Musafit: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All Other Updates!

Residents of war-stricken families live their lives the same as a ticking bomb; you never know when a revolution or a war will uprise separating you from your loved ones. This is a luxury that peaceful countries take for granted, not knowing that the warring communities would kill to have tranquility in their states. Seeing Army men kill your father and then pump almost 17 bullets into your brother can be such a traumatizing sight for a teenage boy. 22 years later, victims of the Karachi massacre cannot forget what happened to their families on 14th December 1986. Musafit, the upcoming series, is based on the events in the 1986 Karachi Massacre. It tells the events that led to the Massacre, lives lost, and life after losing loved ones.

Musafit Release Date: When will it premiere?

The action series will be released on 12th June 2024 in Pakistan. That signifies that they still have two more years to complete the filming of the series. The series filming location is at Karachi Sindh, Pakistan, and so far, there is no news as to whether filming has started or not. Since the series is still in development, the show’s creators are yet to tell us how many episodes the action series will have and their run time. Musafit will be in the Urdu language, but we could expect other language subtitles or the streaming platform providing one English.

Musafit Cast: Who will be appearing?

The only detailed information is about the cast that will star in the action series. The series cast will include; Humaima Malik as SP Hooriya Sommro, Nouman Ijaz as Arif Jatoi, Nausheen Ali as Arif’s Wife, Masiha Imam as Mishal, Farhan Ali Agha as Mustafa Jameel, Sajid Hasan as Ahmed, and Mehreel Raheel as Soniya Khan. Qureshi. Other casts include Nausheen Shah, Humair Chaudhary, Aadi Analyze Gabol, Adnah Shah, Arisha Razi, Zuhab Khan, and Farhan Ally Agha. Lots can happen in a span of two years, and in case of changes in casting, the show’s creators will inform us through their official channel.

Musafit Plot: What should we expect?

Every Massacre starts with people driven by greed, malice, and violence, and there is always an ill motive behind innocent people losing their lives. When a group of detectives is hired to investigate the events that led to the Karachi killing, they realize that more to the Massacre remains hidden to the public eye. They soon discover dirty secrets of someone involved in dirty politics and friendship rivalry. Will they face justice and pay for all the lost innocent lives?

Musafit Trailer: When can we watch?

The movie is set to be released in 2024. Therefore it may be quite a while before we get to see the premiere of the series. We expect it to be out once the series is almost debuting or immediately after the filming starts. So far, information on the streaming channel the series will premiere is yet to be released, but it will be in due time. There are a lot of action movies similar to Musafit that you can binge on as we await the release of the Pakistan action series. Teefa in Trouble, Cake, Rangreza, Moor, 021, and Homann Jahan are some Pakistan movies you can stream on Netflix.

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