The 30 Popular Singers in the World

Have you ever wondered who the top 30 most famous and popular singers in the World are? You’re not alone. We were googling for a top 30 list of popular singers and couldn’t find one. Even though we did find a couple of great lists, including a top 100 list, those lists didn’t include angelic voices from heaven such as Chris Brown and Britney Spears (We’re kidding… kind of).

Well, Thanks to the popularity of American Idol and Talent shows like X-Factor and America’s Got Talent, we live in an era when there is more spotlight than ever on popular singers. There are currently 30 singers who rank among the most popular in the World to record sales, popularity, fan base, and notoriety. It isn’t easy to name the 30 most popular singers in the World at any given time. This is because many factors determine popularity, including age, gender, and musical genre. Among other stuff, here are some of the most important factors to be considered when assessing popularity. So, let’s round up to the most popular singers of the World and flow in the saga of music.

20. Justin Bieber

Net Worth:$290 million
Labels:IslandTeen, IslandRBMG, School Boy, Def Jam
Instruments:Vocals, drums, piano, keyboard, guitar

Justin Drew Bieber is the most famous Canadian Singer and Popstar in the World. He was born in 1994. He has gained and made his name from their singles like Baby, Never say never, Baby baby, etc. He is one of the most regarded artists in the social World. His songs are very famous all over the World. He initially rose to fame by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube.

His Talent discovered him in an early stage of his life. Everybody loves to listen to new songs, and if your favorite artists are without their new ones, you’ll be a little bit sad. But you should not worry! Popular Singers like Justin Bieber always come up with something new and fresh for us. It is also meriting that many of his fans are still waiting for the next song to arrive. 

19. Katy Perry

Net Worth:$330 Million
Labels:Red Hill, Java, Columbia, Capitol
Instruments:Vocals, guitar

Moving to our next greatest singers of right now is our hottest Katy Perry. She is one of the most prevalent and coolest singers in the World. She sings in English and many other languages, including French, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew. Her songs are very popular among young people, but everybody appreciates her. She is the finished product that started with the people who encouraged her to pursue her singing talent at an early age. Her parents supported her passion for singing by arranging for her to take voice lessons even before reaching high school.

She has been collaborating with Missy Elliott for the music video for her song “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” which tracks her latest album, Teenage Dream. In anticipation, fans have been flooding YouTube with their renditions of the highly popular track.

18. Halsey

Net Worth:$16 Million
Labels:Astralwerks, Capitol

Halsey Singer is an unusual name, one that you might not be familiar with. You probably didn’t even know this person existed before we just mentioned her. Halsey is a singer who has a couple of big-time hits. His Celebrity singer-songwriter has captivated fans from across the country with her powerful lyrics and angelic voice. Halsey, originally from New Jersey, is now based in Los Angeles and is known for her alternative style of music. No doubt, she is a talented, young actor who is terrific at what she does. Even she has appeared in several supporting roles on television series and movies. 

17. Dua Lipa

Net Worth:$25 Million
Labels:Warner, Vertigo
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is the newest term on the block when it comes to talking about female solo artists. That’s right, and this lady is turning heads and ears to her direction because of her singing talents that go on for days. After she released her first album in 2017, Dua attained international recognition and became one of the highest-selling artists of 2017.

It is hard not to know her is since she also appeared in the music video for “Faded” by Alan Walker, which has gone viral all over the World. Her debut album has been released in August 2016 with huge success and reached the top 10 in more than 20 countries. This made her the first completely self-funded U.K. female solo artist to achieve this feat. The Spotify artist Dua Lipa’s net worth amounts to 25 million dollars.

16. Camila Cabello

Net Worth:$14 Million
Labels:Epic, Syco

If you have been accompanying the news, you will know that Camila Cabello is one of the most talented and most popular singers ever. Her voice is beautiful as she is, and she is a great dancer and awesome performer. She is very business-savvy for someone at just 24 years of age. We are her huge fan and admire her work. The dazzling vocals of Camila Cabello‘s solo hit “Camino” yanked her into public acclamation. The song soon soared to the top of charts depicting all musical genres in the World and grabbed a place at 33rd position on the Billboard Hot 100, and is placed as the most-streamed song with over 21 million streams.

15. Lady Gaga

Net Worth:$320 Million
Labels:Def Jam, Cherrytree, KonLive, Streamline, Interscope
Instruments:Vocals, piano
lady gaga

Lady Gaga is a very famous singer who sings pop and rock pieces of music. She is the most influential personality in the present generation. She started performing at a young age in many small towns in New York State. Her father has always said that his daughter first caught his eye at an early age. As she was walking by, he said, “Look at that girl, someday she’s gonna be a star.” He knew from the start that she had real talent, and he was right. Right now, she is living in Manhattan and doing whatever it takes to become a hugely successful pop singer. Her fans call themselves Little Monsters. Anyone remembers the movie “A Star is Born?” Ever since the day she burst on the music scene with a meat dress and platinum blond hair, she has been adored by her Little Monsters.

14. Bruno Mars

Net Worth:$175 Million
Labels:Universal Motown, Atlantic, Elektra
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, ukulele

Our next artist on our list, Bruno Mars, is the greatest singer right now. He achieved fame through his astonishing Talent. He has won several awards and became a favorite for a lot of people. No one could predict that Bruno will achieve this much fame in the future while he was born. Bruno Mars is a German musician, singer-songwriter, and producer. He released his debut album ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ in October 2010. His lead single, Just the Way You Are, became an international top 10 hit and won two Grammy Awards, comprising Record of the Year. In 2018 Bruno Mars performed at the halftime show at Superbowl 2018.

13. Selena Gomez

Net Worth:$175 Million
Labels:Walt Disney, Hollywood, Interscope
Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez, best known as Selena or Sel Gomez, was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. She has achieved so much in her 28 years of life already, and it is only up from here for the young star who has won over the hearts of thousands. Selena Gomez is a singer born in 1992. She first appeared to be on the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana. Selena Gomez has also joined the hit sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has been popular for years, mainly in America but also across the globe. Selena Gomez is one of the hottest young singers around town who can release hit song after hit song (and she does!). No doubt, she is an inspiration to many aspiring singers, and probably you are one of them. 

12. Bob Marley

Net Worth:$32 Million
Labels:Beverley’s, Studio One, JAD, Wail’n Soul’m, Upsetter, Tuff Gong, Island
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, percussion
Bob Marley

Everybody seems to be a singer, but not everybody seems to be a singer of Bob Marley. So, we ranked this legend on number twelve as he is the most popular singer around the World. Even the acoustic version of It’s A Small World, as sung by Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, and The Wailers is an exception. Bob Marley, the legendary Jamaican singer, is among the famous and greatest singers of all time. Bob Marley’s death left a deep in my heart, and music lovers all over the World were filled with deep sorrow. 

11. Aretha Franklin

Net Worth:$80 Million
Labels:J.V.B, Columbia, Atlantic, Arista, RCA
Age:76 (Died-August 16, 2018)
Instruments:Vocals, piano

Aretha Franklin was born in 1942, and as a teenager, she nailed her rendition of Otis Redding’s Respect and became an R&B superstar. She was one of the greatest singers of all time. In 1967, Aretha embarked on a creative peak that delivered both artistic and commercial success. Her second album Lady Soul won a Grammy for best R&B recording. From there, she scored hit after hit, including “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Think,” “Chain of Fools.” Aretha Franklin Sings have attracted listeners’ attention for years, and now, the singer is on his farewell tour. Aretha Franklin will go fluff in history as one of the most popular and influential voices in music. Unfortunately, she died two years ago, in 2018.

10. Ray Charles

Net Worth:$75 Million
Labels:Atlantic, ABC, Tangerine/Crossover, Warner Bros., Swing Time, Concord, Columbia, Flashback
Age:73 (Died-June 10, 2004)
Instruments:Vocals, piano

Ray Charles is a singer-songwriter with a huge fan base. His songs have been featured in countless commercials and trailers. Some of his songs have also won awards. Few musicians have had the kind of impact on the music world as Ray Charles. His unique piano-based sound has influenced and inspired others for decades. He has remained relevant despite changing musical styles because he brought something new to every style. His lyrics are poetic, and his voice a powerhouse. He started as a child star when he released his self-titled album in 1968. The album topped the country music charts and reached number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

09. Billie Eilish

Net Worth:$30 Million
Labels:Darkroom, Interscope
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Singer is one of the biggest internet celebrity singers. Her inimitable voice and unique performance style have changed the World of music forever. Billie Eilish Singer has blown up in a matter of months, becoming one of the most talked-about performers of her generation. Billie Eilish Singer is an American singer and songwriter. Eilish released her debut single and music video called “Ocean Eyes” in November of 2016. The song, which is in the code of F♯ minor, was written by Billie Eilish and Sean Henderson, with the production being done by Finneas O’Connell.

08. Elvis Presley

Net Worth:$20 Million
Labels:Sun, RCA Victor, HMV, Allied Artists Music Group
Age:42 (Died-August 16, 1977)
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, piano

Being one of the most interesting persons, Elvis Presley was the greatest singer, musician, movie star, and composer. Regardless of all the music styles he performed in his life, and his unsurpassed voice remained the main principle of all his songs. He can be acknowledged as one of the most talented singers ever existed in history. People these days believe that Elvis’s hit songs are old. However, several songs crafted by him have remained popular. Examples of these hits include Can’t Help Falling in Love, Wooden Heart, and Love Me Tender. For those who love music, Billie Eilish is an intriguing name to remember because she has many things in common with Elvis Presley.

07. Ed Sheeran

Net Worth:$200 Million
Labels:Asylum, Atlantic, Elektra
Instruments:Vocals, guitar

Ed Sheeran is a well-known singer and songwriter from the U.K. His songs are loved by the masses, which have won several awards. He shot to fame when his album ‘+’ was released in 2011 and a music video for the song “A-Team” that was viewed over 7 million times on YouTube. He was also nominated for the B.B.C. Sound of 2012. In the year 2014, he won the Global Success Award at the Brit Awards. Ed Sheeran is the biggest music star now and has a big fan following. He has many hit songs, and all of his songs are green-lighted by the critics. He is currently the greatest singer right now, and his songs have a very positive response from everyone.

06. Shawn Mendes

Net Worth:$40 Million
Labels:Island, Universal Music Canada
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, piano
Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Singer is a well know young singer from Canada. He has been addressing songs since he was ten and releasing singles in late 2014. He is a very sweet person with a great personality. He opened for Taylor Swift in California, and she was impressed. He has many friends, including Charlie Puth, and likes to spend time with them. There are so many things about Shawn Mendes and his amazing fans, and it’s hard to know where to start. Shawn Mendes has single-handedly made me a concert junkie. He also gave us a newfound love for pop music and the ability to go to shows alone. He’s got an amazing voice, a wicked sense of humor, and he even sings songs about his favorite hockey team!

05. Ariana Grande

Net Worth:$180 Million
Ariana Grande

Ariana is one of the most prominent singers in the World. Her songs and her style are very popular, especially among teenagers. She has been in the public eye since 2008. She is a singer and actress. Ariana Grande-Butera, recognized professionally as Ariana Grande, is a singer and actress. She started to indulge in her profession in 2008 in the Broadway musical 13 before playing the character of Cat Beloved on the Nickelodeon T.V. series Victorious for four seasons and in the spinoff Sam & Cat until 2014. She has also appeared in other theatre productions and television shows, including iCarly, Wendell & Vinnie, and Scream Queens.

04. Taylor Swift

Net Worth:$150 Million
Labels:Big Machine, Republic
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, banjo, piano, ukulele
Taylor Swift

There are numerous stars in the night sky that people have and will continue to admire throughout the millennia. Among those stars, there is not a brighter one than Taylor Swift! Her greatness knows no bounds! She is a famous American singer who became more popular when she was around 20 years old. Her first album was released in 2006. Her second album was released in 2008. The young girl was still in her teens when she went on tour. She was an object of admiration since her freshman album sold more than five million copies in the United States alone.

03. John Lennon

Net Worth:$200 Million
Labels:Parlophone, Capitol, Apple, Geffen, Polydor
Age:40 (Died-8 December 1980)
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, keyboards

Music is a gift of God, and John Lennon was not only good at singing, but he had great knowledge about music, and that is why he got a huge reputation in the World of music. No doubt why he is the greatest singer of all time. People loved his songs, and the lyrics were touching their hearts. Apart from being a good singer and musician, he was a devoted husband and loving father to his children. He had a unique voice that brought him popularity. The musical journey of John has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns. He wrote some really popular songs that continue to inspire many people.

02. Marvin Gaye

Net Worth:$9 Million
Labels:Tamla, Tamla-Motown, Columbia
Age:44 (Died-April 1, 1984)
Instruments:Vocals, keyboards, drums
Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye is the most popular singer from America who has his style of music that he likes to sing and give to people who do not have the time and effort to listen to music. He does not mind singing any genre, no matter how old the song is. Marvin Gaye was known as a unique singer who brought about a revolution in music. He lived through his times and had a smooth yet passionate voice that will never cease to amaze many generations to come. He did not just sing but also composed with many other musicians, showing his ability to reach out to the public.

01. Bob Dylan

Net Worth:$350 Million
Labels:Columbia, Asylum
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Singer, one of the most legendary and greatest singers of all time, has released many masterpieces during his music carrier. Bob Dylan Singer is a singer and songwriter from America. He has won many awards, including Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, Tony Awards, Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award. Bob Dylan is no doubt one of the greatest musicians ever created. He has inspired many artists, and his songs are related to the music, but they also relate to social issues that exist in the World. If you listen to his music, you will realize that he has written lyrics for more than four decades, and there has been no single phase when his work went unnoticed or unattended.

So, there are our Top 20 Popular Singers in the World, but you can also go through them.

30.The Weeknd$100 MillionXO, Republic31Keyboard, PianoCanadian
29.Charlie Puth$25 Millioneleveneleven, Artist Partner29Vocals, keyboards, pianoAmerican
28.DJ Khalid$75 MillionYoung Money, We the Best, Epic, RED, Cash Money, Republic, Koch, Def Jam South, Terror Squad, Roc Nation45Turntables, keyboards, sampler, vocalsAmerican
27.Demi Lovato$40 MillionIsland, Safehouse, Hollywood28Piano, Vocals, guitarAmerican
26.Zayn Malik$75 MillionSyco, Columbia, RCA28Triangle, Piano, keyboardEngland
25.Lewis Capaldi$10 MillionEMI, Vertigo, Universal, Capitol24Vocals, guitar, pianoScottish
24.Nick Jonas$70 MillionWalt Disney, Columbia, Hollywood, Island, Safehouse28Vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, percussion, drumsAmerican
23.John Legend$75 MillionColumbia, GOOD, Sony Urban42Vocals, pianoAmerican
22.Doja Cat$4 MillionRCA, Kemosabe25Range: F#3-D5 Piano Backup VocalsAmerican
21.Post Malone$30 MillionRepublic25Vocals, guitarAmerican


These top 30 popular singers in the World are very talented. These popular singers have sung songs belonging to different genres and have received various awards around the World. Our list of top 30 popular singers in the World is up to date. What do you think of these popular singing artists? Let us know in the comments!

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