Top 10 Playgrounds In World

If a space is suitable for children, it’s suitable for everyone. We take a look at 10 of the best playgrounds we could find and look at what makes them so special.

Clemyjontri Park

Location: Virginia, US


Every day hundreds of parents and children gather at Clemyjontri. The playground for disabled and able-bodied children, the park stretched with brightly colored equipment. The playground includes more than 20 innovations, including climbable rainbow arches, a wheelchair-accessible maze and a “helicopter” with ramps, allowing children with physical disabilities to fly into the imaginary skies with more able-bodied companions.

This playground clemy covered 18 acres of the land which is the McLean estate in the country in 2000. With competing interests, the local governments build new playgrounds, particularly ones this size. But the degree of Clemyjontri’s popularity has still surprised county officials, who knew the facility would have to compete with video games and an overscheduled culture of sports teams and taekwondo classes.

The playground is attracting families from as far away as Delaware. The parents piloting a stroller loaded with baby and toddler, it’s a 15-minute trudge from the overflow lot to the playground. Through e-mail and neighborhood Web sites, they are commenting about Clemyjontri.

The Fairfax County Park Authority has arranged overflow parking at another park down the street. On busy days, the narrow shoulders of Georgetown Pike turn into a parking lot. More than 60 sport-utility vehicles and minivans lined both sides of the road on a recent balmy day.

For this inconvenience, the Virginia Department of Transportation agreed one week to put “no parking” signs along the shoulders, but country officials recognize that those will only make the parking problem worse.

Belleville Park Playground

Location: France


The Parc de Belleville is located for108 meters on the hill of Belleville, making it as one of the highest parks and gardens.

At the summit of the park, an almost thirty-meter-tall terrace provides a panoramic view of the city. It was inaugurated in 1988

The park offers 1200 trees and shrubs, a 100-meter-long waterfall fountain and 1000 m² of lawn accessible to the public. It also contains a wooden playground for children, Ping-Pong tables and an open-air theatre. At the top of the park lies the Maison de lair, a small museum designed to educate visitors to the importance of fresh air and to the problems of pollution.

The park also prides itself on its display of annual flowers. The gardeners prepare the flower beds two years in advance, in tight collaboration with the horticultural centre of Ranges. Their compositions in September have received numerous prizes at the Summer Floral Decoration (Concours des Decorations’ Florales Estivales).

At the end of the 20th century, A vineyard growing Pinot Meunier vines from Champagne and Chardonnay vines from Burgundy still lies at the top of the park as a reminder of the area’s viticulture history.

Takino Hillside Park

Location: Hokkaido, Japan

takino hill side park

Takino Suzuran Hillside playground is a Government National park. The area of the playground spreads over 395.7 hectares of hilly country and ranges in altitude between 160 to 320 m above sea level. The park grounds are separated into six zones: the Mountain Stream Zone, Central Zone, Lodging Zone, Forest Experience Zone (planned to be open in 2009), Nature Observation Zone (planned to be open in 2010), and Preservation Zone (not open to the public).

During the winter season, the park operates as the “Takino Snow World”, providing visitors with a wide variety of winter outdoor activities. The colourful hills turn white and draw many visitors for winter sports. The 250-meters-long and 7° slope is perfect for first time skiers including kids. There are also 1 and 5km cross country skiing trails for beginners, 3 and 6km trails for moderate skiers, and 10 and 16km trails for advanced skiers. The Ski equipment’s are rented.


Location: Japan


Nishi Rokugo Koen is a much loved vintage playground, located between central Tokyo and Kawasaki. This playground explored of sculptures made from recycled tyres from cars and trucks. The sculptures consist of what I guess to be two rubbery versions of Godzilla and a robot. These sculptures are impressively tall and masterfully constructed out of tyres and a few extra materials.

On the park noticed totally over 3,000 tyres of varying sizes has used by children and as many other elderly people sat in shaded areas to enjoy the atmosphere and look at the sculptures. The park has other facilities for children to play on as well such as swings, a jungle gym, a slide and piles of tyres to bounce around on. You will also find a big concrete slope used for tire tubing for the more adventurous children. This playground lends itself to a multi-generational play experience The Park is surrounded by beautiful flower beds that are well maintained.

To visit the park is free and it is always open. The facilities at the park will provide your children with hours of fun. This is a relaxed and inexpensive activity to do in Tokyo when traveling with your children. Recommended visiting the park in spring and autumn when the sun is less intense and the temperature pleasant.

St. Kilda Adventure Playground

Location: Australia


The Adventure Playgrounds (APG) are community well being hubs that build for the positive outcomes to children and young people. The Adventure Playgrounds have its opening times and filled with climbing structures, trampolines, cubes, and natural play spaces and heaps more. This playgrounds are designed for the 5-12 year old.

We seek to ensure that children growing up in the modern world still have the opportunity to play together whatever their backgrounds or circumstances.

Skinners and St Kilda APG’s value the role of free, unstructured activity in helping young people to grow and develop. We believe that play needs to present controlled challenges and risks to young people to aid personal growth.

The playgrounds are spaces where children use their imagination, run, climb, create, jump and play with animals (turtles, rabbits, and chickens) and have the opportunity to be children.

Originally the children were also given the materials and tools and asked to build their own play space. While no longer able to build the structures, the local children and their families help out where they can, creating murals, designing programs and having input into any future services directions.

The Fruit and Scent Park

Location: Sweden

fruit and scent

This is a small fruit inspired playground, but a fun one. Other than the fruits to eat here it becomes the play tool to interact and make the children colourful by their happiness and enjoyments .Do you like to climb, swing, spin and slide? Here you can find a banana slide, strawberry spinners, cherry swings, an orange see-saw and a watermelon jungle gym. If anyone who likes to search for and discover secret hiding places there is a hidden climbing tree here.This is entirely a fruit-filled area.

Water Playground in Tychy

Location: Tychy, Poland

water playground

In summer most of the people spent their days only at the beach and swimming pool but here is the o0ne more place again. Tychy recently completed a unique water playground set along the Gostynia River with peanut-shaped aquatic playground puts a whimsical spin on water games.

The reason for this shape is not any affinity for nuts on the behalf of the designer. It was designed to match the landscape’s contours and prevent removing any trees.

The playground boundary is defined by the location of numerous trees which provide shade for the play area. Even the fence itself was given great consideration. While necessary for keeping animals and runaway toddlers out of the water basin he thought of natural landscapes. Exotic hardwood has been used throughout the fence which is a parametric structure based on sine waves.

The fence, is full of cartoonish pictures. The bright colours and odd shapes of the water fountains recall the fantasy world of many children’s books. The bold colours of the plant-like water toys were selected so as to differentiate them based on the way they perform. The water toys vary from mild spurts to blasting jets. At the centre, a sculpture resembling a bouquet of flowers streams water down onto anyone standing below.

At night, the playground is transformed into a fountain show lit up by programmable LEDs. Even though we’re sure they keep people out during this evening show, we’d be tempted to go play in it when it’s all lit up.

MONSTRUM’s Many Amazing Parks

Location: Denmark


The Monstrum’s playgrounds are found in 2003 the time when many of the children were spending their time in front of the screen. That time this playground takes the responsibility to provide the amazing, imaginative, and ingenious place to play seen throughout Denmark and neighbouring countries. Spiders, dancing houses, shipwrecks, submarines, and oversized fruit are only some of the many forms found in Monstrum-conceived plays capes. These award-winning playgrounds are not only beautiful and engaging, they encourage exploration and high physical activity while complying with the highest quality and safety standards.

When they are running or climbing through the playground there is not only one right way. They have to consider a lot of options and paths assessing their motor skills and safety. To overcome from the child obesity as a threat, the challenge to the kids to go outside and play. Monstrum’s playgrounds did at first glance, children and even grown-ups are scared to play.

The Giant Spider and Mushrooms

Location: Denmark

gaint spider

The spider is enormous with 4.8 meters of height from its back. The interior is outfitted by warm LED light, spreading a warm glow at night. The eight eyes on the spider’s head are equipped with LED spotlights, lighting up the area in front of the spider. You can climb into the body of the spider and get the feeling of being in a tree house. Between the legs the spider has spun a web that allows you to climb from leg to leg using steel bars for arm travelling.

A fireman pole brings you to the ground from there are of the spiders body and next to the spider you can see three big mushrooms, one of them featuring a long slide. Back side of the spider there is a forest of large straws of grass made of Rubinia trunks. Boarding and floors consist of 28mm larch planks. The legs on the spider are made of larch wood. The playground is painted with water-based wood protection.

The Brumleby playground

Location: Denmark


 In 1997, Brumleby was awarded Europa Nostras prize for its preservation

And renovation. In the days of 1800 something, when brumbley was located in the countryside there was a dairy and a slaughterhouse at brumbley. The idea to create a piece of old brumbley to remind us the history. That time this became the prettiest sight for adults and a fun place to play in for the little ones.

Here the climbing grips on the walls, slides from the windows and balancing lanes from house to house. The children can rush in and out, up and down. All this with full of safety. This playground also includes a combination of roll over bars, seesaws and the-ground-is-lava-tracks.

It consists of 3 houses, a bakers shop and an ice cream booth. The surface around the houses is caste rubber. Two of the snake bends give room for a swing set with a birds nest swing and two common swings.

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