Top 10 Best Hobbies In Summer

Summer vacation  has arrived and some of the best hobbies you can choose for your children are  listed here. Hobbies allows your child to develop their  skills apart from studies. Even adults can go for these hobbies for experiencing best of summer.


All you need will be a small room or a small mat. You can learn yoga by using a  Yoga DVD or by learning from yoga experts.



Fishing is possible in river,channels,pools.To do just you need rods to just drop a line into the pool or lakes.It is also a inexpensive hobby.



Gardening will be a less expensive.As it doesn’t need more investment.You just need a small patch of land of your own.You can plant some vegetables or some flowers of your choice.



Collecting includes stamp collecting,coin collecting,craft collecting,sea shell collecting etc.Choice may vary according to individual interest.The collected objects may be antique or collectible. but a simple collection can be amassed for little or no money, and however  you can have a great time putting it together.



You may learn from the youtube videos or by watching dance at Tv.Dancing also be considered as best exercise.



If you are beginner and have more interest in singing then just join a class and learn lesson from the experts.



It is considered as a interesting hobby.As the children love to bake and gift it to their loved once.just learn from the baker otherwise learn from youtube.


Cake Decorating

If you can learn to do this well, you can earn some  side money by doing cakes for your friends and family.

cake de


Sports like swimming,cricket,basketball,football etc are  the inexpensive hobbies in sports list.You can choose your favorite and can get trained.


Playing Music

Beginner versions of most instruments can be found used and group classes are usually inexpensive. With the wealth of resources available online today, you can probably even teach yourself.


Saranya Samuel
Saranya Samuel
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