Top 10 Family Guy Episodes !

Family Guy is an American animated comedy-drama created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting production Company that first released on January 31, 1999. Fuzzy Door and 20th Television production companies produce the series. It has now been around for over twenty years. We see the most prominent episodes in history, grounded on their IMDb scores. Over the last several years, the animated sitcom class has shifted some of the best television bits with acts like Rick & Morty and Bojack Horseman. However, we had Seth MacFarlane’s dark parody, Family Guy. While the series has been revoked twice since it commenced airing in 1999, Family Guy has been recommenced for its 20 and 21st seasons. This shows that the long-running adult-inspired series still has a loyal fanbase that tunes every week to expose new episodes.

Therefore, to remind people why Family Guy was once such an accomplishment, here is a ranking of some of the best episodes under IMDb. 

10. ‘Quagmire’s Dad’ 

Best line: Brian: “Hey… If**ked your dad.”

AIR DATE: May 9, 2010
DIRECTOR:Pete Michels
WRITERS: Tom Devanney

As Brian went from practical Joe to womanizing jerk, we also suggested that we enjoy an abundance of Brian vs. Quagmire battles. The best of which was when Brian unexpectedly shagged his dad. As Dan Quagmire appeared on the scene, his offensive son was horrified to find that he’d transformed, becoming Ida. It surprisingly sorted the transgender community.

Brian holds a one-night stand with Ida, and when he sees who she is, he pukes all over the place, just similar to the amazing emetic incident in season 4. Quagmire continues to beat the shit out of him, only left him to utter: “Hey! If**ked your dad.”

Quagmire's Dad

9. ‘McStroke’ 

Best line: Peter: “Then I suppose we’ll take our millions of dongs elsewhere…”

AIR DATE: January 13, 2008
WRITERS: Wellesley Wild

This was one of the most immeasurable Peter-being-stupid adventures episodes. Here, he decides to grow a mustache, but after he fails to do so, he drains his weight in McBurgertown burgers, heading to a massive stroke and getting the left side of his body paralyzed. He eventually gets immediately cured by stem cells and adhered to a talking cow at the McBurgertown industry, which Peter and Brian set unoccupied via a Monkees-style chase. So yep, Family Guy withdrew there and somehow made many funny scenes. 


8. ‘I Dream of Jesus’ 

Best line: “Sir, our maths reveals that the bird is equal to, or bigger than the word.”

AIR DATE: October 5, 2008
WRITERS: Brain Scully

AKA the ‘Bird is the Word’ episode. Here, Peter finds Jesus. He’s working at a record shop. Peter assures him to reveal himself to the world, bringing down President George W Bush. But the main purpose of the episode is so prominent is those mentioned above ‘Bird’ running gag. Peter disturbs the hell out of everyone by continuously discovering ways to shoehorn in the catchy 1950s Trashmen song. Even now, you never understand when it might resist again.

I Dream of Jesus

7. ‘PTV’ 

Best line: FCC officer: “His chin resembles balls. You want me to cover that, too?”

AIR DATE: November 6, 2005
DIRECTOR:Dan Povenmire
WRITERS: Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild

Family Guy often accelerates things as far as possible, so we’re selecting the writers who have a touch of a chilly relationship with the censors. This episode was their idea of aiming all their rage at the agencies which get in the process.

This funny episode saw Peter start his TV network, including R-rated replays of classic TV shows plus “Side Boob Hour,” which saw the FCC closed him down too. And then people started censoring it in real life too. The family then travels to Washington to set everything normal again. It was one of those episodes where all the jokes formed, and it highlighted one of the show’s leading over-the-top song numbers.


6. ‘Brian and Stewie’ 

Best line: Stewie: “You give my life direction, and maybe, that’s sufficient. Because that’s just about the most prominent gift, one friend can present another.”

AIR DATE: May 2, 2010
DIRECTOR:Dominic Bianchi
WRITERS: Gary Janetti

We’ve already made it obvious how much we love Brian and Stewie episodes, and the title single makes it understandable why we love this episode. The two find themselves unexpectedly trapped inside a bank all weekend, and someday they are forced to disclose their true feelings for each other and challenge their existence and meaning of their life. While it’s impressive to see these two collectively, this episode was particularly excellent because it is the sole ever not to use any cutaway humor at all, and they’re the only characters on the show. Not even Peter appears. The editors know what the audience wants.

Brian And Stewie

5. ‘Something, Something, Something, Dark Side’ 

Best line: Lois in the role of Leia: “I love you.” Peter in the role of Han: “F**k off.”

AIR DATE: May 23, 2010
DIRECTOR:Dominic Polcino
WRITERS: Kirker Butler

The secondary of the show’s Star Wars cartoons was almost as immeasurable as the first but much more immeasurable than the third. So, almost like the actual Star Wars movies. Like with Blue Harvest, the Griffins’ house’s power goes out, heading to Peter retelling The Empire Hits Back, with Family Guy characters playing Star Wars icons, such as Peter as Han, Ernie the Chicken as Boba Fett, and Chris as Luke. You have to be a Star Wars follower to get all the cracks, and the whole performance is a bit bizarre on record, but it works. 

Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

4. ‘Petarded’ 

Best line: Stewie: “Chris, no matter what happened to Davis? She used to be in films, but she’s not in films anymore. She’s charming enough, but when she laughs, you see too much gum. Not a good tooth-to-gum ratio… Chris? Ah, I’ll notify you in the daylight.”

AIR DATE: June 19, 2005
DIRECTOR:Seth Kearsley
WRITERS: Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild

It is another Peter’s crazy episode. He wins a Trivial Pursuit game and directly thinks he’s a prodigy. After being examined to ask for a MacArthur Genius Grant, he’s identified as being mentally backward. Whoops. In time, Peter is utilizing his diagnosis and even losing guardianship of his children to Cleveland. Tackling a delicate subject didn’t let down all that well at the time with inspectors and charity organizations. But if you prefer your invading humor, this was one of the most enjoyable episodes ever.


3. ‘I Take Thee, Quagmire’

Best line: Cleveland: “Hey, Quagmire, is a banana or an erection in your pant’s pocket?”

AIR DATE: March 12, 2006
DIRECTOR:Seth Kearsley
WRITERS: Tom Maxwell, Don Woodard, Steve Callaghan

Quagmire is one ruthless dog. He’s questionable and insane and should probably be in jail. But he’s still entirely hilarious. This was one of the primary episodes to display just how insanely frightful he could be. At first, it appears he might be shifting when he falls in love with Peter’s new servant and chooses to marry her. He’s carving out but notices that she will kill him and herself if he leaves her. So, he has to fake his death, leading to many silly scrapes for accomplishing this, before Death himself takes Joan.

I Take Thee, Quagmire

2. ‘Back to the Pilot’ 

Best line: Peter: “Hey Lois, I encountered some double-sided tape. I think I can do around seven minutes’ worth of entertaining stuff with it. That should take us to the ‘Meg Kissing Booth’ narrative.”

AIR DATE: November 13, 2011
DIRECTOR:Dominic Bianchi, Peter Shin
WRITERS: Mark Hentemann, Seth MacFarlane

This Stewie and Brian-centric scene was pure genius. The duo uses a time device to move back in time to the first episode – driving too many quick gags about how complex the show looks, mixed cast voices, and how complex the comedy is in comparison. Then, Brian tells his prior self about 9/11, and their immediate time is reversed, causing another civil war. They then have to restrain themselves from traveling back in the first place. However, this doesn’t prove easy, providing countless versions of each other at the same moment. This episode is not only entertaining with amazing Brian and Stewie moments, but it was genuinely pretty clever in the time-travel sticks, which is impressive on a geek level.

Back To The Pilot

1. ‘Road to the Multiverse’ 

Best line: Quagmire: “Thanks, honey, let’s say hi to your spouse. Oh, I’ve got AIDS, better perceive my NyQuil Cold, Flu, and AIDS. [he takes the pills] All gone!”

AIR DATE: September 27, 2009
DIRECTOR:Greg Colton
WRITERS: Wellesley Wild

It is another crazy Brian and Stewie adventurous episode. This time, they casually manage to visit Quahog in various other universes. One of them is a Flintstones-style town, a Disney planet, a world wherever Japan won WWII, a Robot Chicken society, and even a live-action translation.

This might not have the most interesting plot, but it just got more and more entertaining and so much fun with each new world. Coupled with Brian and Stewie’s front and center, it made for the best Family Guy episode ever.

Road to the Multiverse


The Original Family Guy had 19 seasons, with 362 episodes. And that’s the list which we have sorted out to give you the best ten episodes of Family Guy, which you can enjoy by binge-watching them on Hulu Plus, Fox, or Netflix.

Opinions are purely subjective, but we think most people would agree with many of the picks on this list. But if it didn’t, what’s your favorite episode of the show? Sound off in the comments section below.

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