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I am Shopia, a movie enthusiastic and I read lot of books, mostly of science fiction, thrillers and biography. Content writing is just my profession but my passion too.

Top 10 Girl Names in 2021!

Here you can get the list of 2021 popular names of the girls!

Top 10 Insurance Companies of USA In 2021!!

Insurance companies are the essential players in the U.S. economy, hedge risk, and cover accident costs. Click here to get all details.

Top 10 YouTube Channels!

Click here to get all the details of the top 10 youtube channels.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company In The World In 2021!

A pharmaceutical company is an authorized commercial business to distribute/market, develop, and research drugs, highly focused on the medical field. Click here to get all the details

Top 10 Endangered Animals In The World!

Read on to learn about some of the most beautiful creatures in Need of our help, protection, and conservation.

Top 10 Poorest Countries In Europe!

After China, the world's second-largest economy is European Union Economy. Some countries are wealthy across the world. The countries that were affected by the fall of the Soviet Union are the poorest today.

Top 10 Smallest Animals in the World!

Get to know more about some of the smallest animals on Earth!

Top 10 Best Paintings Of All Time!

Arts displayed in museums and art galleries are reported as among the most valuable, famous, and notable paintings ever made. Read below about the 10 most famous paintings around the world of all time:

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