Hidden Assets Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Hidden Assets is a story of Detective Sergeant Emer Berry uncovering diamonds and drugs linked to the consistent terror attacks. A dynasty and a rather influential family, The Brannigans pay a handsome amount to a drug dealer to initiate all the necessary chaos as long as they gain financially. Will the two detectives get to the bottom of it?

The first season of Hidden Assets has six episodes, which are now available for streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK. It will air on Acorn TV in the US.

Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan, the series was written by Peter McKenna and Morna Regan. Morna was recently mentioned in the BBC New Talent Hotlist. The 6-part thriller series’ last episode is supposed to drop sometime in 2023. Will there be a continuation?

Hidden Assets Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

Hidden Assets Season 1 was released on November 7, 2021, on RTE, and six episodes are out, with the rest dropping on every Sunday at 9.30 pm. With the latest development with confirmed news, the second season is going to premiere on November 13, Monday.

Will the series be renewed for the second season? We wouldn’t be wrong by speculating about its renewal, considering the positive critics and reviews it is receiving. RTE has announce the series renewal and premiered date, but we could expect it to be air on November 13, 2023.

Season 2 of Hidden Assets is slated to debut in 2023 or later, relying on when it is filmed. Hidden Assets Season 2 is being searched for on the internet by everyone. Furthermore, the tv series is one of the most engaging on Acorn TV’s schedule.

The last episode of season 1 left spectators with suspense, piquing their hunger for Hidden Assets Season 2. Despite the lack of an official release date for Season 2, we could get some internal information regarding the upcoming launch date from trustworthy sources. We will keep fans informed about the following season’s official release date, and you can always access the website for the newest information.

Hidden Assets Season 2 Plot: What will be the story?

The series is about family power and the effects of greed. In the first episode of the crime series, we see Angeline Ball, The Irish detective, bust in on a drug dealer. His possession of a bag of roughly cut diamonds makes the case more interesting, since the diamonds were linked to a bombing case in Belgium a while ago. As Angelina and the other detectives keep working on this case, they realize that the diamonds are a form of payment.

The case is under Belgian Police custody. Angelina Ball has to work with Wouter Hendricx to solve the conspiracy. The masterminds behind the bombing are an influential family. The Branigans’ wealthy Irish family has ties to Antwerp, making them more powerful than they seem. Angelina Ball, Wouter and The CAB have to tread lightly and stop funding a terrorist attack before it is too late.

Hidden Assets Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

We expect most of the casts reprising to their roles. Angelina Ball will be back to play her role as Detective Sergeant Emer Berry. The actress is famous for her role Imelda Quirke in the classic “The Commitments.” She solves the case with the Belgian actor Wouter Hendricx famous for playing ‘De Infiltrant” and Cordon (2014). Simone Kirby plays Bibi Melnick, the wealthy businessman, Cathy Belton plays accountant Norah Dillon. Peter Coonan (Peaky Blinders) plays Fionn Brannigan, Sophie Jo Wasson plays Siohban Brannigan. Michael Ironside (Top Gun Maverick), Jane Brenna, Aaron Monaghan also features in the cast.

Hidden Assets Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

The second season trailer has been released on October 17, 2023. The trailer will probably be released after the series is renewed and the premiere date is soon approaching. The trailer of the first season is, however, available on YouTube and RTE. Similar crime shows, such as Acceptable Risk, KIN and Clean Break are also available on RTE.

Hidden Assets Season 1 Recap:

Hidden Assets Season 1 follows Detective Sergeant Emer Berry, who leads a crew from the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau. In the first episode, a routine raid turns up diamonds that are linked to a series of bombings in Belgium. Berry teams up with Belgian anti-terrorism cop Christian de Jong to work the linked cases.

Throughout the season, Emer and Christian face a desperate race against time to stop the final bombing and uncover who was really behind the terrorist campaign.

Hidden Assets Season 1 Review:

Hidden Assets Season 1 has received positive reviews from critics. The show has been praised for its intriguing conspiracy at the center of the first season and its ability to keep viewers interested even if there isn’t a ton of character development.

Hidden Assets Season 1 Rating:

On IMDb, the show has an average rating of 7.4/10 for its first episode. The show also boasts an 8.2/10 rating, indicating that this is not the first time RTE is producing an excellent drama show.

Click here to watch the full episodes of Season One of Hidden Assets.

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