Top 10 Most Popular Male POP Singers In The World In 2021!

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence” it’s the right and most famous saying that is positively affected in our life, and we can relate how music can refresh our mood in our life. All credit goes to the most sensational singers who produce various tracks irrespective of age, sex, or ethnicity.

The list of top 10 world’s best male singers produces humming music with their musical covers. Such covers are beautifully wrapped up with their melodious voices along with their breathtaking lyrics and the beats. Nowadays, numerous songs are hitting the market each day. It creates a tough competition in the music industry that they can admire by the listeners’ ears.

Here we are for you with the list of top 10 famous male singers that highly sensationalize the music world with their best combination of tracks to make a continuous bell in their listeners’ playlists. 

10. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a dizzy darling from the perspective of his woman fanbase. He is such a talented and genius vocal star.

His music highly appeals to the listeners, even those who never understand his language. Moreover, a notable singer, he is such a stunning performer on the stage with well-orchestrated performances along with his dancing moves. He is also a Grammy Award holder for his F.A.M.E album. Now, this 31-year-old music sensation is still moving to give his best to his fans.

Chris Brown

9. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz is remarkably known for his in-depth knowledge of music. Not only a musical singer but he also a lyricist and a producer.

His mastery of putting music that overheads all inabilities make him the Guru of the music industry. Although he started his career in 2008, the way he came out to be a huge sensation over the music industry made him stand in this top 10 list of the world’s best singers.

Now he is the best producer and composer across the globe. He has sold millions of albums in his career decade and earned this honorable position in this new generation.

Taio Cruz

8. Drake

Drake, this Canadian accent rapper, is now climbing on a long ladder in the entertainment industry with his amazing raps. He acquired a considerable fan base in such a short span of days by his perplexing rapping styles and energy that he throws in his tracks.

Along with the boost rapping, he also collaborates with the most ranking musicians like Nicki, Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna, making him a big hitmaker in this new generation. He is such a promising musician who is on his way to ride success to a higher level. He continues to move on along with his solo tracks and the collaboration with old voices.


7. Macklemore

In this pop era world where pop music is considered the mood freshening music among the young generation, soul music is still considered the best genre.

And Macklemore is one of the best singers in this genre. Although in such a short time, he managed to regnant this industry with his incredible caliber. He is admired for his beautiful tracks that memorize the fans to the ’70s and 80’s time. His way is quite enough to give a reborn feeling of old music in today’s generation.


6. Usher

He is one of the best musicians in this modern music world as his fans considered him as the Michael Jackson of today’s era.

He is such a stunning performer on the stage as his fans admired him for being the most regnant king of the stage after MJ’s demise. To relish his performance, he comes out with the bold falsetto voice that not only attracted his fans, but his one woman can believe it as a sexy voice. Along with that, his ability to combine singing and dancing on the stage makes him the best male musician, and he continues to thrill his fans to rule over the musical globe.


5. Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is the top name among today’s generation’s most versatile musicians for his outstanding talent. He is a bit different from those musicians who stuck to only one music genre, although he adopted a new genre in a new time. 

His ability to adapt to every music genre makes him stand out in the listeners’ eyes to be the most versatile one with tremendous performance. It is rightly said that if God has deprived us from one sense, he makes others’ insights stronger, and that’s the same he felt in his life. Despite his blindness, he has such a melodious voice. It reaches up to the soul of every fan. His such sensationalized tracks make him popular day by day in this music world.

Andrea Bocelli

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber- a name, a personality, a sensation in the music world. At such a young age, many controversies in his life make him stand out in the LimeLight of media. 

He becomes everyone’s darling at such an early age of his fourteen. He is one of the famous person in the world. This was all his struggle that resulted in managing this top position in the music era. Both his fans and the higher critics of the music industry agreed that he was born with music in his veins as his every track is so perplexing that it touches a soothing heart feel to his fans.

Pop Star Justin Bieber

3. PitBull

PitBull is known for his best raps among ranking rappers. He started his career in 2011 in the same frame. That was the year in which his music hit all over the music world and his listeners. They highly praised his rapping style, which was a new concept at that time.

In the same path, he managed to pull a large crowd towards this new music concept.

One of his hit songs, “Give me Everything Tonight,” has reached up to a record in various music charts, and that’s why the Grammy Awards honored him. He is still active in giving his fans the best he can, and they want.

Pop Star Pitbull

2. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is in the second position and is still a very active name in the industry, and the list of his fan following is quite uncountable.

This 35-year-old sensation was born in Hawaii, the United States, and started his music career in 2004. Now, everyone who comes across his voice becomes his instant fan, and in such a short period, he ruled over the pop industry and became such a great performer. His potential energy to make a music note higher made him end up with many beautiful covers. He is much known for his romantic tracks that captured every generation’s colossal fan base, and it’s still counting. Recently, Bruno Mars collaborated with Anderson. Paak for his new album Silk Sonic.

Bruno Mars

1. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is considered as the women’s favorable singer in this modern music world and one of the most charming guys with his melodious voice. Although he started his career in acting later, his destiny has reached a different track as now he’s become the world’s best music sensation in today’s generation.

He is highly known for his choice of lyrics that exactly his fans require. He excellently knew how to primp to fit in the occasion, and it makes him the most admirable talent in the music world.

Justin Timberlake

Still, there are numerous talented music sensations globally, but the way Justin steps out in this industry is incredible. This 39-year-old sensation is still on a broad mile to give his best to his fans.

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