Big Mouth Season 8: Renewed for Final Season, Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Should Know

Many people felt that middle school was an experience that would last forever, yet it always ended. This is the situation in Big Mouth, an animated comedy on Netflix about a group of pals going through adolescence and all of its associated challenges. Shannon Prynoski and Chris Prynoski have produced an excellent American Sitcom series. The Big Mouth series had four successful seasons, which were worth watching. The season premiered on September 29, 2017, on Netflix.

The second season premiered on October 5, 2018. They released the next season on October 4, 2019. The fifth season was telecasted on December 4, 2020. And the previous season was released on November 5, 2021. Now Big Mouth is preparing for its comeback, which has made the fans more curious.

Nick Kroll (Addams Family 2), Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett created the Big Mouth series. Deftly, he strikes a unique balance between some of the foulest, most surreal, and most transgressive humour ever shown on television. Realistically, plan for the modern issues that weigh on the minds and lives of today’s teens and young adults. During its three-season run, it has been nominated for Annie Awards, Emmys, and MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Big Mouth is a unique, assertive, and extraordinary half-hour comedy. We dedicate this page to all the information about its upcoming eighth season. Look below to find out about Big Mouth Season 8!

Will Big Mouth Have an Eighth Season?

Netflix has officially renewed “Big Mouth” for its eighth and final season, marking the concluding instalment of the animated comedy series. Furthermore, the spinoff series “Human Resources” has also been confirmed to conclude after its previously announced second season.

When kids’ and family-oriented programming is excluded, “Big Mouth” becomes the longest-running original series on Netflix. With seven seasons apiece, “Grace and Frankie” and “Orange Is the New Black” previously held that title.

Big Mouth Season 6 Recap:

Andrew is obsessed with Bernadette, but unfortunately, she lives in Vermont. They’ve been talking on video calls, but Andrew’s dad doesn’t approve of their conversations. Jay and Mathew have just started seeing each other, but Jay’s house isn’t a safe place to spend time. Mathew isn’t ready to bring Jay to his house yet, so they’re trying other options.

Missy has a crush on Elijah, but he’s a devout Christian, and Missy doesn’t want to rush things. Meanwhile, Jessi is trying to learn how to live with her new stepmother, Caitlyn. Maury is pregnant and alone, but she has the support of her friend Mona. Lola recently took an ancestry test and discovered that her father could be one of three people.

Nick just learned about his Scottish heritage. Andrew’s friend Flanny O’Lympic came to visit, but Andrew’s unusual interests surprised him. Meanwhile, Jay is eager to introduce Mathew to his family. Lola recently won a settlement, but unfortunately, people claiming to be her long-lost father have come out of the woodwork. They only seem interested in her money and have abandoned her.

Thankfully, Rodney has stepped up to be a father figure for her. Elijah recently discovered he’s asexual, throwing a wrench into his relationship with Missy. Andrew went to Vermont to visit Bernadette, but unfortunately, she broke up with him. And Mathew ended things with Jay because he felt guilty for trying to change him. Elliot’s violent behaviour around his family has been causing problems, and Nick and Diane are getting fed up.

Big Mouth Season 6 Review:

The sixth season of Big Mouth maintains the comedy raucous, funny, and frequently touching. These shows stand out because, in contrast to the current deluge of dark comedies, dinosaur sketches, and stupid sitcoms, they will make you laugh without degrading your intelligence.

Big Mouth Season 6 Rating:

Big Mouth received an average Tomatometer rating of 99%.

An average Tomatometer rating of 99% signifies high critical acclaim for a TV show. It indicates tshowsf the reviews analyzed by Rotten Tomatoes were positive or considered “fresh” by the critics. A rating this high suggests an overwhelmingly positive reception, with the vast majority of critics expressing praise and admiration for the work. It also indicates exceptional quality and that the TV show has received widespread critical acclaim.

Big Mouth Season 8 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

They have released every season of Big Mouth on schedule. Netflix has approved Nick Kroll’s eighth and final season of a well-liked adult. The announcement comes before the show’s seventh season, which is now in production, will air. Later this year, Season 7 will make its debut, while Season 8 will do the same in 2024.

Big Moust Season 4 Release Date

Big Mouth Season 8 Cast: Who Will Be In?

Big Mouth has one of the broadest casts of comedic talents today, frequently leading to the voice of more than one character. Although there isn’t any official information about Big Mouth Season 8, we don’t anticipate any changes to the main characters, given that they are crucial to the show’s audience.

Of all the important characters, Nick Birch, Missy Foreman, Elliot Birch, Connie, Missy Foreman, Andrew Glouberman, Jay Bilzerian, and Jessi Glaser are anticipated to return with certainty.

Big Moust Season 4 Cast

Big Mouth Season 8 Plot: What Can We Expect in The Final Season?

Big Mouth Season 4 Plot

Season 8 of Big Mouth would continue the show’s tradition of forthright and frequently explicit talks of sex and sexuality. The programme is expected to address timely issues like consent, sexual orientation, and gender identities. The show also depicts the protagonists experimenting with various sexual encounters while maintaining a highly mature tone with a dash of humour.

Big Mouth’s eighth and last season is anticipated to be a daring and funny investigation of puberty. With appropriate humour and sensitivity, the season will continue to examine significant themes, including mental health, sexuality, relationships, and social challenges.

The programme offers more chances for sensitive and enlightening treatment of taboo themes. Big Mouth has been a unique show by wryly addressing difficult and frequently taboo issues, and the concluding Season 8 would fully honour its legacy.

Big Mouth Season 8 Trailer: When Can We Watch It?

Certainly not yet! Netflix usually drops Big Mouth trailers approximately three weeks before the beginning of each season.

So now you can view the official trailer for Big Mouth’s sixth season from last year by clicking on the link below and wait for the two final episodes to debut on Netflix over the following year and a half.

Stay tuned with us at Besttoppers for the newest updates about Big Mouth, and we will continue to update this post as we get information from the crew.

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