Top 10 Features of iPhone

iPhones are basically liked by people all around the world because of its best quality. Here we describes its unique values to made it best from the competitors.

1. Quality

Quality is the main thing in iPhone devices when compared to Android Phones. Each and Every small mechanic parts too has highest premium quality to satisy the buyer mind. I slipped my iPhone more than 25 times ( 🙁 ). It doesn’t make any damages to the body or the display.

2. Security

Security is the another one main aspect in iPhone devices. Every SMS/Mails are encrypted with strong algorithm to protect the user privacy. The recent FBI case reveals its best security feature.

3. Virus Free

We can’t add any thirty party Memory Cards into the Apple iPhone. It makes some sense for Virus Free Mobile Phones. I using my iPhone more than 2 years. Still now I didn’t face any virus or spam issues.

4. Clarity

When it comes to Voice Clarity, iPhone beat all of its competitors. Great Voice Clarity even in the crowd noisy surroundings.

5. Improve Cloud values

Apple iPhone build with the cloud tools like Notes, Calendar, Reminders are best featured tools that can be accessed through al Apple devices, like Macbook, Apple iPad.

6. Inbuilt Business Tools

Apple iPhone comes with all necessary Business Tools like Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Voice Memos, Stocks, Podcasts, Compass, PassBook and Weather.

7. Apple  FaceTime

One of the great iPhone Tool is FaceTime.  Its for Video Telephony Services which is very useful for Video Chatting with great quality.

8. iPhone Interface

Apple iPhone interface uniquely designed for first time mobile buyers. So it gives all tools with easy to use user interface and extraordinary graphical themes.

9. Camera

Another one great thing in iPhone is its Camera. Nowadays most people want to buy iPhone for its Camera produced image quality and sharpness. We can add additional extensive lens too with Apple iPhone Camera.

10. No Hanging

When compared to Windows, Android –  iOS make you feel better when you working on more apps at a time. I didn’t feel a single hanging too till now with iPhone. Impressive feature for me!

Although iPhone has the better qualities, it has some negative values too.

  1. Can’t extend the Memory by adding Memory Cards.
  2. Compare with Playstore(Android), in App Store most of the useful applications are premimum. We need to spend something for better applications.
  3. Earlier iPhone Devices like 4, 4S, 5 are having low capacity batteries that can’t be survive for even 5 hours too. 🙁 .
  4. Restricted Single SIM usage.
  5. Service Costs are high.
  6. Upgrade to higher end device is always a costly thing.
  7. Blank/Black Screen Problem: I don’t know why the Apple guys didn’t solve the ancient issue in iPhones. Still I have this problem sometimes.  Hope it will be solve in future versions.

You can enjoy to ready more to the following post (it compares with Android)

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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