The Rookie Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything Else That You Need To Know!

Hollywood has given us many movies and dramas about the life of the Cops. We’ve always seen them fighting against criminals, drugs, terrorists, even zombies, and aliens. The audience loves watching these action-packed series

In 2018, ABC came out with an action-comedy drama series The Rookie, produced by ABC Studios and Entertainment One. The creator of this show is Alexi Hawley. The Rookie, starring ‘Nathan Fillion‘, was inspired by the true story of Bill Norcross (executive producer of The Rookie), a middle-aged rookie officer at the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD is the police department that accepts over-age officers.

 It was first aired on the ABC network on Oct 16, 2018, with its first season, which the viewers appreciated and got a 93% audience score on Rotten tomatoes. Followed by the second season on Sep 29, 2019, which went popular among the audience and was rated 8.1/10 on IMDB. Third season was aired on January 3, 2021. After that season 4 was premiered on September 26, 2021, and released its fifth season on Spetember 25, 2022. The Prime Time Emmy Awards nominated The Rookie for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series in 2020.

The Rookie Season 6 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The Rookie’s fourth season debuted in September 2021.

The Rookie was renewed for a fifth season on March 30, 2022; the next season is scheduled to debut on September 25, 2022.

The upcoming season has yet to be determined by the producers and and the earliest possible return will be in February 2024.

Fortunately, ABC made the decision to give viewers a reprieve by providing some very significant information regarding the release date of new drama episodes.

The Rookie Season 6 Cast: Who’s Returning?

The talented Castle star Nathan Fillion who acts as the oldest cop at LAPD will be the main lead again. There is no confirmed update about the new cast, but some of the previous cast are expected to join him this season as well. The main cast in this series are:

  • Nathan Fillion is in the role of John Nolan, the oldest Rookie in the LAPD.
  • Harold Perrineau is in the role of Nick Armstrong, a detective who assists the LAPD Wilshire Division.
  • Richard T. Jones is in the role of Wade Grey, a Police Sergeant assigned as a Watch Commander.
  • Melissa O’ Neil is in the role of Lucy Chen, Police Officer, and John Nolan’s Ex-girlfriend.
  • Mekia Cox is in the role of Nyla Harper, Police Detective, and Nolan’s training officer.
  • Alyssa Diaz is in the role of Angela Lopez, LAPD training officer.
  • Titus Makin is in the role of Jackson West, Trainee Police Officer.
  • Eric Winter is in the role of Tim Bradford, Training Officer.
The Rookie Season 3 Cast

The Rookie Storyline :

The drama of Alexi Hawley revolved around small-town man John Nolan, a law student from the University of Pennsylvania. After dropping out his college, he joined the construction business. A forty-year-old man packed his entire life and moved to Los Angeles to seek his dream of being a police officer after helping cops in a bank robbery case. His journey of becoming the oldest Rookie in LAPD, entering the dangerous and unforeseeable world of crime was quite interesting and fun-loving to watch in season 1.

Considering the season 2 final episode left not only Nolan on a cliff-hanger as well as all the viewers. The Rookie Police Officer was framed as a dirty cop by his mentor, who betrayed him. The betrayal from his friend completely reprimanded him. At the end of season 2, John Nolan was looking for evidence after he found that his mentor Nick Armstrong was working with Crime Boss Serj Darien, he was going to reveal it. But Nick was one step ahead and planted the evidence against Nolan while he was caught by police.

In season 3, We witnessed Nolan’s attempt to prove his innocence. You also saw how he cleared his name from this mess. John Nolan swept up plaster dust at his house in the Season 3 of The Rookie. However, it remains to be seen whether he can clean up the messes he has produced throughout his career.

The Rookie Season 3 Stroryline

The Rookie Season 6 Plot: What Will Happen?

The finale of Season 5 of The Rookie established a disturbing plot for Season 6 as a series of coordinated attacks occurred against the squad. Although Luke Moran was apprehended for the attacks, John Nolan quickly became convinced that the suspect was not capable of orchestrating such a plan.

Season 6 seems poised to introduce a new antagonist, portrayed by Kristian Bruun, who hired Luke and masterminded the attacks. Only time will reveal the intentions of the unnamed villain for the city, but his concluding statement in the Season 5 finale suggested that he had a specific target in mind:

Another significant enigma heading into Season 6 revolves around the fate of Aaron Thorsen after he and Celina Juarez were assaulted by a group of gunmen. While his initial surgery appeared to be successful, the final moments of the episode raised concerns as a code blue was announced from his hospital room, leaving his condition uncertain.

On a more positive note, The Rookie may also feature a wedding in the near future as John Nolan and Bailey Nunes have been a couple since Season 4 and engaged since early in the latest season. Perhaps now is the opportune moment for them to exchange vows amidst the squad’s latest set of troubles.

Rookie Season 6 Trailer:

The official trailer for the Season 5 of The Rookie series has been released. Here we have a trailer for season 5, so you can come to know what this series is based on. You can also watch the season 5 teaser:

Rookie Season 5 Recap:

Season 5 of The Rookie took viewers on an intense journey, as the members of the Mid-Wilshire Division found themselves targeted by mysterious individuals wearing masks. In the season finale, titled “Under Siege,” Thorsen and Juarez were ambushed while on their way home, after a late night of playing Dungeons & Dragons. As they split up to search the alley, Thorsen was unexpectedly attacked, and Juarez rushed to his aid, only to be surprised and rendered unconscious by one assailant. Before losing consciousness, one of the masked men whispered Juarez a strange rhyme.

They rushed both Thorsen and Juarez to the hospital, where Thorsen underwent surgery and Juarez relayed the rhyme to Nolan before losing consciousness once again. Nolan returned home to Bailey, but soon noticed one of the masked men outside their kitchen window. Confronting the intruder, Nolan discovered the mask, indicating that the attacker was now inside the house and targeting Bailey. However, Bailey fought back valiantly, even stabbing the attacker with a knife. Despite this, the assailant persisted until Nolan intervened and shot him in the shoulder. The investigation revealed that the attacker was a highly paid mercenary.

Meanwhile, Nyla and James were at home when Nyla spotted a masked man on the baby monitor. By the time they reached Leah’s room, the crib was empty. Pursuing the culprits, Nyla and James eventually located Leah unharmed in the bushes.

At the hospital, Angela and Wes were working on solving the riddle related to the rhyme that Juarez received. With the help of Grey’s wife, Luna, they deciphered the final line of the riddle, which read, “TRAP EVIL A REVILED GOD,” showing a connection to a short-lived L.A. play that featured the creepy masks worn by the suspects. Upon arriving at the home of a goon named Gracco, who had purchased the masks, the team discovered his dead body and booby traps.

Following a lead, the team identified seven individuals with a grudge against the Mid-Wilshire Division and connections to Gracco. Lucy and Tim took on approaching one of the lower-risk suspects, Luke Moran, only to realize it was a trap. As a platoon of mask-wearing goons brandishing riot shields closed in on them, Lucy and Tim quickly ascended the stairs outside, turning the tables on their attackers with a skillful and fierce confrontation. Eventually, Nolan and the rest of the team arrived at the scene to provide support, and Moran met his end by provoking the police. Nyla showcased her sniper skills by eliminating stragglers who threatened Chenford.

Rookie Season 5 Rating:

According to critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Season 5 of The Rookie has garnered positive reviews. The season holds a Tomatometer score of 81% based on 9 critics’ reviews. Additionally, the audience score is also impressive, with over 50 ratings yielding an average score of 81%. Notably, one review from TV Fanatic awarded the season finale a rating of 3.1 out of 5.0 based on a total of 306 votes.

Where Can I Watch Rookie Season 5 Rating?

You have various options to watch Season 5 of The Rookie in the US. You can stream it on Hulu, DIRECTV, or fuboTV. If you don’t mind watching with ads, you can also watch it for free on ABC. Alternatively, if you prefer to own the episodes, you can purchase them on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Microsoft Store, or Apple TV. For viewers in the UK, the show is available on Sky Go or Now TV.

We’ll get back to you when an official promo of season 6 hits the screen. Till then, continue reading with us for the latest updates.

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