Top 10 Expensive Belts in the World!

When we talk about men’s accessories, then belts lie in the top two positions in men’s priority. They will not be going to compromise in class or product quality of a belt.

In daily life, a man is highly dependent upon the comfort of their Belt that they wear. Some men have a very high fascination regarding the expensive belts. According to them, a belt reflects style, class and makes them distinguish from the others. A perfect one is concerned about the type of material it uses, whether it is leather or any other stuff, the pattern along with the overall Outlook.

Here we present the top 10 most expensive belts in the world that will stun you by their prices. According to their luxury brands and designs, there are several designer belts in the market, but here are some rarest of the rare belts that are having exquisite looks and high quality according to their prices.

1. Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 Carat Diamond:

Price: $249000

This Belt is the most expensive worldwide as renowned as a gem of a Belt.

Fashion-conscious men have this Belt in their wardrobe as it comes with a 30-carat diamond that entirely gives a magnetic aura to the Outlook. It is highly appealing to the eyes. Most of the Belts lovers have called this piece an antique accessory that they ever want.

Republica Fashion's Gucci 30 Carat Diamond

2. Ronald Iten Calibre R822:

Price: $84000

This Belt is a fantastic piece of art with a classic and lavish design. It gives an elegant look to the outfit and has a smooth finishing structure. Even though it slightly looks like a Predator, it feels like a luxurious machine belt. The clip of the Belt has beautifully designed, and such designs lovers appreciate this structure.

Ronald Iten Calibre R822

3. Selfridges and Co. Gold Belt:

Price: $32000

This Belt is a perfect instance as it looks at the cost of the Belt. It is meant to be a gold belt. That’s why the Belt buckle is covered with gold stones along with the leather body that is 70 pyramids like formations. 

Every high-end Store ensured their customer to get the best price rate as it is depicted and called as a gold belt.

Selfridges and Co. Gold Belt

4. Hermes Etriviere:

Price: $5100

This Belt gives the customer or purchaser a perfect example of a leather quality product that most Belts lovers can opt for! The leather’s premium quality, as elusive in the outer covering of the Belt, raises the persona of a person who wears that.

This vintage Belt is trendy across the world, and it’s mostly available online.

Hermes Triviere

5. Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt:

Price: $3500

As depicted by the name, This Belt is made up of Crocodile skin and comes out to be an exquisite looking buckle. It gives the perks of 100% pure leather that are extracted from the core of the crocodile. 

This is one of the best belts that more fascinating Belt lovers opted for as it gives both a classy and luxurious look to the wearer.

Louis Vuitton 40MM Crocodile Belt

6. Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator Belt:

Price: $2850

Again, as depicted by the name, this luxurious Belt gives the wearer a superior quality and stylish look obtained from an alligator’s skin. It provides a quiet, elegant Italian look that expresses elegance and class in its peculiar manner. 

This Belt is positively opted by the man that pleaded to make a statement with them.

Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator Belt

7. Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium Belt:

Price: $2310

This Cartier Crocodile Palladium belt is highly acquired, a Palladium finish, and an eye-captivating design. These types of straps are much pleased by the men who are a bit sporting.

Artistry is the final design of this Belt and extracted from the core of the Crocodile skin. That’s why it’s come under the top 10 most expensive belts of the world.

Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium Belt

8. Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt:

Price: $1760

This Belt is one of the elite and most luxurious branded belts extracted from the core of the crocodile skin. It also provides infusing and exclusive leather quality with the most delicate buckle that is attentive and eye-catching to the others. 

This Belt has a stylish Palladium finish and gives more comfort to the wearer. The price of this Belt is also desirable by most belt lovers.

Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt

9. Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-Buckle Belt:

Price: $1750

As depicted by the name, the Outlook of this overall Belt gives the engine buckle pattern different looks. The Belt’s leather quality is also par excellence and comes to you only at the price of $1760. It also provides authentic leather quality at such cost.

The various designs in this Belt attract many belt lovers and give a cozy comfort to the wearer.

Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-Buckle Belt

10. Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt:

Price: $1095

This 3D Medusa Versace Crystal belt is a fabulous piece of art that is designed in such a way that gives a graceful look to the purchaser.

It also provides a different comfort level and durability that ensures longevity to the wearer. This upshot is one of the best products that has been offered by most of the brands. According to the top brands, these belts have many purchase orders most subtly.

Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt

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