Top 10 Worst Horror Movies !

Are you rolling out ideas for films to watch through your movie nights? Worry no more as we are about to transpose into the right direction here. You notice, we would prefer to talk about what sells, but here we discovered through the internet and proceeded up with a list of the worst horror films ever made.

Horror movie fans are a merciful bunch. The ratio of fabulous to terrible horror films is far from even, but seldom all it takes is an attractive idea or creative kill for a wicked one to acquire over its viewers. The movies on this list have no redeeming features ⁠— they’re just bad to the tip of being offensive.

Which is the worst horror movie streaming on Netflix?

House of the Witch, directed by Alex Merkin, was released on 20 January 2018.
The plot spins around a Halloween prank gone wrong since it’s in a possessed house.

What is the least scary horror movie?

House of the Dead (2003), directed by Uwe Boll, released on 10 October 2003. The plot revolved around Simon (Tyron Leitao) and Greg ( played by Will Sanderson) adhering to a group of friends and set out to visit a remote island.

Which is the No. one horror movie?

The Exorcist (1973), directed by William Friedkin, was released on 26 December 1973. The plot revolves around a 12-year-old girl possessed by a strange entity, and her mother inquires about two priests’ advice to protect her.

From sequels that ultimately betrayed their ancestors’ spirit and plot, these titles introduced in this list are 10 of the worst movies of all time.

10. ONE MISSED CALL (2008)

Directed by: Eric Valette
Produced by: Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Scott Kroopf, Jennie Lew Tugend, Lauren C. Weissman
Release Date:4 January 2008 (United States)
Starring: Edward Burns, Shannyn Sossamon, Ana Claudia Talancón
Production Companies: Intermedia Films
Budget: $20 million
Box Office: $45.8 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

One Missed Call is a 2008 paranormal horror film directed by Eric Valette and penned by Andrew Klavan. The film was aired in North America on 4 January 2008. It was considered the worst-reviewed film of 2008, getting a 0% rating consent on Rotten Tomatoes and acquiring a Mouldy Tomato Award. The movie arises when Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) testifies two friends’ deaths. She knows that both of them hear their horrible final significance on cell phones before they both die.
Though the police believe Beth is crazy, investigator Jack Andrews understands her. Together the duo tries to unravel the mystery behind the scary messages before their phone numbers come up. One of the most vulnerable entries in the J-horror remake, One Missed Call, is undone by bland performances and shopworn shocks.


Directed by: Joseph Sargent
Produced by: Joseph Sargent
Release Date:17 July 1987
Starring: Lorraine Gary, Mario Van Peebles, Lance Guest
Production Companies: Universal Pictures
Budget: $23 million
Box Office: $51.9 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

Jaws: The Revenge is a 1987 American horror-thriller film produced and directed by Joseph Sargent. The plot revolves around the family of widow Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary), whose shark attacks have long plagued. This unfortunate association continues when her son is the victim of a massive great white. In mourning, Ellen visits her other son, Michael (Lance Guest), in the Bahamas, where she meets the charming Hoagie Newcombe (Michael Caine). As Ellen and Hoagie begin a relationship, a huge shark appears off the island’s coast, and Ellen’s trouble with the great whites begins again.

It is illogical, tension-free, and filled with cut-rate special effects. Jaws 4 – The Revenge is a sad chapter in a once-proud franchise.

8. CABIN FEVER (2016)

Directed by: Travis Z
Produced by: Evan Astrowsky, Christopher Lemole, Tim Zajaros
Release Date:12 February 2016
Starring: Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis
Production Companies: Pelican Point Media, Dragonfly Entertainment, Armory Films, Contend, Elevated
Box Office: $39,065
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

Cabin Fever is a 2016 American paranormal film directed by Travis Zariwny and written by Eli Roth. The film was aired on 12 February 2016 by IFC Midnight. The film endured negative reviews. Fresh out of college, five colleagues (Nadine Crocker, Matthew Daddario, Samuel Davis) face the terrors of a flesh-eating bacillus while staying at a secluded cabin. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a rare endorsement rating of 0% based on 28 reviews, with a rating of 2.52/10. The site’s critics’ consent reads: “No need for a quarantine — enthusiasm for this inert remake is not contagious.” On Metacritic, the film holds a 14 out of 100, based on seven critics, indicating “overwhelming dislike.”


Directed by: D. J. Caruso
Produced by: Geyer Kosinski, Vincent Newman, Tucker Tooley
Release Date:9 September 2016
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Mel Raido, Duncan Joiner
Production Companies: Relativity Media, Demarest Films, Media Talent Group
Budget: $15 million
Box Office: $5.7 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

The Disappointments Room is a 2016 subconscious horror film directed by D. J. Caruso, penned by Caruso from Wentworth Miller’s script.

The plot shows Dana, her husband David, and their little son, Lucas, start a new life after deviating from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, N.Y., to a stately old mansion in the quiet country. Dana begins to experience terrifying thoughts and dreams that she cannot describe. The story grows when she stumbles upon a secret room in the attic. After finding the key and unlocking the door, Dana discovers the family’s dark history that lived there in the 19th century. The film faced both critical and commercial failure, grossing only $5 million from a $15 million budget.

6. HOMECOMING (2009)

Directed by: Morgan J. Freeman
Produced by: Bingo Gubelmann
Release Date:17 July 2009
Starring: Mischa Barton, Matt Long, Jessica Stroup
Production Companies: Paper Street Films, Animus Films
Budget: $1.5 million
Box Office: $8.5 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

Homecoming is a 2009 American sovereign horror-thriller film, directed by Morgan J. Freeman and penned by Katie L. Fetting, Jake Goldberger, and Frank Hannah.

The movie revolved around a boy Mike, the star quarterback in a small blue-collar town where soccer is everything. After getting a scholarship to Northwestern University, he returns home over Christmas break. Everyone is shocked to see him with a new girlfriend, Elizabeth, a beautiful rich girl from Chicago. No one is more shocked than Mike’s arrival queen ex-girlfriend, Shelby, who desperately wants Elizabeth out of the image. After a freak car accident leaves a wounded Elizabeth at Shelby’s compassion. This movie received many negative reviews from critics and from the viewers.


Directed by: Ken Wiederhorn
Produced by: Tom Fox
Release Date:15 January 1988
Starring: Kent McCord, James T. Callahan, Sarah Douglas
Production Companies: Lorimar Motion Pictures
Budget: $6.2 million
Box Office: $9.2 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 0%

Return of The Living Dead Part II is a 1988 American zombie comedy horror film penned and directed by Ken Wiederhorn. The movie was delivered by Lorimar Motion Pictures on 8 January 1988. It was a minor box office smash, making over $9 million at the United States box office with its $6.2 million budget. Much like its ancestor, it has since earned a cult following.

The plot shows Colonel Reynolds and his assortment of government scientists continue re-animating the dead for military practice. His son Curt and his lover Julie use Dad’s security pass to sneak in and watch the proceedings. Later, when father and son disagree, Curt and Julie get off on a bike, and Julie is shot in an accident. Grief-stricken, Curt took her body to the lab and brought her back to life.


Directed by: Uwe Boll
Produced by: Uwe Boll, Wolfgang Herold, Shawn Williamson
Release Date:28 January 2005
Starring: Christian Slater, Tara Reid, Stephen Dorff
Production Companies: Brightlight Pictures Inc.
Budget: $20 million
Box Office: $12.7 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 1%

Alone in the Dark is a horror film based on the fourth chapter of Infogrames’ video game series of the equivalent name. The plot revolves around Edward Carnby (Christian Slater), a mysterious detective concentrating on the occult and other paranormal subjects. He was the subject of strange experiments when he was a child, leaving him with a “sixth sense” that enables him to sense the paranormal.

This movie may not serve as a thriller, but it’s immeasurable for some head-slapping and unbelieving laughter. Upon release, the movie was both a commercial and a crucial failure, receiving overwhelmingly contradictory reviews and being rated one of the worst films ever made. Despite this, its sequel was aired in 2008.


Directed by: Mickey Liddell
Produced by: Jennifer Hilton, Jerry P. Jacobs
Release Date:31 October 2008
Starring: Haley Bennett, Chace Crawford, Jake Weber
Production Companies: Huntington Prep
Budget: $5 million
Box Office: $15.4 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 2%

This movie is an American dark horror film written by John Travis and Rebecca Sonnenshine and directed by Mickey Liddell. After enduring a brutal attack by her paranoid mother, young Molly (Haley Bennett) is excited to get a good start at a new school. Dragging the study of one of the school’s most-popular scholars (Chace Crawford), she thinks she is fitting in and getting her life on the course but, on the night of her 18th birthday, Molly learns the horrible truth about her wicked legacy. This film was a critical failure but a mild commercial success.


Directed by: Chuck Russell
Produced by: Mace Neufeld
Release Date:11 August 2000
Starring: Kim Basinger, Jimmy Smits, Rufus Sewell
Production Companies: Icon Productions
Budget: $65 million
Box Office: $40 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 3%

Bless the Child is a 2000 paranormal horror film directed by Chuck Russell. It observes a woman who finds that her niece, whom she has adopted, is being investigated by a Satanic cult endeavoring to use her supernatural powers. It is based on the book of the equivalent name by Cathy Cash Spellman.

When Maggie’s sister Jenna charges her with a neurotypical newborn named Cody, she encounters Maggie’s heart and enhances the daughter she has perpetually longed for. But six years later, Jenna quickly re-enters her life and, with her mysterious new husband, Eric Stark, abducts Cody. Rotten Tomatoes giving this movie a 3% rating and is ranked #29 on their worst-reviewed films of the last decade.

1. FEARDOTCOM (2002)

Directed by: William Malone
Produced by: Limor Diamant, Moshe Diamant
Release Date:30 August 2002
Starring: Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone, Stephen Rea
Production Companies: Franchise Pictures
Budget: $40 million
Box Office: $18.9 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 3%

FeardotCom is a horror film directed under William Malone’s direction and starring Stephen Dorff, Stephen Rea, and Natascha McElhone. The plot shows a New York City reporter investigating a series of strange deaths connected to a disturbing website. The victims’ only common portion is that each died precisely 48 hours after logging on to

As annoying as a 404 error, Fear Dot Com is an incoherent and often nasty blend with few scares. FeardotCom was released in the US on 30 August 2002. FeardotCom received overwhelmingly negative reviews. It grossed $18.9 million worldwide against its $40 million budget.


This is all about the top ten Worst Horror Movies ever Made that stand out so boring by their genre. “Besttoppers” has always been a pretty reliable differentiator of the good and the bad in cinema. That’s why we sort out them for you. If you are a die-core fan of horror dramas, this list will let you save your time to invest in such the least scary movies.

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