fame against his desire to be Gosalyn’s decent dad and help him in St. Canard.

16. Baloo

Cartoon Name:Talespin
Released Date:1990 -1991
Original Network:Disney Channel
IMDB Rating:7.6

Talespin, a program, repurposed several known characters from Disney and gave them their universe, and Baloo is one of them. It is based upon the exploits of the bear-based bush pilot who has been wiped away by Rebecca Cunningham in criminal cases by the bank operated by the tiger Shere Khan for his air freight carrier, ‘Baloo’s Air Service.’


15. Doc Terror

Cartoon Name:The Centurions
Released Date:1986
Original Network:Syndicated
IMDB Rating:7.6

Doc Terror, an evil cyborg scientist who aims to take the world to slavery, has troubled the 21st Century. He is a cyborg scientist with plans of world dominance. The Centurions oppose him. During a flashback, In the event “Man or Machine (Part II),” he was a member of the Science Council, expelled because he intended to replace humans with machines.

14. Arnold

Cartoon Name:Hey Arnold
Released Date:1996-2004
Original Network:Nickelodeon
IMDB Rating:7.6

Hey, Arnold turned to the fourth class student named Arnold, who resided in the boarding home with his grandparents. The show concentrates on the experiences of Arnold while trying to find his feet in a large area confronted with the issues. Arnold’s fourth-grader experience with a football-stylish head living in the city of Hillwood alongside his grandparents, Phil and Gertrude.

13. Ms. Frizzle

Cartoon Name:The Magic School Bus
Released Date:1994-1997
Original Network:PBS Kids
IMDB Rating:7.8

Ms. Frizzle is the main character of “The Magic School Bus.” This Scholastic series follows Ms. Frizzle and her pupils as they go on field journeys. The “Magic School Bus” takes children on a virtual bus excursion based on the best-selling book series of the same name. This coach magically transforms Ms. Frizzle and her kids into an airplane, a sous-marine, a spacecraft, or a surfboard and educates them about science.

12. T.J Detweiler

Cartoon Name:Recess
Released Date:1997-2001
Original Network:ABC
IMDB Rating:7.8

The series comprises six primary school pupils and their relationships with the other children and instructors during their recesses. The students will build their society throughout this period, complemented by governments and a class structure. The program has been far ahead of its time and continues.

T.J Detweiler

11. Scooby-Doo

Cartoon Name:The Scooby-Doo show
Released Date:1988-1991
Original Network:ABC
IMDB Rating:7.9

Scooby-Doo is the main character of the Scooby-Doo Show. Along with his Gang, he used their brains to reveal mysteries that seem otherworldly but always have a human behind them, among other investigative instincts. Everyone has its unique jokes but is well-assembled and the greatest research team in the history of animation.

Scooby Doo

10. Yakko Warner

Cartoon Name:Animaniacs
Released Date:1993-1998
Original Network:Fox Kids
IMDB Rating:7.9

Yakko Warner is the main character in Animaniacs. Warner’s siblings resided in Burbank, California, among other characters. In other words, they had episodes everywhere and every time, often meeting with renowned and contemporary times. You have one heck of a show to stick to with mythical beings and pop-cultural celebrities!

9. Leo

Cartoon Name:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Released Date:1987- 1996
Original Network:CBS
IMDB Rating:7.9

Best weird show and character, right? We mean, they made tortoises cool. Its wretched heroes were rampant Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello. These weird superheroes made the nerds appear cool initially when Shredder and his wicked Foot Clan crash in New York, the city is freed from four genetically mutant turtles.

8. Dexter

Cartoon Name:Dexter’s Laboratory
Released Date:1996-2003
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:7.9

There’s no need to explain this. Even children born in the 1990s saw this character and show so much. Even this animated show was quite popular. America, sleep tight! Your destiny is in Dexter’s safe hands, a child’s brilliance that whispers in his hidden laboratory brilliant and world-saving creations. Dee Dee, a great sister, wrapped up her projects often, but Mandark, his fine opponent at the Huber Elementary School, is her worst foe. Naturally, mom and dad don’t know what their small angel is up to.


7. Scrooge McDuck

Cartoon Name:Scrooge McDuck
Released Date:1987-1990
Original Network:Disney Channel, Toon Disney
IMDB Rating:8.1

Although the program came to an end technically in 1990, Indian children enjoyed it well in the early 2000s. Scrooge McDuck, a veterinary scientist, throws light on the behavioral features of ducks and describes their life’s diverse parts. Based on Uncle Scrooge and other comic books from the Duck universe, created by Carl Barks, Scrooge McDuck, his three grandchildren Huey, Dewey, and Louie and his close friends went on different adventures, most of which are either searching for a treasure house or thwarting the efforts of villains seeking to steal the fortune of Scrooge or the number one time.

6. Courage

Cartoon Name:Courage- The Cowardly Dog
Released Date:1996-2002
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:8.2

Courage, a pink anthropomorphic dog that lives with an old couple, featured the horror-comedy series. The group will undergo a sequence of strange episodes.

Courage is a shy pink puppy with difficulties with paranoia. His owners are an old couple who lived on a farm with strange opponents. Courage must overcome its fear to assist save the ghosts and paranormal spirits from their owners, Eustace and Muriel.


5. Cyclops

Cartoon Name:X-Men
Released Date:1992-1997
Original Network:Fox Kids
IMDB Rating:8.4

Cyclops is a mutant capable of generating concussive force-based, red-colored beams from his eyes. He has fought for peace and equality between humans and mutants ever since joining the X-Men. Hero, freedom fighter, strategist – Cyclops has been dubbed many things, and he continues to do so as the leader of his faction of X-Men, fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them.

4. Callie Briggs

Cartoon Name:SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
Released Date:1993-1995
Original Network:TBS
IMDB Rating:8.4

Calico “Callie” Briggs is a major shielding heroine in SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. She is the assistant mayor of Megakat City and an invaluable ally of the SWAT Kats, amongst their most fervent followers. Callie is the one who often wields the day-to-day dealings of City Hall, as Mayor Manx is cowardly and incompetent. Callie is determined to be sweet, kind, and self-governing. She is also fiercely committed to the SWAT Kats and continually defends them from Feral’s allegations.

3. Samurai Jack

Cartoon Name:Samurai Jack
Released Date:2001-2017
Original Network:Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
IMDB Rating:8.5

Jack is the famous cartoon character in Samurai Jack. The story followed ‘Jack,’ a non-named Samurai thrown into the dystopian future governed by shape-shape devils after slaying the supreme villain Aku. The adult swim program was perhaps for children, yet it was grim. Each episode makes you stick to the edge of your seat while samurai Jack aims to kill Aku in time to prevent the future.

Samurai Jack

2. Bruce Wayne as Batman

Cartoon Name:Batman: The Animated Series
Released Date:1992-1995
Original Network:Fox Kids
IMDB Rating:9

This is easily Batman’s best adjustment. The program shows sympathetic people and shows empathy for the villagers. The animated series transmits the original comic book “Batman” into a gloomy tone. Of contrast to the light event “Batman” program in the ’60s, the Caped Crusader of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, is at times melancholy. And the alter ego of Robin, Bruce, has a more mature character than in the original series. That’s why it is the most popular and the best anime character of 1990.

1. Tom & Jerry

Cartoon Name:Tom and Jerry Kids
Released Date:1990–1993
Original Network:Cartoon Network
IMDB Rating:9

Thomas “Tom” Cat is a fictional figure and one of the title appearances in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. Tom is the main protagonist and main protagonist. He may not be cunning as Jerry, but he is very funny and has many skills.

Jerry Mouse is the most favorite cartoon character of the ’90s. Nowadays, people mostly say that Jerry is the villain in Tom and Jerry, but it’s not true he is the real foremost hero and the show’s main protagonist. He is shown by irritating Tom when he was sleeping, but he bothers him because he loves Tom very much.

Tom and Jjerry


We didn’t have much on our plates while we grew up as children in the nineties. Except to watch all that was on TV, of course. And so many nice things were there. In contrast to this, children are compelled to survive these days on such cartoons, which have no match of 90’s creation.

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