The Rookie Season 5 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything Else That You Need To Know!

Hollywood has given us many movies and dramas about the life of the Cops. We’ve always seen them fighting against criminals, drugs, terrorists, even zombies, and aliens. The audience loves watching these action-packed series

In 2018, ABC came out with an action-comedy drama series The Rookie, produced by ABC Studios and Entertainment One. The creator of this show is Alexi Hawley. The Rookie, starring ‘Nathan Fillion‘, was inspired by the true story of Bill Norcross (executive producer of The Rookie), a middle-aged rookie officer at the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD is the police department that accepts over-age officers.

 It was first aired on the ABC network on Oct 16, 2018, with its first season, which the viewers appreciated and got a 93% audience score on Rotten tomatoes. Followed by the second season on Sep 29, 2019, which went popular among the audience and was rated 8.1/10 on IMDB. Third season was aired on January 3, 2021. After that season 4 was premiered on September 26, 2021, and will be releasing its fifth season soon. The Prime Time Emmy Awards nominated The Rookie for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series in 2020.

The Rookie Season 5 Release Date : When Will It Air?

The Rookie’s fourth season debuted in September 2021.

The Rookie was renewed for a fifth season on March 30, 2022; the next season is scheduled to debut on September 25, 2022.

The upcoming season has yet to be determined by the producers and it was renewed on March 30, 2022.

ABC hasn’t yet declared, that there is no release date out. The official statement of season 5 is announced in March. Season 4 of The Rookie aired on ABC on September 26. The lead and executive producer of the series ‘Nathan Fillion’ showed his excitement about the next season with his Instagram post. The reaction of Nathan Fillion through his post:

Fortunately, ABC made the decision to give viewers a reprieve by providing some very significant information regarding the release date of new drama episodes. To get right to the point, The Rookie will return for its fifth season debut on September 25 at 10 p.m. ET.

The Rookie Season 5 Cast : Who’s Returning?

The talented Castle star Nathan Fillion who acts as the oldest cop at LAPD will be the main lead again. There is no confirmed update about the new cast, but some of the previous cast are expected to join him this season as well. The main cast in this series are:

  • Nathan Fillion is in the role of John Nolan, the oldest Rookie in the LAPD.
  • Harold Perrineau is in the role of Nick Armstrong, a detective who assists the LAPD Wilshire Division.
  • Richard T. Jones is in the role of Wade Grey, a Police Sergeant assigned as a Watch Commander.
  • Melissa O’ Neil is in the role of Lucy Chen, Police Officer, and John Nolan’s Ex-girlfriend.
  • Mekia Cox is in the role of Nyla Harper, Police Detective, and Nolan’s training officer.
  • Alyssa Diaz is in the role of Angela Lopez, LAPD training officer.
  • Titus Makin is in the role of Jackson West, Trainee Police Officer.
  • Eric Winter is in the role of Tim Bradford, Training Officer.
The Rookie Season 3 Cast

The Rookie Storyline :

The drama of Alexi Hawley revolved around small-town man John Nolan, a law student from the University of Pennsylvania. After dropping out his college, he joined the construction business. A forty-year-old man packed his entire life and moved to Los Angeles to seek his dream of being a police officer after helping cops in a bank robbery case. His journey of becoming the oldest Rookie in LAPD, entering the dangerous and unforeseeable world of crime was quite interesting and fun-loving to watch in season 1.

Considering the season 2 final episode left not only Nolan on a cliff-hanger as well as all the viewers. The Rookie Police Officer was framed as a dirty cop by his mentor, who betrayed him. The betrayal from his friend completely reprimanded him. At the end of season 2, John Nolan was looking for evidence after he found that his mentor Nick Armstrong was working with Crime Boss Serj Darien, he was going to reveal it. But Nick was one step ahead and planted the evidence against Nolan while he was caught by police.

In season 3, We witnessed Nolan’s attempt to prove his innocence. You also saw how he cleared his name from this mess. John Nolan swept up plaster dust at his house in the Season 3 of The Rookie. However, it remains to be seen whether he can clean up the messes he has produced throughout his career.

The Rookie Season 3 Stroryline

The Rookie Season 5 Plot : What Will Happen?

The Official plot details are yet to be released; the last season got ended with a dramatic twist. In the upcoming season, After eventually graduating as a rookie, Nolan will be promoted to the rank of P2, which allows him to be a patrol officer and even work on his own, as he will no longer need a trainer.

We saw the police approaching Reynolds at the USS Iowa Museum and shooting him in the previous season of The Rookie. Bradford then decides to accompany her sister but declines to meet her father, subsequently endorsing Nolan for the position of a union representative.

Meanwhile, Lopez files a RICO suit against Stone but discovers that Evers notified Grey about the lawsuit and that they want to use Evers as an informant. The next season will pick up where the previous one left off, and it will be interesting to watch what happens next.

Now the viewers of this series are super excited to know what will happen next.

Rookie Season 5 Trailer :

The official trailer for the Season 5 of The Rookie series has been released yet. Here we have a trailer for season 5, so you can come to know what this series is based on. You can also watch the season 5 teaser:

We’ll get back to you when an official promo of season 5 hits the screen. Till then, continue reading with us for the latest updates.

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