Doc Martin Season 10: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything You Want To Know!

It is bittersweet, Yes the TV show Doc Martin has been renewed for a tenth season. However, this 10th season will be the final for the show. This was revealed by the star actor Martin Clunes in September 2020, stating that “All good things have to come to an end.” The show produced by Phillipa Braithwaite has been an overall success with high viewership, ratings, and accolades. It won the British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Drama in the year 2004. The TV show has been a fan favorite for viewers of the network ITV, giving the network viewership as high as 10.37 million per episode. Created by Dominic Minghella, Doc Martin is somewhat of a spin-off from the show titled Saving Grace, where Dr. Martin Bramford first appeared.

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Doc Martin Season 9 Recap:

The General Medical Council was investigating Martin in the previous series. In the episode’s conclusion, surgeon Bernard Newton (Tom Conti) arrives in Portwenn to assess the doctor and his practice. He dreaded returning home and informing his wife Louisa (Caroline Catz) of his resignation. When he arrived at the house, she informed him of even more exciting news: Louisa is expecting a child.

After then, Series 9 came to a close, leaving viewers with even more unanswered questions than before. Fortunately, it appears that Season 10 will provide a plethora of answers, so keep an eye out.

Is ‘Doc Martin Season 10’ finale of the series?

The production team has finally decided it’s time to close this successful drama. This season will be returned for the last time.

Actor Martin Clunes and his real wife Philippa Braithwaite have disclosed why they’ve felt that is the time for this series to finish.

They have enjoyed producing the Doc Martin series. When they debuted the series in 2004 They never have thought how much fans would love the grumpy Doc.  The series has enthusiastic followers all over the world and they are happy that Doc Martin has always been in the number one position.

In a joint statement with writer Philippa Braithwaite on September 7, the actor remarked, “We have adored making nine seasons of Doc Martin.” We could never have predicted how much our dedicated viewers would love the grumpy Doc when we first debuted the series in 2004.

The series has a devoted following in the United Kingdom and around the world, and we are delighted that Doc Martin has consistently topped the ratings. However, after sixteen years, we believe it is time to bid our final goodbyes to Portwenn. In 2021, we will film the tenth and last series, and we are really excited to return to Cornwall to shoot it.

Martin previously stated in an interview with I Heart British TV that he would “probably retire” after next season’s production.

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date: When will it air?

Over 16 years of being on TV, the show’s season finale will begin production in 2021. Formerly, ITV scheduled the series to air in 2021. But, the shooting has now been postponed, so there’s new release date is planned, maybe in 2022. In the US, you will enjoy the final season of the series on Acorn TV.

Doc Martin Season 10 Cast: Who is a part of it?

The cast members that will be returning will include the main cast, among which are

  • Martin Clunes plays the role of Doc. Martin, the grumpy doctor of Portwenn. 
  • Caroline Catz stars as Louisa Ellingham, Martin’s wife, and school headmistress.
  • Ian McNeice plays the role of Bert Large, a businessman.
  • Joe Absolom stars as Al Large, Bert’s son.
  • Selina Cadell plays the role of Sally Tishell, the town’s pharmacist.
  • Others will include Dame Eileen Atkins (Psychoville) as Aunt Ruth, John Marquez (In the Club) as Joe Penhale, and Jessica Ransom (Horrible Histories) as Morwenna Newcross.

Doc Martin Season 10 Plot: What will happen next?

The TV show examines the life and activities of the self-christened protagonist Dr. Martin, a medical doctor, specifically a vascular surgeon. He developed a fear of blood, which forces him to become a general practitioner. He moved to the sleepy town of Portwenn. The locals refer to him as Doc Martin, an indispensable part of the community, and bombard him with naive and sometimes stupid questions, even though his brash behavior annoys them. Dr. Martin is married to Louisa, a headmistress, and together they have a son, James. They live in their home with a dog, Buddy. 

Last season ended on a cliff-hanger, where Doc Martin undergoes the final test in Assisted Surgery for General Medical Council. Also, the wedding bells are ringing in the town, Morwenna and Al are getting married; hopefully, no surprises spring up.

Doc Martin Season 10 Trailer: When can we view it?

The trailer for the tenth season hasn’t been released yet, but you can watch the season 9 trailer here:

What are your expectations for the season finale? Share your thoughts below. 

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