Top 10 High Paid Countries

Today Money is important as much as food. Earning a high pay will make you to survive better in the society. So here I have listed top high paid countries along with their top 10 jobs.

1. America

America fills the top position in this list. As it pays about $ 56,730 USD. The top 10 jobs in America are Data Scientist, Tax Manager, Solution Architect, Engagement Manger, Mobile Developer, HR Manager, Physician Assistant, Product Manager, Software Engineer, Audit Manger.

Average Salary: $ 56,730 USD

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg pays $ 52,980 USD. The top 10 jobs in Luxembourg are Auditor, Financial Analyst, Operation Analyst, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Lawyer, Business Development, Marketing Manager, Quality Technician, Architect.

Average Salary: $ 52,980 USD


3. Ireland

Ireland is placed in third place as it pays average salary $ 52,840 USD. The top 10 jobs in Ireland are Accounting Manager, Manager, Back end Officers, Software Engineers, Sales Representatives, System Engineers, Product Analyst, Software Developers, Quality Control Inspector, Network Engineer.

Average Salary: $ 52,840 USD

4. Swiss

Swiss pays an average salary of $51,730 USD. The top 10 Jobs of swiss are a Nurse, Speech Therapist, Sales representative, Physician, Truck Drivers, Test Engineers, Diesel Technician, Health Therapist, Social Workers, Project manager.

Average Salary: $ 51,730 USD

5. Australlia

Australia fills the fifth place in high paid countries. Top 10 jobs in Australia are SEO Manger, Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Manager, Technical Engineer, Consultant, Software Developers, Architect, Artist, Designers.

Average Salary: $ 45,640 USD


6. England

England pays an average salary of $46,480 USD. Top 10 jobs in England are PHP Developer, Front End Web Developer, Software Engineer, .NET Developer, Design Engineer, IT Manager, Visual Designer, Sales Executive, Editor, Data Analyst.

Average Salary: $ 46,480 USD

7. Canada

Canada pays an average salary of $44,730 USD. Top 10 jobs in Canada are Sales Representatives, Sales Associate, HR Manager, Nurse, RFP Analyst, Software Developer, Project Manager, Technical Advisor, Consultant, Architect.

Average Salary: $ 44,730 USD

8. Norway

Norway pays an average salary of $45,290 USD. The top 10 jobs in Norway are Business Development Consultant, Consultant, Project Manager, Accountant, Software Engineer, Engineer Manager, HR Manager, Assistant, Hardware Engineer, Research Scientist.

Average Salary: $ 45,290 USD


9. South Korea

South Korea Pays $37,810 USD. Top 10 Jobs offered in South Korea are a Project Manager, Application Engineer, Service Representative, Sales Manager, Software Developer, Sales Executives, System Engineer, Application Engineer, Account Executive, Medical Advisor.

Average Salary: $ 37,810 USD

10. Netharlands

Netherland fills the 10th place as it pays $ 48,150 USD only. Top jobs in Netherlands are a Consultant, Sales Associate, Sales Executive, Application Developers, Performance Engineer, Java Developers, Technical Writer, Network Engineer, HR Manager, PR Consultant.

Average Salary: $ 48,150 USD

High paid countries

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