The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Needed To Know!

Isn’t it weird how you can sleep today with everything then wake up the next day with nothing to your name? Jean knows better. She has been living with her husband Rory while managing their successful antique business until he dies mysteriously. Broke and lonely, she has to relocate to their cottage in French, where she is compelled to investigate her husband’s untimely death. Streaming on Channel5 and Acorn TV, the series is a creation of Sally Lindsay. The award-winning actress is famous for writing “Coronation Street” and also winning “Best Actress” in the 2005 awards (Inside Soap). Sally from the series “Shameless” cowrites the story with Lindsay and acts the role of Jean White.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 1 Recap: What happened in its previous season?

The series starts with Jean mourning the sudden death of her husband. Rory was on his way home from their retreat in South France. It worsens when she realizes that all their money is one, the shop is no longer theirs, and their investments are gone. Jean has to think fast with Rory Funerals approaching. The little cash remaining is spent on Rory’s funeral, leaving her with nothing to her name. She has to move to their Cottage in Saint Victoire, French. The only property she now owns. Finding out that her elegant ring is also missing arouses suspicion as she figures something is wrong. Was Rory killed? Mote deaths happen in the story and Jean has to find a way to learn the truth. When she starts being blackmailed by Rory’s mistress, it gets evens better.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season one is out, and the episodes debut weekly. The first episode was released on Channel5 on October 16th, 2021. The first season’s last episode is supposed to debut on November 20th, 2021. Knowing whether the season would be back for the second season is tricky since the first season has not yet been fully released.

The feedback and rating the show has received over the past weeks signify it may be renewed. A 6.1/10 rating on IMDb is not as bad; the series did averagely well. As viewership increases, we will soon receive official communication from both the creators and the streaming platform. The second season may be released in 2022 if the series gets continues.

Series shooting has already been started on location this year, announced by Channel 5. Channel 5 will broadcast the holiday special in December 2022. Season two will conclude in 2023.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

The Madame Blanc Mysteries Cast

We expect most of the cast to come back for the second season. Lindsay (Jean White), the now broke antique business dealer married to Peter Gaynor (Rory), is expected to grace our screens in the coming season. We also hope to see Steve Edge as Dom Hayes (the taxi driver), Jeremy Lloyd James (Robin Askwith), who is married to Sue Holderness (Judith Lloyd James). Alex Gaumond as Andre Caron, the head of police, is expected to be in the next season.

According to Channel 5, Paul O’Grady appeared in the previous season finale of The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch?

The trailer for The Madame Blanc Mysteries season 2 is yet to be released. It will hopefully be released in 2022 when the season nears its premiere. The first season trailer is out already, and fans can watch it on Channel5 tv or stream it on Apple TV. With exciting details being teased in the trailer, the movie is about to get interesting. Looking up to the weekend is about to be the new norm as the episode debut every Friday at 9 pm on Apple TV. Stay Tuned!

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