The 355: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details About This Movies!

Universal Pictures is bringing female spies into action to save the world from chaos. The 355, the female-led spy thriller movie was directed by X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg with a screenplay by Theresa Rebeck and Kinberg. Universal Pictures has recently released its first promo. Variety reports that Jessica Chastain floated the idea of producing a women-led detective movie inspired by series such as Mission: Impossible and James Bond.

In May 2018, it was declared that Kinberg would direct the film with Chastain production alongside Kelly Carmichael. Executive producer of the film is Richard Hewitt. The movie’s budget reported being $ 75 million-plus, as per Hollywood Reporter. The film is shot in Paris, France, London, and Morocco.

The 355 Release Date: When will it air?

Due to Covid-19 consequences, no film has been released in Theaters since 2020, and the blockbuster continues to delay, but we have just got a glimpse of a new film “The 355” that makes 2021 more thrilling. Initially, this upcoming movie is scheduled for a theatrical release on Friday, January 15, 2021. But due to the global crisis, Universal pictures scheduled its new release date on January 7, 2022.

The 355 Plot Predictions: What will happen?

The movie plot is about five women detectives from distant international agencies united together to prevent a global organization from collecting a weapon that could destroy the entire world. With the worldwide action from Parisian cafes to Moroccan markets to Shanghai’s wealth and glamor, the women’s band will generate a staunch loyalty that could save the world – or kill them.

The 355 Cast

The 355 Cast: Who will be in?

Of course, it’ll be seen as a thrill-filled film, it’s quite surprising that the film features a team of women spies of different nationalities. This movie has five incredible female leads 

  • An Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain is a wild card CIA agent, who will be playing the role of Mason “Mace” Brown.
  • An Oscar-winner, Lupita Nyong’o is a former MI6 ally and a computer specialist, who will be playing the role of Khadijah.
  • In the Fade actress, Diane Kruger is a rival German agent, who will be playing the role of Marie.
  • An Oscar-winner Penelope Cruz is a skilled Colombian psychologist, who will be playing the role of Graciela.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past actress, Bingbing Fan is a mysterious woman who tracks the team’s every move, who will be playing the role of Lin Mi Sheng.

Apart from them, it also features other performers includes space movie Avengers: Endgame star Sebastian Stan as Nick, John Douglas Thompson as Larry Marks, Hiten Patel as Ahmed-Imam, Leo Staar as Grady, Oleg Kricunova as Pyotr Khasanov, Edgar Ramirez (Jungle Cruise), Emilio Insolera, Jason Wong.

The 355 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Recently, the first trailer of The 355 has launched. The trailer depicts Jessica sent on a dangerous mission, in which she has to keep an elite team of five rival agents together from various international agencies. Their mission is somewhat inauspicious in the trailer, but they are trying to stop World War III. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, we recommend you watch the trailer, which gives you a little peek of the story and their cast. Check it out below:

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