20 Best Places to Download Free E-Books in 2023

The popularity of E-books and e-readers shows that printed books are becoming less popular. Free e-books are a great way to get your creative juices flowing or help you educate yourself. We use them to learn software skills, grow in our faith and teach my children. So, where can you find them? Here are the 20 best places to download free ebooks. When you think of the best place to download free ebooks, what comes to mind? Perhaps your judgment is clouded by memories of high school English class, but this time around, you are a lot wiser and determined not to be fooled by an outlandish headline. You’re studying for the next big test–GRE, GMAT, LSAT—and want the scoop on where to find the best online resources. You want your free ebooks, and you want them now!

If you’re an avid reader or spend a lot of time online, you may be interested in the concept of ebooks. In this post, we are talking about the best places to download free ebooks. It is not only Apple’s iBookstore or Amazon’s Kindle Store. There are a ton of websites that grant free books in various formats. You don’t need to pay a single dime for those books. Who doesn’t like free things? Whether it’s a free coffee at the office, an appetizer at a restaurant, or free music on the radio, it always makes us happy! So, Share, exchange, and download free ebooks.

1. Smashwords

Best online platform for eBooks, Smashwords serves the specifications of readers, publishers, and authors. On Smashwords, a number of different books are available. Its wide – ranging library features titles in numerous genres, including non-fiction, romance, fiction, horror, and romance. There are reportedly 750000+ books in the collection that have been carefully reviewed and organised for a comfortable reading experience.

Smashwords also has the ability to submit e-Books in addition to books for reading. Publishers and publishing companies can easily publish and market their books thanks to the site’s user-friendly advertising, distribution, and sales analysis tools.

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the top free ebook sites on the internet. It has over 60,000 free ebooks, and this number is growing every day. People often use Project Gutenberg to download their favorite novels for free. Many public domain books are available for download on this site. To reduce server bandwidths, you can now download it in parts instead of downloading the entire book.

You can also view a list of the best 100 ebooks of all time, compiled based on visitors’ ratings. As it turns out, there are a lot of good things. It has opened up the world of books to people who can’t afford their high prices. You must check gutenberg.org out if you want some new reading material for your Kindle or eBook reader!

3. Open Library

Open Library

Open Library is an ebook download website where you can enjoy ebooks for free. It has more than 1 million books and 4 million registered users. This website allows you to download free ebooks to your computer. Founded in 2008, Open Library contains millions of ebooks collected from around the world and offers an excellent opportunity for finding books to read. Best of all, these ebooks can be downloaded and read legally!

It is updated with almost daily updated offerings. What’s unique about this site is they cater to all kinds of readers and offer free downloadable books from different sites, including Project Gutenberg, Google Books, Internet Archive, and many others. Since openlibrary.org only contains text, they’re perfect for your E Ink Kindle devices!

4. Google eBookstore

Google eBook store

Books are a great way to further your knowledge of different topics, but sometimes you don’t have enough experience in the day to read the books that you want. Fortunately, there is a way to continue reading even with a hectic schedule. Google eBookstore offers thousands of free eBooks that cover just about any topic imaginable.

They also provide titles that range from romance to mystery books and even textbooks for college courses. If you are looking to escape outside and read a book or want to indulge your inner writer side, you can find it on Google eBookstore. Most importantly, they help you attract and retain customers who can’t pass up what they perceive as an incredible deal. You can go through books.google.com to access new books.

5. Amazon Free Kindle Books

One of the most renowned places where you can download ebooks is Amazon Free Kindle Books. There are hundreds and thousands of places to download free ebooks online. However, amazon.com is one of the best places to find a great collection of books. Ebooks make great gifts and help you gain new skills, whether starting a career or growing your business. Here’s why it’s one of our best bets when searching for free eBooks.

There are hundreds of free Kindle eBooks available for download from Amazon, and they continue to expand their selection constantly. It has a huge catalog of eBooks available for free, and you can read them on your Kindle or using a free Kindle app. These books can be downloaded onto desktops, laptops, or smartphones

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive free ebook website keeps track of and indexes books published in the past, going back to 2009. Although the Internet Archive deserves (and gets) its post, simply, it makes a lot of sense to discuss ebook downloads with this website. Internet Archive Books (archive.org) is one of the most popular and well-known, but it’s not necessarily the best usability, features, or quality. A good book costs only a few bucks, and when you need to buy a new one, you might not be able to find other books you like. When it comes to ebooks, The Internet Archive has the world’s largest collection of ebooks – free and legal!

It is one of the best support online when it comes to high-quality free eBooks. It features many different formats (epub/HTML and pdf). It covers nearly every category you can think of, including but not limited to arts, business & finance, career & jobs, children & youth, computer science & IT, education, ethnic & national & gender studies.

7. ManyBooks

There are numerous places to download free ebooks that provide the best ebooks for download. ManyBooks is one of them. For many years ManyBooks has been a website that offers free ebooks and the best ones that you could get. The internet makes it possible to download just about any book, anywhere. The best place to do this is at the manybooks.net website. This website contains thousands of ebooks on almost every subject imaginable.

The Books that we can get from the manybooks.net website are the best ebooks on the internet to download in several different categories. Not all authors of these books charge for their books, or if they do, it is too expensive for anybody who subscribes to a budget or students who can’t afford the book. If you are into literature and like to read books, you should consider reading ebooks because it does not occupy your space and you can carry a lot of them along with your device.

8. BookBoon

So, our next best place where you can download free ebooks is BookBoon. So if you are looking for a place to download free ebooks in pdf format, this site is the best. BookBoon is the best and the biggest provider of FREE ebooks! You can download books for free here. bookboon.com is the place to go if you want to download ebooks. While many people use sites like Amazon to buy ebooks, many people don’t even know about BookBoon.

While other ebook sites have less than ten ebook offers, BookBoon has more than 300 titles. It is a platform that displays a variety of books from many different publishers. Exclusive deals, free downloads, and newcomers to the platform get top billing here. In addition to the free content available from BookBoon, many readers want to contact and communicate with other readers, authors, and book clubs and find reviews of popular literature.

9. LibGen/Library Genesis

Have you heard of the Library Genesis book download website? It’s a good resource for every ebook reader, and it has some really impressive numbers. That’s why we have chosen to include in our top 20 favorite categories to search for ebooks. librarygenesis.net is one of the largest ebook download websites on the internet. It hosts over a million free ebooks that you can download for free. To give you some perspective, if it were physical books, they would be over 9,000 feet tall (over 1.7 miles).

With an ever-growing collection of over a million free eBooks, Library Genesis is a treasure trove for bibliophiles. From classics to magazines and books on any subject imaginable, it’s estimated that there are over 4 million eBooks available. That’s about 3.6 million more than you could hope to carry on your back, but now that they are downloadable, the only limit is your time. Their collection is growing daily with the highest quality works, including novels, textbooks, and more.

10. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is one of our favorite places to download free books online, and here’s why we add it to our list. It promises fast downloads, good prices, and a great selection. The age of technology has brought, among other marvels, the opportunity to download books onto our eReaders and tablets. This is a great source for people who enjoy reading on these devices but don’t want to spend the bucks on a physical book. Inexpensively purchasing eBooks has never been easier with sites like FreeBookSpot.

With over 15 million eBooks available, this website will provide you with an unlimited supply of reading material for all your devices. Thousands of free ebooks can be found on the internet. However, not all of them are safe to download. If you want a big selection along with free ebooks that do not require you to install any attachments, Freebookspot.net is the best choice for you.

11. Free eBooks

The ebook download website is where you can find many ebooks that are free to download. There are many online libraries and platforms where you will get the wonderful ebook that you can read. Those books contain information on various topics, including business, technology, programming language, etc. ebooks.com was the first website to provide users free ebook downloads.

Following in its footsteps, there are now plenty of websites that offer free ebooks and audiobooks. Searching for free ebooks does not require a search engine; you can go directly to some of the best spots to download free ebooks. It is one of the best places to get free ebooks, whether literary classics or technical manuals. You’re probably close with websites where you can download free ebooks. Although you will get free ebooks on these sites, there are some limitations. These limitations may include only downloading a specific number of books and not downloading books in multiple formats. 

12. LibriVox

It’s time to get into audiobook production on librivox.org. Haven’t you heard of this website before? We’ll quote their mission statement right here: “LibriVox volunteers record public domain texts: poems, short stories, whole books, even dramatic works, in many different languages. We then release the audio files back onto the net for anybody to download and listen to. Our collection is always growing”. LibriVox is a huge collection of free audiobooks.

The most interesting thing about it is that there are not many books from various authors thrown together. It was founded to provide free public domain audiobooks that anyone can download and listen to, either for educational or entertainment purposes. It is a project run by volunteers and supported by the LibriVox Community. Commonly known as the ‘free library,’ LibriVox is a website that has been around since 2005. Thanks to volunteers worldwide, it has managed to put together an impressive collection of over 50,000 free public domain books. That’s why it must be one of the best choices for free ebook download.

13. GetFreeEBooks

GetFreeEBooks is a one-stop shop for books of all kinds. There are tons of free ebooks available on the site, but you can also browse other book genres, such as free short stories, comics, and others. As bookworms, we know how hard it is to find quality reading material for free that isn’t badly written or poorly composed. So if you’re in search of interesting reads, then GetFreeEBooks might be your best bet. At getfreeebooks.com, they provide you with dozens of eBooks you can download for free. These ebooks are pristine copies, free from any viruses or malware.

In addition to their collection of available titles, we also review our books to ensure quality is never an issue. Our team of expert editors researches and reads through the books that they offer to ensure that the eBooks are truly worth your time and effort. With so many new ebooks being published every day, we love it when we discover a website where you can download many books for free. 

14. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks certainly lives up to its name. That’s why we have included it in our list. It gives you free legal and legitimate ebooks, absolutely legally and legitimately. There is no spyware or virus threats, no collection of your personal information (unless you choose to share that), no bundled software, no strings attached at all. You can download ebooks on pretty much any high-tech subject you can think of — computer programming languages (Visual Basic, Java, Ruby, etc.), software development (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Ruby on Rails, etc.), business (advertising strategies), and entertainment (Harry Potter).

The site’s also fairly easy to use — the “bestsellers” are already sorted by category and genre. freecomputerbooks.com is a must-visit. The rise of ebooks has been a welcome development in the world of literature and reading. Ebooks are convenient, affordable, and sometimes even free! They can be downloaded very quickly and take up little memory space on your computer. There are also many books available online, including books for children, cookbooks, textbooks, technical manuals, and other specialty titles.

15. Baen

Baen Books is another ebooks download website that has been doing it for over 25 years now and doing it very well. They have two new books available for download in PDF format for free every month, as long as you register for their free subscription service. You can also choose to purchase the ebook at a discounted price. Interestingly, many of the books are from well-known authors such as Kevin J. Anderson, who is known for his Star Wars and Dune series books.

It’s impossible to put a price on knowledge, especially when it comes to self-improvement. In today’s fast-paced world, where the internet has made it easier for everyone to learn at their own pace, tons of online resources are available for our education. Some are free, and some are paid. And here, baen.com (short for Books-A-Million) is an excellent source of information in two key areas: science fiction and computer programming.

16. KnowFree

At one stage, one of the best eBook websites to search for free eBooks is KnowFree. KnowFree eBook download website is a great platform for getting free and premium books from various categories like business, management, marketing, technology, arts, society, etc. They aim to systematically provide access to learning resources on the internet that are easily accessible to all people. If you love to read but dislike having books take up space in your small apartments, you may need to look into an eBook download website.

Having access to a huge library of books that you can read without leaving your living room is amazing. However, sometimes eBook sites don’t have the title you want, or a book might not be available yet. That is where this eBook download website comes in. They offer many different book titles from all different genres, and we are constantly adding new titles every day. 

17. PDF Drive

PDF Drive contains a large number of free books. The website has millions of books available for free download. The books are all completely legal. The website’s design is particularly appealing to us. The books are divided into groups, making it simple to find the information you need.

18. International Children’s Digital Library

Numerous kids’ books are available in the International Children’s Digital Library. The University of Maryland initiative produced the online tool. The books are arranged in a lengthy list and can be found in various formats and color-coded lists.

19. OBooko

We also suggest OBooko as a fantastic online resource for free eBook downloads. On this website, you can download dozens of free eBooks. It offers more than 3000 free eBooks. The absence of viruses and ads is the best part. The website offers original eBooks that are free of literary theft.

20. Authorama

Numerous free eBooks are available at Authorama. Books are available for offline or online reading download. The author’s last name is used to order the books. The Poetics by Aristotle and Die Gottliche Komodie by Dante Alighieri are just two examples of the many classics that can be found on these websites.


Ebooks have been around for years. They have never really caught on and become the next big thing. While that has not happened, ebooks will remain a constant in the publishing world. There is nothing quite like rolling up with a physical book, but it is nice to have the option of taking a book with you wherever you go. If you like reading on a Kindle or Nook, then you are in luck! 

Every day, it appears like there are more great books available for free. While the public domain is brimming with treasure, it can be hard to find diamonds in the rough. You can find many free ebooks online through repositories of free ebooks and other online resources. But the above mentioned are the 20 Best Places to Download Free EBooks.

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