Top 10 Richest Gangster Of All Time!

Even though it is said that crime doesn’t pay, but still several rich gangsters prove it wrong. While few reach up to death or jail, a very lucky few please spend their money. In the 20th Century, few gangsters made a lot of money by selling liquor and drugs during prohibition. In the 1970s, many gangsters switched to heroin. Today, the wealthiest gangsters make a considerable amount of their money from importing cocaine from various countries like Colombia through Mexico and the U.S.
While it is a bit hard to estimate the exact wealth of these criminal masterminds, here is the list of top richest gangsters of all time:

Pablo Escobar (1 December 1949 to 2 December 1993)

Total worth at the moment of death was $30 billion, comparable to the present $59 billion—the Colombian drug master and narco-terrorist who was the originator and sole head of the Medellín Cartel. Named ‘The King of Cocaine,’ Escobar is the wealthiest criminal ever. Simultaneously, his drug cartel consumed the cocaine exchange into the United States during the 1980s and 1990s. Escobar’s heritage stays dubious; while many criticize his crimes’ awful idea, he was viewed as a ‘Robin Hood-like’ figure for some in Colombia. He gave numerous pleasantries to poor people while his killing was grieved. His memorial service went to more than 25,000 people. Furthermore, his private home, Hacienda Nápoles, has been changed into an amusement park.

Pablo Escobar

Dawood Ibrahim (Conceived 26 December 1955)

He is said to have been worth about $6.7 billion every 2015, as indicated by Forbes. A psychological terrorist, drug dealer, and mobster generally wanted by India with a prize of $25 million. He hails from Dongri, Mumbai. He has answers recently to be living in Karachi. However, Pakistan denied it and headed the wrongdoing partner D-Company which he established in Mumbai during the 1970s. As of late, without precedent for thirty years, Pakistan recorded Dawood Ibrahim’s location in Karachi and forced financial assents on the gangster. Dawood is wanted for killing, terrorism, targeted killing, extortion, drug dealing, and different cases. He was given as a worldwide fear monger in 2003 by India and the United States. An award of $25 million on his head for his accepted part in the 1993 Bombay bombings. And in 2011, he was named number three on ‘The World’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives’ by the FBI and Forbes.


Al Capone (17 January 1899 to 25 January 1947)

The assessed net worth of his realm would be $1.3 billion starting today. In some cases known by the epithet ‘Scarface,’ Al Capone was an American criminal and financial specialist. They accomplished reputation during the Prohibition time as the boss and co-founder of the Chicago Outfit. His seven-year rule as a crime boss finished when he went to jail at 33 years old. By 1929, Capone’s pay from the different parts of his business included: $60 million from illicit liquor, $25 million from betting foundations, $10 million from a bad habit, and another $10 million from different rackets. It guarantees that Capone was utilizing more than 600 gangsters to shield his business from rival groups.


Frank Lucas (9 September 1930 – 30 May 2019)

He assessed Net worth of $52 million buried in the Cayman Islands. American drug dealer who worked in Harlem during the last part of the 1960s and mid-1970s. He was known for removing go-betweens in the drug exchange and purchasing heroin straightforwardly from his root in the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia. Lucas flaunted that he carried heroin utilizing the final resting places of dead American service members. However, this case denies by his Southeast Asian partner. In 1976, Lucas was indicted for drug dealing and condemned to 70 years in jail. Nonetheless, after turning into a witness, his sentence was diminished to five years. He was indicted for a similar offense in 1984 and condemned to seven years in jail, and he died in 2019.


Griselda Blanco (15 February 1943 – 3 September 2012)

She was worth $2 billion at her pinnacle. She was referred to by different nicknames, for example, ‘La Madrina,’ ‘Queen of Narco-Trafficking,’ ‘Cocaine Godmother’ and ‘Black Widow’. Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug master of the Medellín Cartel and a launch in the Miami-based cocaine drug exchange and the hidden world during the 1980s through the mid-2000s. It has assessed that she was answerable for up to 2,000 killings while shipping cocaine from Colombia to New York, southern California, and Miami. She was shot and murdered on 3 September 2012, at 69 years old.


Amado Carrillo Fuentes ( 17 December 1956 – 4 July 1997)

He was assessed to be worth around $25 billion (about $40 billion by the present appraisals) at the hour of death. A Mexican drug ruler held onto control of the Juárez Cartel after killing his supervisor Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. Amado Carrillo got known as ‘The Lord of the Skies’ due to the massive armada of planes he used to ship drugs. He was likewise known for laundering money through Colombia to fund this armada. In July 1997, he passed on in a Mexican clinic after going through a general plastic medical procedure to change his appearance. In his last days, Carrillo was followed by Mexican and US specialists.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Semion Mogilevich ( 30 June 1946)

His net worth is assessed to be $10 billion. A Russian-Jewish coordinated crime boss, depicted by organizations in the European Union and the United States as the ‘bosses of bosses’ of most Russian Mafia partners on the planet. Mogilevich is accepted to coordinate an immense criminal empire and is depicted by the FBI as ‘the most dangerous mobster on the planet.’ The FBI has blamed him for ‘weapons dealing, extortion, prostitution, drug dealing, and contract murders on a global scale.’ Mogilevich’s nicknames incorporate ‘Don Semyon’ and ‘The Brainy Don’ (given his business intuition). As per US diplomatic links, he controls RosUkrEnergo, an organization effectively associated with Russia–Ukraine gas debates and Raiffeisen Bank’s accomplice. He currently lives uninhibitedly in Moscow and has three kids.


Many of these richest gangsters were paying off many government officials and law enforcement agents to run their illegal international business.
Although many of them spent decades running cartels and involved in the murdering of uncooperative rivals. But the karma goes on, and fortunately, in the end, many of these criminal gangsters were killed or jailed.

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