The Border Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Must Know!

FX has released some of the best crime shows, including Fargo, The Bridge, Sons of Anarchy, and The Shield. One of the upcoming shows that will take the same road of drugs, war, and drug-associated moral failures is The Border. Daniel Zelman and Shane Salerno will star as the series’ executive producers and showrunner. The upcoming crime series will revolve around the fight for drug business eradication from USA to the border of Mexico. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

The Border Season 1 Release Date:

Unfortunately, a specific release date for the upcoming series is yet to be set, and we do not know how soon the series will be available. The series was ordered in December 2022, and the high chance is that the show filming is yet to start. Since the series episodes will be an hour each, there is a high possibility that filming will take time. The crime drama might be available in late 2023 or 2024.

The Border Season 1 Plot:

The Border series is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Don Winslow, the American writer. The novel is, however, a trilogy, and the first book was The Power of the Dog, followed by The Cartel. The series will revolve around a group of characters whose lives are joined and intertwined mysteriously. There are diverse characters, including the DEA investigator, high-end escorts, drug lords, and a hitman. These people’s lives will intertwine at some point in the series. The series will also be set in different locations, including New York, Mexico, Washington, DC, and Central America.

The Border Season 1 Cast:

Art Keller, Adan Barrera, Sean Callan, Nora Hayden, Miguel Angel Barrera, and Raul Barrera are the main characters in the upcoming series. Keller will be played by E.J Bonilla, the American actor who has featured in a lot of series, including Rafe, one of his debut series. He has also premiered in Insecure, Bull, Unforgettable, Guiding Light, and The Long Road Home.

Sebastian Buitron, the Mexican actor, will be playing Adan Barrera. Adan is a young boxing promoter who gets promoted to drug lord. Buitron is not a newbie in the tv world and has been featured in many shows, including Unstoppable, Narcos: Mexico, and Amsterdam. Louis Bordonada and Josue Guerra will play Miguel (Adan’s Uncle) and Raul, respectively. Frank Blake will play Sean Callan, and Annie Shapiro will star as Nora Hayden, the teenager who grows to be a high-end escort.

The Border Season 1 Trailer:

Unfortunately, the trailer for The Boarder series is yet to be released, and we have yet to determine how soon a trailer will be available. The series production is yet to start, and the high chance is that the series trailer will not be available until late this year or early next year.

As we await the series trailer or teaser release, there are several shows revolving around the same plot that you could watch. These series include Narcos Mexico, Good Girls, Power, The Sinner, Dope, and Outer Banks. Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black is also perfect when you want to see the complicated relationships between Dealers, law enforcers, and drug users.

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