Why Women Kill Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Marriages can be tough with partners cheating others undergoing domestic violence, others squandering all your savings, but at what point can you say enough is enough and kill your other half? Created by Marc Cherry, Why Women kill is a drama tragedy series that shows the lives of desperate wives and the extent they are willing to go to secure their rightful places. The series setting is entirely different because we see Beth kill her husband in the same house where Simone’s husband dies.

The possibility that led to the killing of Rob highlighted how everyone can be a killer under the right circumstances but did he deserve to die? Will the show be renewed for the third season? We hope it starts soon.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Recap: What happened in previous installment?

The first season of why women kill consisted of Simone, Beth, and Taylor dealing with their cheating husbands despite living in completely different decades. Maybe the problem could be the house since all these couples witness their husbands cheat behind the same walls. Season two, however, follows an entirely different storyline. It shows how appearance can be deceiving, and there is a lot more hidden than what meets the eye.

The season revolves around the serial killer’s wife, who is determined to join an executive club. After realizing what her husband can do, she turns into an innocent woman to the serial killer’s accomplice. One murder turns into another, and soon enough, they have innocent people’s blood on their hands. We expected the series’ third season to be full of murder, just like the second and first seasons.

Why Women Kill Season 3 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

Why Women Kill creators are yet to announce a specific release date for when the series will premiere. The Comedy series was first released on 15th August 2019, and it premiered on Paramount TV. The first season of the series got renewed almost a year later, which saw the second season debut on 3rd June 2021.

Like the first season, the second series of this show has ten episodes, each with a runtime of 45-57 minutes. Four months after the second season of this series premiered, it got a renewal in December 2021. The first two seasons have a two-year release date difference, and we would expect the same for the third season of this drama series.

Marc Cherry’s smash Paramount+ anthology show Why Women Kill has been revived for a third installment. With such a schedule, we could assume that the third part will be released in late 2022 or mid-2023.

Surprisingly, after being ordered for a third season in December 2021, Paramount+ has canceled “Why Women Kill.”

Why Women Kill Season 3 Cast: What will Happen?

Why Women Kill is an anthological series which means that it will be back with a different storyline and different actors. We did not see the first season actors reprising in the second part; therefore, we could expect the same for the third season. The series has been executively produced by Marc Cherry and directed by Anna Culp, Mark Grossan, Stephen Bowman, Hannah Schneider, and Stacey Haran. It has many production companies behind it, including Black Lamb, Acme Productions, Cheery Productions, CBS, and Imagine Television Studios

Why Women Kill Season 3 Trailer: When will it be out?

Paramount has yet to release the trailer for the third season of this drama series, but we would expect it to be out once it nears its debut. However, the second season trailer is thrilling as it starts with the vet’s wife admiring to be part of the executive club. This, however, takes a different turn when dead bodies get in the mix. Check out the first and second seasons of this series on Paramount.

Review of Why Women Kill Season 2:

The series of Why Women Kill has two different plotlines but connects a motive question: “Why Women Kill?” Being two different seasons, both have their quality of subtle and clever storytelling and a brilliant cast with little potholes, making it one of the hottest series on television. The reviews for the second season are the same as the previous one, the mixed reviews, with reviews like dark comedy bringing the feminine rage into a murder mystery series.

Ratings on Why Women Kill Season 2:

Why did Women Kill to get a rating like 86% on Tomatometer and 82% on the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. on IMDb, it got a solid 8.2/10 rating. Why is the Women Kill series not just more than the average show? It is an unskippable show, too.

Where Can You Watch Why Women Kill Season 2?

To watch Why Women Kill Season 2, you can stream on Amazon networks. Viewers with smart devices can directly stream the show. Click here to watch the full episodes.

The season 2 has 10 episodes, here is the full list of episodes:

  1. S2 E1- Secret Beyond the Door
  2. S2 E2- The Woman in the Window
  3. S2 E3- Lady in the Lake
  4. S2 E4- Scene of the Crime
  5. S2 E5- They Made Me a Killer
  6. S2 E6- Dangerous Intruder
  7. S2 E7- The Woman in Question
  8. S2 E8- Murder, My Sweet
  9. S2 E9- The Unguarded Moment
  10. S2 E10- The Lady Confesses

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