Apple’s Espionage Thriller Tehran Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Need To Know!

Espionage drama Tehran season one has concluded on October 30, 2020. The series was co-produced by Kan 11, Cineflix, and Apple TV+. Created by Moshe Zonder, who also created the hit Netflix series Fauda. American Television networks and streaming companies greatly hopped on international shows that are produced by others.

The show is based on the international conflict between the countries of Iran and Israel. It explores the world of espionage and especially focuses on the Israeli-Iranian battle. Already the series has been getting rave reviews both from critics and fans. Rotten Tomatoes has delivered a 95% rating from 14 critics. While Metacritic delivered 76% from 6 reviewers.

However, some reviewers believe the show started strongly but ended on a poor note. This is a result of a poor screenplay as the show moves along; by the fifth episode, the series had lost the convincing plot, and suspense is no longer evident. The final episode tries to connect the plot holes with incredible scenarios. 

And you get all the details on whether Season 3 of Tehran will be renewed, so read the post thoroughly if you want to learn everything there is to know about the upcoming season of Tehran.

Tehran Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

Season two began filming in August 2021 and aired in May 2022, taking about 10 months from start to finish. The wait for the third season may be long, but rest assured that it is in production. We could potentially expect new episodes by the end of 2023. We’re eagerly anticipating more updates on the exact release date and will keep you posted!

Let us have a look at the recap, review and rating of the previous season.

Tehran Season 2 Recap:

Tehran Season 2 takes the tension of the first season and ratchets it up to new heights. With Tamar and Milad on the run from the authorities, both are desperate to flee. But as Faraz inches closer and closer to tracking them down, it’s unclear whether they’ll make it out alive.

Complicating matters is the new General, Mohammadi, who promises swift vengeance against anyone who opposes the country. Unfortunately, this includes Tamar’s aunt, Arezoo, whose shocking death sets off a chain of events that leads Tamar down a dangerous path.

With Mossad working behind the scenes to ensure her safety, Tamar must now pull off one final job in exchange for her freedom. But when she breaks protocol and makes taking down The General her top priority, the stage is set for an explosive finale.

Episode 8, “Blood Funeral,” opens with Tamar on high alert, warned that The General is on his way and that she must leave. As the tension mounts and the guards seem to close in, Peyman’s mother’s desperate attack on The General sets off a chain reaction that puts Tamar’s own life in jeopardy.

Tehran Season 2 Review:

Critics are raving about Tehran Season 2, and it’s not hard to see why. The Guardian describes it as a “breathlessly exciting thriller” and praises the addition of Glenn Close to the cast, whose menacing performance makes the show all the more thrilling.

The Review Geek agrees, calling it an “absolutely gripping and frustrating espionage thriller” that masterfully balances tension with moments of frustration. And on Rotten Tomatoes, critics give the show high marks for its ability to create a depth of feeling for all characters, regardless of what side they are on.

Clearly, Tehran Season 2 has struck a chord with audiences and critics alike.

Tehran Season 2 Rating:

Iran’s highly-anticipated Tehran Season 2 has definitely lived up to the hype, and the critics agree. With an impressive 80% Tomatometer rating and a 91% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s no wonder viewers can’t get enough of this espionage thriller.

Adding to the buzz is the exceptional performance of Glenn Close as Marjan Montazeri, who has been received with high praise from critics – her delivery described as nothing less than “menacing” and “powerful”. Gadgets 360 gave the season a solid rating of 7.6/10 but let’s be real, this show deserves so much more.

Tehran Season 3 Plot: What will happen?

Assume you haven’t seen the Tehran previous seasons and are curious to learn more about the storyline of this popular ongoing television series. The series centers mostly on Tamar Rabinyan, an undercover spy and hacker entrusted with shutting down the nuclear plant in this scenario. The series focuses mainly on a Mossad agent, who goes on an undercover mission in Tehran, Iran’s capital city. 

So get ready for an action-packed thrill ride as we prepare for the highly anticipated Season 3 of the hit TV series. With espionage, deceit, and danger lurking around each corner, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as Tamar must navigate her way out of Iran and back into the good graces of Mossad.

Alongside the talented hacker Sultan, the mission is clear: infiltrate Tehran and take down the head of the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. But as we’ve seen in the previous seasons, not everything goes as planned… Find out what happens next as Tamar fights to reinvent herself and regain the trust of her team in this heart-pounding adventure.

Tehran Season 2 Plot

Tehran Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

The cast of the show includes:

  • Niv Sultan (Almost Famous), the show’s main feature, plays Tamar, the Mossad agent
  • Shaun Toub (Homeland) plays the role of Faraz Kamali, the Revolutionary guard investigating Tamar.
  • Navid Negahban (The Old Man) stars as Masoud Tabrizi.

Other actors include Shervin Alenabi (Baghdad in my Shadow), Liraz Charhi (A Late Quartet), and Menashe Noy (Our Boys) all-star in the drama.

Recently, Glenn Close joins the popular thriller Series ‘Tehran’ Season 3 on Apple TV+.

Tehran Season 2 Cast

Tehran Season 3 Trailer: When can we view it?

The release date of Tehran season 3 is not revealed yet, and fans’ excitement about what will be included in the thriller series for the upcoming season is getting bigger. Here you can watch Season 2 trailer:

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