Top 10 Medicare Supplement Companies

We evaluated 10 well-known Medicare supplement companies, and after careful review identified the 10 best options in 2017. To draw our conclusions, we checked with customers in the market, reviewed data and consulted insurance experts.

1. Transamerica TLIC

Transamerica TLIC

Transamerica is an outstanding insurance provider in the U.S. It’s their strong client benefit that separates them, which causes them influence their clients to feel confident and secure.

2. Shenandoah


It offers high quality and easy to understand services. Furthermore, they have a great financial strength rating, which is something any insurance applicant should consider. Financial strength can indicate the company’s stability and likelihood to be in business in the future.

3. Bankers Fidelity

bankers fidelity

With more than 60 years in service, Bankers Fidelity has a great track record. They are always looking to create innovative products and they also maintain great customer service. In addition, they have a strong financial strength rating.

4. AARP Medicare


AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance is a United Healthcare plan that AARP endorses. Consumers can choose the AARP United Healthcare plan that best meets their medical needs and budget. 


american national

ANTEX -American National Insurance Company of Texas guarantees stability and financial security, and they also present a big portfolio of different products designed to address all kinds of situations.

6. Cigna


It has high quality service and offers coverage for standard and substandard conditions. On top of great financial security, CEO David Cordani was also named Fortune’s businessperson of the year. Cigna is a leader in this field.

7. Oxford


It has a mission of helping their clients obtain financial security by allowing them to live life to the fullest throughout their retirement years.

8. IAC


Independent Assurance Company- IAC  is a leader in the industry has to do with their partnerships across the country. IAC was founded 50 years ago and they pride themselves on the best possible solutions for their customers.

9. State Farm

state farm

It is a large mutual company that sells a wide variety of insurance products, including Medicare supplement insurance. The company was established in 1922 and is headquartered in Illinois.

10. Physicians Mutual

physicians mutual

Physicians Mutual medicare supplement company has been in business for over 100 years. They originally sold health insurance to those in the medical field. They now offer multiple types of insurance, including Medigap policies, to the general public.

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