Top 10 Hottest Women In The World!

Sometimes, a woman’s beauty that we saw in a movie or a music video or a fashion show blew us away. Such as Katy Perry looked extraordinarily beautiful in “unconditionally”; you can see that on YouTube in the comment section also. So, Who are currently the hottest women in the world right now? We have listed the most alluring ladies that have been voted by many people. Different people indeed find different things appealing. For many, Emma Watson is their celebrity crush from childhood. While others love the jaw-dropping beauty of Scarlett Johansson. Let’s start with Number 10.

10. Salma Hayek 

She is 53 years, can you believe that? Having such gorgeous skin, people always asked her to reveal her beauty secret. And it is unbelievable that she said she only follow old fashioned methods such as facial massage that her grandma taught her. She applies natural products like coconut oil to make her skin glow. She recently posted a picture on Instagram, revealing her insanely hot curves, which were more than enough to make her followers mad. She proves once and for all that age is nothing but a number. If you think it is Botox’s work, she just stated that she didn’t have botox.

Salma Hayek

9. Katy Perry

Not only she’s got talent but an incomparable beauty, which puts her on the list. With beauty and talent, she also has a good heart, which makes her even hotter. Katy has done many things for the LGBT community and has been a significant figure to raise voice for their rights. She was awarded as the hottest woman in 2013, leaving behind all the other hotties. She has more than 60 million followers on Instagram, and every one of them gets goosebumps when they get a glimpse of her hourglass-like body.

Katy Perry

8. Priyanka Chopra

The appearance of the Quantico star is unmistakable when we are talking about the hottest women. She has been titled the number one hottest woman on the planet by Maxim, Hold up, Four times! She bagged the title for the fourth time, 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2018. Nick Jonas is a lucky man; he has got one of the hottest ladies as her wife! Her bikini shoot sends the temperature through the roof, and the fans can’t get enough of her beauty. 

Priyanka Chopra

7. Megan fox

She is an American model and an actress. She did several television and film roles, but her breakout role was in transformers in 2007. People took notice of her sizzling hotness! Megan fox is 34 years old, and she is as hot as ever. Her piercing blue eyes add more to her beauty. She is one of the Hollywood actresses who will get your heart racing. On a scale of one to 10, her hotness is off the charts. FHM magazine titled her the sexiest woman in the world.

Megan fox

6. Selena Gomez

Selena is so hot, you give her a sack to wear, and I can bet that she’ll rock it! Selena is proud of how her body looks, and she wants to message everyone that everyone should feel good in their skin. Selena boldly stated that she takes care of her body because she wants, not to prove something to somebody. But it is established that this girl is hot in all seasons. She is more than capable of making you swoon with her sexy avatar. 

Selena Gomez

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, talented, incredibly hot, and sexy. She was crowned as the sexiest woman by FHM in 2014, and this title suits her. She was on top of actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé, etc. Be careful! She can give you sleepless nights. She also believes that people need to change how they look at the beauty, and she is right. She never says that physical appearance defines beauty, but when you look at her, you will say, “this is the body I want to have.”

Jennifer Lawrence

4. Shakira 

She has a smoking hot body, and the way she moves can give you sweats in winter. She was worried that she might not remain sexy after giving birth, but the result is in front of you. She doesn’t look aged a day. When it comes to hotness and sex appeal, we cannot deny that Shakira has loads of it. She is 43, but she looks and moves like a 23. Everything about Shakira is stunning, and she can make you fall for her with just a single look.


3. Rihanna

We know Shakira is at a high level of hotness, but when she calls someone else the sexiest woman she has ever met, we cannot question. Shakira herself said that Rihanna triumphs her when it comes to hotness. What makes her 100 times hotter is that she never cared about what people think about her, and she is comfortable in her skin. She never shies away from looking sexy, and we agreed with her when she sang, I got the hotness, the hell you do!


2. Mila Kunis

She is pick up your jaws from the floor hot with a beauty that is not easy to handle. She showed off her stunning looks throughout the career, and everyone recognizes her now. Beautiful face, smoking hot body, and then her voice, damn! We all agree that her voice makes her even sexier. You can watch any of her movies or magazines, and you will also see that her extraordinary beauty is unparalleled. Crowned as the sexiest woman alive in 2013 by FHM.

Mila Kunis

1. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is the definition of perfection. She is a beauty that makes you not to miss a single glimpse of her. She was crowned by Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman alive, twice! She is the dream of every guy. Her hourglass figure, big blue eyes, full pouty lips, and that deep sultry voice are undoubtedly the hottest.

There are many more hot women globally, and a list including only 10 is not just to others. Some other hot women are- Adriana Lima, Margot Robbie, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Aniston.

Scarlett Johansson

Let us know who you guys find the hottest in the comment section; we would like to hear from you.

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