Top 10 Best Online Calendar Apps in 2023 !

Whether it is business or home, planning and scheduling play a major role in organizing it properly. And to capture the momentum of this technology era, you need to adjust your time. These days it has become even easier to manage your routine because you don’t need any paper or pen to note down your daily tasks.

You can download any template from the calendar app as per your personal or business purpose. Ensure that you are using your time carefully and working on an appropriate budget calendar to arrange your meetings, plans, goals, etc. 

To search for the best calendar app, what characteristics should you keep in mind is mentioned below:

Accessibility For Multiple Platforms: Before emphasizing this list of apps, we prioritized apps available for more than one device. It does not matter where you are to use your calendar or which platform you are using.

Easy To Use: Use of this calendar application will be effective when we can access the app with fewer clicks and explore more menus easily. 

Shareable: The best apps provide the features for you to share your meetings, plans, schedules, or the calendar with your colleagues, employees, and even friends or family.

Easily Customized: We have offered you such apps if you want to modify a calendar according to your requirements. So you can customize them with the calendar maker tool of that app.

We have brought you the best options for online calendar apps. You can read the application features from here and download the app directly to use it. Here we shortlisted the ten best online calendar apps for you to design your rosters:

10. Timepage

Timepage is an intuitive online calendar app that will help you settle your time appropriately. It provides the same functions that other digital calendar apps offer. Enter the details on your calendar such as events, meetings, appointments, notifications, reminders, notes, driving periods, weather conditions for a specific day. Timepage is available with a one-week free trial for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This app has the facility to send notifications of current events. It reminds you of upcoming events to prepare in advance and arrange your schedule if needed. The other feature is the heat map which helps you to comprehend the full calendar view. It reflects which days are busy and free for you and allows you to take a look to know what day is good to add additional events and tasks.

Timepage is providing interface customization which includes themes, text size and font, gestures and many more. It also has multiple calendars, so you can choose the one you like.


9. Today Calendar

Today Calendar app is an application that comes with calendar default functions. It has a material design with great features, bold colors, and easy-to-access controls. If you search for a simple application with fewer complications, then Today Calendar is the best choice. Before paying for paid functionality, use its free version. 

Today Calendar differentiates itself from the competition by being the only calendar app that unites high functionality with the great theory of art. This app has all the characteristics that you would get in the stock calendar app and has those features for high performance and productivity.

Today Calendar

8. IRL Event Social Network

IRL Event Social Network brings a unique idea to this platform which focuses on social networking. Here you can explore the events that occurred nearby you. Also, you can connect or meet those people who have a similar kind of interest. It also has primary calendar features for recording events and scheduling your day. However, it is functional for those who are social and want to make more connections.

7. SolCalendar

An all-in-one solution calendar app has all the default functions of the basic calendar. Moreover, it included some advanced features like weather forecasts for a particular day. It also supports tasks, widgets, Foursquare, lunar calendar, and even Google Calendar. 

You can easily synchronize this universal calendar with existing calendars, such as Google Calendar, to not miss the already marked events. You can schedule your hourly tasks daily. Also, send you the events summary of a day to prioritize your tasks and become productive. You can take an overview of all your current calendars at a glance. Your current device data is synchronized to the cloud—the availability of stamps to customize the software to access different devices.

6. DigiCal Calendar

A smart calendar app added weather forecast or customizable widgets at the home screen for easy use. With light and dark themes, its interface is user-friendly with Material Design. You are eligible to adjust the calendar views in seven ways:

  • Agenda View
  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Month View
  • Week Agenda View
  • Text Month View
  • Year View with DigiCal+ feature

You can subscribe to the other calendars to not skip business events, sports events, tv shows, holidays, etc. Get a subscription to the weather forecast; To know the climate situation for the upcoming 14 days with temperature graph and precipitation. 

DigiCal Calendar

5. aCalendar

One of the best apps has intuitive navigation with moon phases, several widgets, color schemes, etc. It also takes your pictures from social media and contact lists and adds them to their special day reminders. To use the apps more features, you can pay for its extended version. 


4. Business calendar

If you want the calendar for business events or planning, then a Business calendar is the best option. It helps to create a reminder for recurring events. Easily sync with Google task sheet to organize your tasks. To share events, you should purchase the application. 

Business Calendar

3. Calendar

Calendar software is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a smart calendar for managing your time. That supports you to make a decision and schedule your meetings, events as per available time slots. It synchronizes all your calendars in one place. 


2. Google Calendar

A globally known calendar, particularly for Android users, directly adds events from your Gmail. Also, easily create, manage, view your daily tasks with events. It has the feature to add video conferencing quickly to events. Whenever you create event titles, it gives smart recommendations to save your time. It will operate with all calendars on your device. It is free for all users.

Google Calendar

1. Calendar Calendar is a perfect combination of a task list, calendar, planner, and reminders. It keeps all your data in sync and reminds you of events and tasks. It helps you to work together by assigning and sharing the list. Any user can use it without any difficulty. Calendar

Everyone wants an app that is easily accessible, in which they can manage their complicated schedule. At the same time, they also need all the features that cater to their needs. Along with being user-friendly, it is also essential to have easy-to-use software. Because of this, we will be able to scroll up and down or left and right quickly. To finish your work quickly and easily, we have recommended the above digital calendar apps.

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