Exelixia TV Series: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Updates!

Korean series has been around for a while, but it is only recently that the world started embracing them fully. A Korean drama Exelixia is one of the many Korean series we should be on the lookout for. “Exelixia” is a Greek word that means a development place. For quite a while, Indonesia has worked to build a foundation of a city where the most global talents sprout and progress. With the Exelixia series in development, Indonesia is ascertaining to the world that being the top country in nurturing talents is almost attainable. Written by Astro Li, known for writing series such as BIG Starlight, Capital Move, and Foreign Descendant, the series will be directed by Hyun Tak Jo. Will Korea be able to create an equal status for all the students?

Exelixia Release Date: Is Exelixia out, and if yes, where is it streaming?

Much to fans’ disappointment, the drama series is yet to be out. Movies in development are hard to predict their steps and their progress. It is hard to know whether the filming is already in progress by what was sure that the series would be filmed in Indonesia. The series is expected to be out in 2023, and considering that it is still two years ahead, we could speculate that the series filming will begin by 2022.

Exelixia Plot: What will happen?

The series plot revolves around family, drama, and family. For so long, the elites have been considered superior to the other students. Since the hierarchy has always led to stress among the students, Korea will revoke the status by 2025. The Novel “Goodbye Sky Castle” written by Lee Soo may have led to the reform. Park Young Jae lived in Sky Castle, but the place where he once held good memories reminds the tragedy his family did not deserve. Believing that the Sky Castle may happen again in the future, Johny Kim, the ambassador of Indonesia to Korea, makes his son apply for the position of counseling coordinator at Global Paragon. Will they be able to prevent Exelixia from making the same mistakes.?

Exelixia Cast: Who will appear?

Song Geon Hee

The series boasts almost 50 actors, most of them playing one episode in the entire series. Song Geon Hee plays Park Young Jar, Si Won Choi (the ambassador) as Johny, KimYe-Ehun Shin plays Kwak So-min, Giselle Tambuman plays Epiphania Maria. Andres plays Samuel Yosef, Emerald Ryandi plays Ferico Kevinton, Valerie Tifanka plays Jennifer Wastka, Jovarel Callum plays Justin Lapian. Other casts that are also expected to be back are Eve Antoinette Ichwan as Hefina, Naufal Ho as Hericko Raferdian, and Evan Alex as Daniel Folorunso Adesanya.

Exelixia Trailer: When will it be out?

The series trailer is yet to be released; however, it may be out in 2022 or 2023, just before we get to see the entire series. The streaming platform of the series is yet to be announced, but we wouldn’t be wrong speculating it is Netflix. Netflix has many Korean series streaming, such as Squid Game, which took the world with a storm. Other series like Vagabond, Hellbound and The Signal are some of the epic movies you will find worth watching.

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