Top 35 Famous Chicken Cartoon Characters of All Time !

A chicken is a small, domesticated, white, yellow, black, or brown flightless bird. A female is a hen, a male a rooster, and a baby a chick. We have created a list of the biggest poultry families you know and love from movies, television, video games, and more. Of course, your favorite cartoon chick, but not only animated characters, which can talk and joke, feature in this list. Don’t feel salty if your favorite fictional Chicken is lacking – comment it to the list to update it as well!

The characters on the listed range from Foghorn Leghorn rooster in Looney Tunes to Torchic in Pokemon. It also includes the leading role for Camilla, the Chicken from The Muppets of Disney’s computer-animated modern classic Chicken Little.  So, please scroll down and see who’s taken from the bunch by the masses, as we have handpicked 35 best chicken cartoon characters of all of them!

1. Foghorn Leghorn – Looney Tunes

Foghorn Leghorn is a cartoon rooster featuring cartoons and films from the Warner Bros. Animation in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. He was formed in the Golden Age of American animation, created by Robert McKimson and Warren Foster, performing in 29 cartoons between 1946 and 1964. A leghorn is a chicken breed, and he depicts the loud and overwhelming voice of the character. He sounds like another white voice at its roughest.

Foghorn Leghorn

2. Heihei – Moana

Heihei is a supporter of Disney’s animated movie Moana 2016. He’s a rooster that involves Moana and Maui on their ocean journey unintentionally. Alan Tudyk(Resident Alien) was speaking. Heihei is depicted as unusually clever with almost human intelligence for its species; Heihei is the complete reversal of this trope, even in chicken standards being incredibly stupid.


3. Chicken Little – Chicken Little

Who will get up to save the day when the sky is falling, and health has flown up? Together with his hysterical group of misadventure friends, Chicken Little must make a plan to save the planet from an alien invasion and show that the biggest hero in the world is a little chicken. No one believes him when a piece of heaven falls on Chicken Little’s head. His friends, however, trust him, and they save the world from ending together.

Chicken Little

4. Ginger – Chicken Run

Ginger is Chicken Run’s leading protagonist. She is an intelligent young Hen whose unofficial British all the farmers effectively see the chicken leader and boss in Britain. She is an orange, medium-sized hen and its hackles, fluff, and tail feathers contain light yellow and dark brown tips. Her students are green olive. Ginger is a leader, headstrong, natural-born who stops at nothing she wants. She has a fairly better understanding and intelligence than the other hen.


5. Lady Kluck – Robin Hood

In Disney’s 1973 animated feature movie Robin Hood, Lady Kluck is a supporting character. Lady Kluck is the lady-in-waiting of Maid Marian. Lady Kluck is very vigorous and aggressive, unlike the lady-like Marian. This lovely young woman is loyal to Marian and tells her about her love for Robin Hood. Lady Kluck speaks with a clear Scottish accent.

6. Camilla the Chicken – The Muppets

The love of Gonzo’s life is Camilla the Chicken. Her first presentation of The Muppet Show will be in episode 318 when she and Gonzo are in trouble. Camilla’s great-screen debut was made by the Muppet Movie, which Gonzo introduced as a companion of her plumbing. Merchandise of Camilla includes an action figure packed with Palisades’ Series 5 Gonzo, a Mega Camilla Action Figure, a plush doll by Sababa, and a statue designed by Jim Shore.

Camilla the Chicken

7. Alan-a-dale – Robin Hood

An important character in Disney’s animated film, Robin Hood, from 1973 is Alan-A-Dale. His name is only stated once in the entire film when he presents himself and is officially recognized as “The Rooster.” Alan-A-Dale appears first at the opening of the film and then begins to tell Robin Hood’s story, telling him that his story is the true story (that the animal kingdom knew what happened) starting with Robin Hood and Little John fleeing Nottingham’s sheriff and his Wolf Arrowmen, during “Oo-De-Lally” that he sang.

8. Torchic- Pokemon

Torchic’s a little Pokemon like a chick. He is smooth, flaky plumage, with small and yellow wings and three feathers on the top of his head, is mainly bright, orange, and yellow. It has a tiny beak, big, black eyes. He got three-digit tan-colored talons. There’s a black spot on the back of Male Torchic (somewhere near the tail), but it’s hard to see. In its belly, Torchic has a fireball bubbling. When he hugged, he fills its trainer with calming warmth and holds a bottle of warm water.


9. Sheldon- Garfield

Sheldon is one of the principal players and is a chick from the U.S. Acres (inside an eggshell). He is the brother of Booker, who refused totally to hatch and is like an egg with chicken feet. He’s quiet, thinking, and introverted, unlike Booker. It’s sometimes on a mound/grassy knoll and muses over life. A recurring gag depicts his shell, without showing it, as the perfect living area inside.

10. Rocky – Chicken Run

The deuteragonist of Chicken Run is Rocky’s Rhode Island Red. He is a charming American rooster from a traveling circus that plunges the farm into the ground and teaches people how to fly. He becomes the boyfriend of Ginger later. He’s magnificent, tall, and “physically engaging” (according to the hens). He is light orange from his head to his neck feathers, and his hackle feathers transition from light orange to a darker orange. It’s light orange. Compared to the other chickens, he has a more “blocky” head shape.

11. Panchito Pistoles – The Three Caballeros

In the 1945 Disney-based animated feature film The Three Caballeros, Panchito Pistoles is a Mexican anthropomorphic rooster. He is a puppy, trigger-happy knight who becomes immediate friends with Donald Duck and Jose Carioca, the headline group with whom Panchito is. Panchito lives in Mexico and is riding the Herr Martinez horse.

Panchito Pistoles

12. Miss Prissy – Lovelorn Leghorn, Of Rice and Hen

Miss Prissy is Foghorn Leghorn’s love interest. She plans a husband and children, among several things. Prissy is usually described as an old hen with a blue cap and cable-rimmed glasses, thinner than the other hen in the chicken cup. The other hens call her “old British square.” Typically, she is described as an old hen in the potholes, wearing a blue cap and wired glasses, thinner than the other hens. The other hens laugh at her, calling her ‘old British square.’

Miss Prissy

13. Chickaletta – PAW Patrol

Chickaletta (PAW Patrol) is Mayor Goodway’s pet purse chicken, whom the mayor dotes on and pampers. Chickaletta is normally in the mayor’s purse or assisting with various activities. She likes to visit her friends from time to time on the farm of Farmer Yumi, including Bettina and Barbie. Mayor Goodway reveals and confirms that Chickaletta is Deputy Mayor of Adventure Bay and makes her the only animal outside the pups (who serve as the town’s emergency) to have an official position in the city. “Pups’ Adventure in Babysitting.” Although her wings can flap, she can’t fly to other birds.

14. Babs – Chicken Run

In Chicken Run, Babs is a secondary character. It’s a stout hen with a faint wit and a knitting love. She’s a short hen, stout and tan-colored, and her feathers and thighs are lighter in yellow. She wears a pink bead necklace around her neck. Her comb is light blue and droops down her forehead, giving the appearance of bangs. Her beak is light yellow. He is generally seen with large needles knitting, while a small decorated handbag filled with yarn sometimes holds it.

15. Gyro Gearloose – DuckTales

Carl Barks created Gyro Gearloose for the Walt Disney Company and appeared for the first time in Gladstone’s Terrible Secret in Barks’ 1952 comic book. He is part of the cast of Donald Duck’s character and appears as Donald Duck’s friend, Uncle Scrooge, and anyone else who has a connection. Its unbelievable efficiency is presented as a factor in the quality of its inventions since Scrooge or Donald, who bought the invention, often strikes because he always has new ideas.

Gyro Gearloose

16. Roy Rooster – Garfield & Friends

Roy Rooster is the deuteragonist in both the comic strip and the animated segment of Garfield and Friends, sometimes the main antagonist of the U.S. Acres. Roy is a loud, jealous, rude, and irritating rooster who enjoys practical jokes and cracks forever. He describes himself as the “prankster gangster” in Rooster Revenge. Roy often targets Wade in his antics because Wade is easily scared of everything.

17. Bunty – Chicken Run

In Chicken Run, Bunty is a secondary figure. She is the ‘Egg layer champion’ and a group-cynic who is sceptical about Ginger’s plans for escape. Bunty is a big, broad, burly-colored hen with light-pink lips. Her neck looks like a necklace, and she is wearing a blue scrunchy every time. She was styled as a flat top, the pink crest on her head. She is the biggest of the chickens physically.


18. Ernie The Giant Chicken – Family Guy

Ernie, the Giant Chicken, is Family Guy‘s secondary antagonist and Peter Griffin’s archenemy. Each time Peter sees Ernie, he stops what he does completely and engages Ernie in a very long fight with them in Quahog town, leading the entire segment to chaos and destruction. Every struggle also leads to serious environmental destruction and heavy losses for the public.

19. Chicken – Cow and Chicken

One of the two main personalities in Cow and Chicken is Chicken (voiced by Charlie Adler). Chicken brother of Cow is 11 years old. For the younger sister and even the rest of the family, he may be mean. The 5th grader as Flem And Earl is in the Same Grade. He has a powerful ego, but despite this, he has a powerful awareness which is only usually shown if Cow is in danger and is more intelligent (and sane) than most characters.

20. Ava – Calimero

Ava is a white rooster with a red comb and brown wings, connecting to Isa Brown. Ava has large eyes, and she looks at a nation. Initially, she wears a checkerboard tea, transformed into the New Horizons checkered jumper dress. Ava has a regular demeanor and is often nice to the player. Normal settlers usually feel comfortable with lethargic, perky, arrogant, snobby Ava.


21. Cornelius the Rooster – Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Cornelius, or Corny as he is often labeled, was a moment cock-a-doodle-doo hit with customers. Debuting on cereal crates in 1957, Cornelius was produced with a green body, red comb, and yellow beak and given a confident personality. For decades, the happily-go-lucky Rooster tried to crow but was held back by stupid misfortune in its commercial spot. Only if he emptied a bowl of Corn Flakes and ate was Cornelius able to get crowing and afterward get the morning off to a good start.

22. Drumstick – Diddy Kong Racing

Drumstick in Diddy Kong Racing is a character of the Rooster. He is also the best chicken driver on Timber’s Island, dressed up in overalls. When he arrived on the island, he was the first to fight Wizpig but lost and became a frog for an enchanting reason. You must get all four Grand Prix trophies, then run through the frog with a rooster crest on your head to unlock him as a playable character.


23. Chanticleerc – Rock-a-Doodle

Chanticular is the Rock-A-Doodle tritagonist. Late Glen Campbell was speaking to him. The voice, look, and personality of Chanticleer are based on Elvis Presley’s rock legend. He is a great cool romantic, kind and friendly, and talented songwriter who cares very much about his friends, even though the others think he was a fraud. The voice, look, and personality of Chanticleer are based on Elvis Presley’s rock legend. He is a great and talented songwriter who cares very much about his friends, even though others think he was a fraud.

24. Fowler – Chicken Run

In Chicken Run, Fowler is a secondary figure. He’s a blue-gray, slightly taller rooster than the rest of the hens. He’s a dark red pebble with grey tips. He is long, too, hanging freely behind his head. He is the solid but fair walk cock. His day in the Royal Air Force remembers him. He’s a clever, rough, knowledgeable, old rooster who keeps order and discipline in the co-op. He is fatherly to Ginger and the rest of the hens.


25. Ace – Chicken Little

Initially, Chicken Little was written with the voice of Holly Hunter as a female character, and Hunter allegedly recorded its line. Indeed, he’s clever. Chicken Little, however, is sometimes worried about everything and tries to get everyone to prove that the sky falls. Chicken Little is friendly and helpful to his caring people. He has a red rooster comb and a white feather. He wears a T-shirt, green lenses, brown shorts, and striped green and white.

26. Robot Chicken – Robot Chicken

Chicken is the principal protagonist of the Robot Chicken, also known as the Robot Chicken or frequently abbreviated as the RC. His life on the Old Man McLauchlin farm was boring, peppered, and scratched until his premature death on highway 9W. A mad Scientist raised the chicken as a cyborg, but now, like the average TV viewer, spends every moment sampling brain-stopping TV, wanting death, for a period of five seasons before he escapes.

Robot Chicken

27. Clara Cluck – Mickey’s Birthday Party, Orphan’s Benefit

A person who The Walt Disney Company established, Clara Cluck is. Mickey Mouse debuted Orphan’s Benefit cartoon in 1934. She’s a chicken operatic and Minnie Mouse’s old Daisy Duck’s friend. It is also featured in the Mickey and Roadster Racers series of the Disney Junior. As a guest at Mickey’s club, Clara appeared several times in the House of Mouse. She is seen sitting at a table with Mickey and many other female characters in the episode “Everybody loves Mickey.”

Clara Cluck

28. Booker – Garfield and Friends

Booker (voiced by Frank Welker) is one of the main protagonists and a chick from U.S. Acres named by Orson for the pig’s love of books. Booker is highly adventurous, open-minded, and sensitive to his height. He frequently pursues worms but can never look like he pulls them, making them eternal. However, he gets with the worms in the comics occasionally. He often called “Mom” Orson in the comic books, but in the caricature, he calls him “Mommy” when he finds out how Booker and his brother have frozen.

29. Tortellini – The Fearless Four

Tortellini the Rooster gets jolted out of his house after his wife gets mad at him after possessing an affair with a duck. He gets apprehended by a Mix Max operator but is freed after a tree branch hits the cage. He escapes the cage after meeting the three journeying animals, and Fred kicks it. Tortellini’s talking annoys them. They keep on traveling. They encounter an owl on the way to Paris that tells us to go wrong (they go to Bremen) and that it’s dangerous in Bremen, but the animals go on.

30. Buck Cluck – Chicken Little

In the 2005 Disney Animated movie Chicken Little, Buck Cluck is Chicken Little’s Father and the supporter of a character. He is chicken Little’s father. Buck has a red rooster comb just like his son Chicken Little. But it’s got golden plums, dark brown bushy eyes, a necktie, a nice shirt, and big brown shorts. Buck explains to the city that it is only a misunderstanding. Citizens charge Little for being crazy after Chicken Little causes panic on Oakey Oaks after telling them about a hexagonal object hitting him.

Buck Cluck

31. Chicken Boo – Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacations are having the characters of the Boo Sisters. They all have crushed Buster. They are alligators. The same vocal actresses who have spoken respectively to Babs Bunny, Shirley McLoon, and Fifi La Fume are Big Boo, Sissy Boo, and Little Boo. They only seem to have a dad named Big Daddy Boo. They all want to marry Buster, so their father intends to wed him to all three of them.

32. Feathers McGraw – Wallace and Gromit

McGraw is a major opponent of the franchise Wallace & Gromit. In his 1993 film The Wrong Trousers, Wallace and Gromit, in 2003, he was a major antagonist, and in the other movies, he was an Easter Egg antagonist. He’s a silent yet sinister penguin who has been proven to be a notorious criminal master of a bird with many faces – a Chicken long thought. Still, McGraw’s was shown to be the largest bird penguin when Wallace and Gromit foiled their plan to rob a museum of a precious blue diamond.

Feathers McGraw

33. Legom – Beastars

Lego is a Beastars side character. At the Cherryton Academy, she sells its unfertilized eggs at the school. Lego is a sturdy white hen with a pileus crest and some beak lobes on either side and a slender leg, and she is also seen wearing pyjamas and the student’s uniform. Lego is a little perfectionist, tries to juggle her part-time work and school, and is very proud of the quality of her eggs. Lego says that she manufactures eggs not for providing carnivores with protein but as hens for their dignity.

34. Scratch – Sonic the Hedgehog

In the Sonic Adventures TV series Hedgehog, Scratch is one of the secondary antagonists. He is a chicken from Badnik created for Sonic the Hedgehog by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He is a Robotnoj Super Special Search and Smash Squad member, together with his “clone” Grounder, and one of the main henchmen of a physician. Scratch is a tall, lank, roughly humanoid robotic rooster feathered on a red and two-sided tail, and a yellow beak and legs with a small white-feathered feather, scaled features, a flush-like armor, a silver body arms, a black collar, and a belt.

35. Goldie – Rock-a-Doodle

In Rock-a-Doodle, Goldie is Chantique’s tritagonist and love interest. In Pinky’s job, Goldie is a singer as well. Initially, she doesn’t like Chanticleer because she steals her spotlight but falls in love with him after getting to know him. She is jealous of the success of Chanticleer, and Pinky is ordered to keep her away from her solitude, which, according to the Grand Duke of Owls, would lead her to want her back on her farm.



We didn’t have much on our plate when we grew up like children. Except watching all that was on TV, of course. And so many nice things were there. In contrast to this, children are compelled to survive on such cartoons, which have no match with the chickens mentioned above cartoon creation.

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