Sister Wives Season 15 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Updates!

The name of the show defines the central concept of the show; it is about polygamy. Yeah, it’s about a guy with four wives and a lot of kids. Tell us in the comment section if this is ridiculous or not, according to you, because this show has many fans who love to watch this show while others strictly criticize it. While some people like the frankness of the show, others say that when a man loves a woman, he doesn’t want any other woman, and similarly, when a woman loves a man, she doesn’t want to share him with anyone. Sister Wives has received many backlashes, and despite people’s claims that the show promotes polygamy, it always managed to return, and now it holds a score of 14 seasons. Viewers did not like the fourteenth season, and now they are waiting for something better to happen in season 15. Read on to get all the info about the status of season 15.

Sister Wives Season 15 Release date : When will it be Out?

Sister Wives Season 14 aired from 5th January 2020 to 12th April 2020. Fans watched the 15 episodes season on TLC. Here the show ended, there the fans started to ask for the next one. Fans began to ask the show cast about the next season on social media platforms. Just as the questions about the season 15 started to rise, so did the statements of people against the show. People say that the dysfunctionality in the show is multiplying with every season. But this is not something new; it has become like a trend for the show as people every year say that it should stop airing. TLC paid no mind, and the show hit the small screens in January. It is almost a surety that the show will return; however, it might get delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. So you can expect it somewhere around April 2021.

Sister Wives Season 15 Cast

Sister Wives Season 15 Cast : Who will be there?

Season 15 will return with the Kody family, which is pretty big without any doubt. If it is renewed, the show will have Kody Brown and his four wives- Christine Ruth Brown, Meri Caroline Brown, Robyn Alice Brown, and Janelle Brown. Others than these, an unforgettable number of children (eighteen) will also appear on the show. If you wonder how much Kody is earning to support his family, his net worth is $800,000. We have seen that the family expands with every season, so maybe some more heads will add in season 15. 

Sister Wives Season 15 Plot : What’s Going To Happen Next?

The fourteenth season got mixed reviews; some people like it while others labeled it as boring. Cast members stated that the show’s plot does not follow a script, and it is a reality show, which is why the season was boring to some people. People are expecting to watch something exciting and spicy in the next season. They have not confirmed if the fans will have something new in the fifteenth season; however, we know that it will continue family members’ stories.

Sister Wives Season 15 Plot

Sister Wives Season 15 Trailer : 

The renewal of season 15 is not official yet, so we don’t have a trailer yet. We are expecting that TLC will drop the trailer in the first quarter of 2021. Give a watch to the trailer of the previous season to get a basic idea of the show.

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