‘The Walking Dead’ Ends With Expanded Season 12, Daryl Dixon Spin-off Series!

The American zombie post-apocalyptic horror television series is based on Tony Moore’s, Charlie Adlard’s, and Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. AMC made a revelation regarding the last season of The Walking Dead. According to AMC, Season 12 will be the series’ last season. This revelation happened after the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman decided to end the comic books recently. This decision has caused many people to believe that the show is also ending.

This incredible series has also seen some big names such as Andrew Lincoln (Cabinet of Curiosities) and Danai Gurira leave the show in the past few years. Currently, The Walking Dead has two spin-offs; Fear the Walking Dead and the upcoming show The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Reportedly, the series has got only two more seasons left but let’s face it; the series is past its heyday for a good few years now. Even despite ever-decreasing ratings, AMC has always supported the dystopian drama. While it appears there is no need to worry about the future of the series just yet, it seems the end is definitely in sight.

The Walking Dead has enjoyed a successful 11-season run with several spin-offs to its name, but will Season 12 ever make its eagerly anticipated debut? Speculation has been rife since the show’s apparent finale in Season 11, with fans worldwide eagerly clamoring for news on what lies ahead. Fear not, for we’ve got the inside story on everything you need to know about The Walking Dead’s future – and it’s a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns you don’t want to miss!

Before delving into Season 12, let’s take a moment to recap the thrilling events of Season 11, review its standout moments, and delve into its ratings.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Recap: How did it End?

The Walking Dead Season 11 took us on an expedition where our group confronts the Commonwealth, a vast network of communities with advanced technology and over fifty thousand surviving inhabitants in their settlements. This installment saw the return of some of our beloved characters from previous seasons, exciting audiences to the core.

The Commonwealth is finally reclaimed from Pamela, with the help of Mercer and our beloved heroes (including Negan). However, the heart-breaking loss of Jules to the unforgiving walkers remains in all our hearts. Meanwhile, Luke and Rosita are left with a grim fate as they are bitten. The adrenaline-packed battle for survival and ultimate victory over the oppressive forces will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Walking Dead Season 11 Review:

The Walking Dead Season 11 has received a diverse range of reviews, with some critics praising the action-packed and shocking episodes, while others have criticized the show for being lackluster and overdue. The season resumes from a gripping midseason finale where Daryl, Maggie, and several others are hunted by soldiers, all while surviving in a claustrophobic and chilling setting.

Collider reports that “The Walking Dead Season 11” is the last iteration of the zombie show. While reactions have been mixed, some praising the heart-racing and shocking episodes, others have criticized it for being dull and overdue.

According to Polygon, it’s hard to capture what initially made the show so appealing after 11 seasons. Notwithstanding, The Walking Dead spawned from a survivor’s desire for survivalism. For them, a deadly virus is too uncontrollable, and atomic destruction renders one feeling helpless. Everyone’s preferred apocalypse? Zombies.

A review from Bounding Into Comics suggests that the program has run its course. Nevertheless, after countless tragedies, blood-soaked murders, grisly killings, and a cast of characters too numerous to keep track of, season 11 conclude with an exceptionally executed ending.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Rating:

The eleventh season of The Walking Dead has garnered a commendable rating of 4.5 out of 5 from TV Fanatic, showcasing strong acclaim from dedicated fans. Additionally, the show has been awarded a solid rating of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, further solidifying its status as a popular series among viewers and critics alike.

Is The Walking Dead Season 11 the Series Finale?

The Walking Dead’s eleventh season will bring the entire series to a thrilling close, but fear not, it’s not the end. With more episodes than ever before, AMC plans to bring even more captivating tales to the Walking Dead universe. As the grand finale approaches, expect to see fresh narratives, characters, mythologies, and perspectives emerge alongside familiar faces and settings. AMC envisions a future where The Walking Dead is ever-evolving and continues to amaze audiences for years to come.

Norman Reedus, who has portrayed Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead since the first season, tweeted on March 31, 2022, about filming Season 11’s final scene. He tweeted:

What Happens To The Spin-Offs Of The Walking Dead?

AMC announced the cancellation of the parent series only. This announcement says the ongoing spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is still up for viewership. A second spin-off, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, released its first episode on 10 September 2023. Viewers are again experiencing the long-run favourite show, with some of the same cast but new exciting plots and twists.

The Walking Dead Season 12 Spin Off

The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date: When can we Expect It?

As heartbreaking as it may be for fans of The Walking Dead, there is no release date for season 12. The show’s producers announced in 2020 that the eleventh season would be the final installment, which aired in 2022. In the aftermath of this decision, the show’s creators have shifted their focus to expand The Walking Dead universe with exciting new spinoffs like Fear The Walking Dead, Tales of The Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead: Dead City. But don’t worry.

If you’re a true fan of the show, you can still get the fix of your favorite characters and thrilling plotlines on these excellent shows. This new spin, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, is irritating to the same cast line and with the question of How Daryl Dixon got to France. This new spin-off is fun and exciting, with some great reveals to come. It is officially revealed on 10 September 2023 and will have 6 episodes.

The Walking Dead Season 12 Cast: Who will make a Comeback?

Although The Walking Dead’s main show has ended, fans of the franchise will still have plenty to be excited about: spin-offs are on the horizon. The new shows will feature fresh sets of characters, but fans will still see some familiar faces. Norman Reedus will return as  Daryl Dixon and will star in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, which will be created by David Zabel, who created Betrayal, Mercy Street, and more.

The cast who played major roles in the series are :

  • Isabelle Carriere is played by Clémence Poésy Carriere.
  • Laurent will be played by Ross Marquand.
  • Sylvie is played by Laïka Blanc-Francard.
  • Genet is played by Anne Charrier.
  • Stéphane Codron will be played by Romain Levi.
  • Quinn is played by Adam Nagaitis.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 12 Plot: What To Expect

In a new series of this post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, Norman Reedus takes on the role of Daryl Dixon, a rugged survivor with unparalleled hunting skills. Formerly a key Rick Grimes group member, Daryl has always been the epitome of resourcefulness and resilience.

However, a new chapter unfolds as he finds himself separated from his comrades and embarks on a journey that transcends borders. Following his departure from the Commonwealth, Daryl’s fate turns unexpectedly when a mysterious group captures him. They transport him across the treacherous Atlantic Ocean, navigating the difficult waters until they reach the shores of southern France.

Now, stranded in a foreign land, Daryl faces unique challenges. With his survival instincts as his only ally, he must navigate the unfamiliar terrain, where the rules of survival may differ drastically from what he’s known. Daryl’s journey across the Atlantic tests his character and adaptability as he forges new alliances and confronts unexpected threats.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 12 Trailer:

There is no Season 12 trailer, as the show ends with Season 11. Meanwhile, viewers can watch the trailers of the spin-offs of the series. This link features The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon trailer:

You can also watch the teaser of Season 11 to refresh your memory of your favorite series.

Where To Watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 12

Watch the full episodes of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is available on the AMC Plus streaming app, whether viewers can directly stream at Prime Video, Apple TV, DirecTV, or more smart devices app. Click here to watch the full episodes.

Here is the full list of six episodes down below:

  1. S1 E1 – L’âme Perdue
  2. S1 E2 – Alouette
  3. S1 E3 – Paris Sera Toujours Paris
  4. S1 E4 – La Dame de Fer
  5. S1 E5 – Deux Amours
  6. S1 E6 – Coming Home
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