Daniel Spellbound Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Magical series has always been a thrill to both viewers and critics, and while Harry Potters’s fantasy shows are still in the making at the HBO Docket, Netflix is not left behind. Coming to Netflix is Daniel Spellbound, a series about a lad selling magic artefacts to earn a living in New York City.

Matt Fernades, the show’s creator, has always been intrigued with how magic came to be, how the spells are concocted, how wizards know the right ingredients to make a spell, do they have a store like humans have a grocery store, and how do their buyers know they have such supplies? Not only will the show be a fantasy series, but it will also mirror society by infusing urban culture and using it to portray obvious things that stay unnoticed.

Daniel Spellbound Season 2 Release Date: When will it telecast?

A specific release date for the upcoming fantasy series is yet to be communicated, but according to netflix, the show’s second season will premiere on January 26, 2023. Netflix has a list of kid shows to be released in 2023, and if this series doesn’t get pushed up that list, it wouldn’t be as surprising if the release date was pushed to a further year.

The series will have twenty episodes of a run time between 20-22 minutes, and it will only be fair if the show creators made the episodes longer, at least giving us more of the magical artifacts.

Daniel Spellbound Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

You would think spotting magic stores and wizards is as easy in the streets of New York City as they portray in the movies, but that is not the case in Spellbound. Lying-in plain sight, unhidden from the public, the magic lies everywhere.

Still, it’s only one boy who knows how to track the ingredients, which he makes and sells expensively to the sorcerers, witches, and wizards to earn a living. However, it’s not all roses, as one day, he discovers a rare and dangerous ingredient that catches the wrong attention. When the Alchemist comes into the picture, Daniels’s skills are tested as he has to go on an adventure and maybe try stopping them from destroying the world.

Daniel Spellbound Season 2 Cast: Who will be appeared?

Casting announcements are yet to be announced, and it is not clear who will be voicing the roles or casts who will star as the main characters. The only obvious role is the show’s creator, Matt Fernandes, is known for creating hit children’s shows such as Top Wing (Nick Jr), Max and Ruby, Dino Ranch and Dot, the CBC series. He will also be the show’s producer alongside Arthur Spanos and Tammy Semen. Netflix isn’t the only producing company as it is partnering with both Boat Ricker Studios and Industrial Brothers.

Daniel Spellbound Season 2 Trailer: When will it be out?

It would be nice to get a sneak peek of how Daniel discovers the ingredients, sells them to the sorcerers, and sees the sorcerers do their magic, and Netflix release a trailer. A trailer will be released once the series is near its release or production is complete.

Nevertheless, Netflix has a lot of kid shows set to release this year that you should set your eyes on; Raising Dion Season 2, Thomas and Friends, The Addams Family, Legend of The Guardians, and Ridley Jones will most definitely entice you.

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