What’s New On Netflix In October 2020!

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed dried up our movie season, but there is always enough to enjoy on Netflix. We are about to hit October 2020, the beginning of a new month. The first day of any month brings some positive energy and happiness to some because it’s also the payday! Netflix is also set to release new movies and series for you to watch and chill. Some of them will be groundbreaking hits and collect massive amounts, while some might not do that good. This list will tell you what a giant Netflix is and release more series and movies than the month’s days. With so many options to go for, it can get confusing, and you can’t watch them all. So, we will tell you the top 10 series and movies you can look up to in October (most of them will release globally). If we miss the one you want to watch, worry not as we will add the complete release calendar of Netflix for October. So let’s not waste a second and get into it.

10. Over the Moon (23rd October 2020)

A 95 minutes movie that can lift your mood with cute and beautiful animations. Oscar Winner Keane is directing the movie. This film will be his first full-length movie, and before that, he used to make short films. And co-director is John Kahte, also an Oscar winner for Paperman. Now you can see why this movie is on our list. The plot of the film is also exciting. Fei Fei has a hard time believing that his father is marrying again after her mother’s death. She decides to go away on the moon to meet the Moon goddess, about whom she used to listen in the stories from her mother. Yup, she built a rocket by herself! 

9. La Révolution ( 16th October 2020)

Everything about the show was under tight wraps for the previous two years, but now we know. One of the most highly anticipated series is releasing on 16th October 2020. This historical drama will release in one go, and the fans can binge watch it. La Révolution will spotlight the French Revolution (1789-1799). The narrator of the series will be Joseph Guillotin. It will revolve around the executions of lower-class people. Guillotin proposed the idea of using a device to make the deaths painless. Guillotin did suggest the device, but he never invented it and always opposed the idea of punishment through death. You can cross the calendar; 16th October will be the day to binge-watch this series. 

8. Hubie Halloween (7th October 2020)

An excellent film for Netflix and Chill. It is about the story of an unlikely hero named Hubie Dubois, played by Adam Sandler. Hubie spends his every Halloween, keeping an eye on everything so that everyone can celebrate safely. But things are different this year as a criminal has escaped from the prison and a mysterious new neighbor. Hubie must do something as the townfolks are disappearing! The movie looks appealing, don’t miss it, guys.  

7. Carmen Sandiego Season 3 (1st October 2020)

Carmen Sandiego is hitting the screens on the first day of the month, and the fans cannot wait anymore. Carmen Sandiego is Netflix’s one of the most anticipated animated action-adventure series. Carmen is like a Robin Hood of the modern-day. A globe-hopping thief who steals from V.I.L.E. and distributes money to the ones who deserve it. All the law enforcement agencies consider her the criminal mastermind, and the show is centered around the question, “Who is this thief?” Gear up for season 3

6. Rebecca (21st October 2020)

A psycho-thriller based on the Novel Daphne du Maurier’s beloved 1938. A movie that is touching psychological themes. It is about a newlywed girl who arrives at her husband’s house and finds out that the family is very imposing. Then she battles with the legacy of the first wife of her husband ned, Rebecca. She lives in the shadows of the first wife. Ben Wheatley directs the movie, and Working Title Films is the producer of this much-awaited mystery-romance. 

5. The 40 Year Old Version (9th October 2020)

The movie premiered on 25th January at Sundance Film Festival in the USA, and now it is set to hit your Netflix screens on 9th October. The Forty-Year Old Version is hilarious and a very personal depiction of the writer-director Radha Blanks. Radha’s story is, she is almost 40 years old and is desperate to get a breakthrough before turning 40, but she had no luck. After her last shot didn’t work, she decides to become a rapper, RadhaMUSPrime. You are bound to get some laughter when this 40 years old stumbles between the words and rhyme. 

4. The One (TDA)

Netflix has not revealed much about these eight episodes, but you can expect great things from it as the story seems very interesting, and Netflix is on a new level of keeping the secret. Even the cast is not revealed. But we know that the show is based on the novel The One, written by John Marrs. It is set in the future when a simple DNA sample can find your perfect partner. It sounds straightforward, but the implications are explosive. Sci-fi lovers must watch it.

3. Blackpink: Light Up the Sky (14th October 2020)

First-ever K-pop documentary on Netflix. Blackpink’s new album is coming out on 2nd October, and their documentary is releasing on 14th October on Netflix. This documentary will give the girl-band a boost towards tremendous success. Blinks are happier than ever are they will get to see inside the lives of their favorite stars. The documentary will spotlight how much hard work these girls put in before releasing the songs that we enjoy. It will also throw light on the up and downsides of being a pop star.  

2. The Trial of Chicago 7 (16th October 2020)

The cast of this movie is enough to attract you. You will get to see Sacha Baron Cohan, Edike Redmayne, Jeremy Strong, John Carroll Lynch in a single film directed by Aaron Sorkin. These are some great names and can positively influence the success of a movie. The primary focus of the film is on the trial of 1969, which included seven defendants. The list of charges on these seven defendants was long! It spotlights major political issues, and Sorkin is releasing the movie at a time of elections tells us a lot about his intentions. It is gonna be one of the best ones in 2020.

1. Mank ( supposedly in October 2020)

The exact release date is not confirmed; the Production team stated that they were looking for an October release. However, the pandemic might have affected the Production. This film is the most anticipated movie in October 2020, and we can expect this name in the Oscar Awards. His father wrote the script to create this movie, and now David has worked his best on it. Mank will highlight the controversy related to one of the greatest films of all time, Citizen Kane. It will show the conflict between Mankiewicz and Orsen Welles for the credits of the movie. It is made as a black and white movie to give it a feel of the 30s.

So, these were the top 10 movies that will release on Netflix in October 2020. If you want to check out Netflix’s complete release calendar of October, scroll down

1st October:

  • Gangs of London (AMC+, new drama series)
  • Connecting … (NBC< new comedy series)
  • The Salisbury Poisonings (AMC+, new drama series)

2nd October:

  • Undercover Boss (CBS, Season 10)
  • Monsterland (Hulu, new anthology drama series)
  • Emily in Paris (Netflix, new comedy series)
  • Tiny World (Apple TV+, new documentary series)
  • Warrior (Cinemax, Season 2)

3rd October:

  • Lucky Dog (CBS, Season 8)
  • Innovation Nation (CBS, Season 7)

4th October:

  • Pandora (The CW, Season 2)
  • The Comedy Store (Showtime, new documentary miniseries)
  • Good Lord Bird (moved from 9th August)
  • Britannia (Epix, Season 2; U.S. premiere)
  • The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (AMC)

5th October:

  • Soulmates (AMC, new drama series)
  • HEA Strikes Back (TLC, new unscripted cities)
  • Natural Born Narcos (Quibi, new short-form drama series)
  • C Studio (BYUtv, Season 12)
  • Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan (new talk show)
  • Gloop World (Quibi, new short-form animated comedy series)

6th October:

  • neXt (Fox, new drama series)
  • Ellen’s Game of Games (NBC, Season 4)
  • Swamp Thing (The CW, Season 1; broadcast premiere)

7th October:

  • Devils (The CW, Season 1; broadcast premiere)
  • Coroner (The CW, Season 1; broadcast premiere)

8th October:

  • Supernatural (The CW, Season 15B; final season)
  • Phantom Signals (Science Channel, new docuseries)
  • The Outpost (The CW, Season 3)

9th October:

  • The Right Stuff (Disney+, new drama series)
  • Raven’s Home (Disney Channel, Season 4)
  • Ghostwriter (Apple TV+, Season 2)
  • Love After Lockup (WE tv, Season 3B)
  • Santiago of the Seas (Nickelodeon, new animated children’s series)

11th October:

  • Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Season 6)

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

12th October:

  • The Family Chantel (TLC, Season 2)
  • Last Looks (Quibi, new short-form true-crime series)
  • Mystery Road (Acorn, Season 2)

13th October:

  • Tell Me a Story (Season 2)
  • The FBI Declassified (CBS, new docuseries)
  • Finding Your Roots (PBS, Season 6)
  • The Bachelorette (Season 16)
  • Survivalists (BYUtv, new competition series)

14th October:

  • The Amazing Race (CBS, Season 32)
  • The Age of Nature (New documentary)
  • Tyler Perry’s Sistas (BET, Season 2)
  • Baroness von Sketch Show (Season 5)

15th October:

  • Star Trek: Discovery (Season 3)
  • DES (Season 1)
  • Side Hustle (NickelodeonShark Tank (ABC, Season 12)
  • Helpsters (Apple TV+, Season 2)

16th October:

  • Helstrom (Hulu, new drama series)


  • Meet the Chimps (Disney+, new documentary series)

17th October:

  • Photo Ark (National Geographic, new documentary miniseries)
  • Ghost Nation (Travel Channel, Season 3)

18th October:

  • Supermarket Sweep
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos (Season 31)
  • Card Sharks (Season 2)
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

19th October:

  • The Voice (NBC, Season 19)
  • Unsolved Mysteries 
  • Independent Lens (PBS, Season 19)
  • The Weakest Link

20th October:

  • The Misery Index (TBS, Season 2B)

21st October:

  • The Goldbergs (ABC, Season 8)
  • The Fixers (BYUtv, Season 2)
  • The Conners (ABC, Season 3)
  • Black-ish (ABC, Season 7)

22nd October:

  • Superstore (NBC, Season 6)

Superstore Season 6

23rd October:

  • Ready to Love 
  • How To with John Wilson
  • Put a Ring on It
  • The Big Fib

24th October:

  • Destination Fear (Travel Channel, Season 3)

25th October:

  • Halloween Freakshow Cakes
  • The Undoing (limited series)
  • 26th October:
  • Temple (Spectrum Originals, new drama series)
  • 50 Stages of Fright (Quibi, Season 2)

28th October:

  • American Housewife (ABC, Season 5)

29th October:

  • The Holzer Files (Travel Channel, Season 2)
  • Deutschland 89 (Sundance Now, Season 3)

30th October:

  • My Big Italian Adventure (HGTV)
  • The Mandalorian 

31st October:

  • Iyanla: Fix My Life (Season 11)

October TBA:

  • The Spanish Princess (Season 2)
  • Family Time (Season 8)
  • Red Table Talk: The Estefans
  • Side Hustle (Nickelodeon)

Have we missed something? Do comment!

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