Top 10 Free Video Editing Software

Video editing software

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker
Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing software application, included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic.

2. Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub
Virtual Dub is an Open source program that is regularly updated by its creators. With two real-time streams displaying next to each other, there’s various editing options below and there’s hardly anything left out. Virtual Dub also comes with additional filters and more of these can be downloaded for the program, too.

3. Pinnacle Video Spin

Pinnacle Video Spin
Using existing media on your PC, you can create fun and compelling videos and slideshows to share with friends and family. Save the final product as a file, burn it to a DVD, or upload it directly to the Web. Version is a small upgrade that includes Windows Media format as the upload format to the Web. What’s new in this version: Version is a small upgrade that includes Windows Media format as the upload format to the Web.

4. Movie Storm

Movie Storm
Movie storm is real-time 3D animation software published by Moviestorm Ltd. The software is aimed at people of all age groups (with a stated minimum of 14 years old) and appeals to those with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests. Currently active members include bloggers, musicians, writers, teachers, students, engineers, marketing professionals and physicists. Moviestorm enables the user to create animated movies, using machinima technology. It takes the user from initial concept to finished, distributed movies. Sets and characters can be created and customised, and scenes can be filmed using multiple cameras.

5. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. It works on Windows, Linux and Apple’s Mac as well.

6. Jahshaka

Jahshaka (formerly known as CineFX) aims to become a cross-platform, open source, free, video editing software, effects, and compositing suite. It is currently in alpha stage, supporting realtime effects rendering, but lacking useful implementations of many features such as the non-linear editing system. It is written using Qt, but its user interface is written using an OpenGL library to create GUIs. Since it uses OpenGL and OpenML, it could be ported to many different platforms that have the necessary computing power. Jahshaka is released under the GNU General Public License.

7. Blender

Blender is a a 3D graphics video creation program which hosts a variety of features. These include modeling, animation, rendering, post-production and real-time interactive 3D, as well as game creation. Playback with cross-platform compatibility for Blender is also included along with support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

8. Avid Free DV

Avid Free DV
Avid Free DV is a non-linear editing video editing software application which was made by Avid Technology. Avid discontinued this product, stating: “Effective September 1, 2007, Avid is discontinuing the Avid Free DV application offer, and has no immediate plans to make an updated version available.” It was intended to give editors a sample of the Avid interface to use in deciding whether or not to purchase Avid software, so when compared with other Avid products its features were relatively minimal. When it was available it was not limited by time or watermarking, so it could be used as a non-linear editor for as long as desired.

9. Zwei-Stein

Zwei-Stein is a free video editing software which is more suited to experienced editors; the interface is quite complex but it’s extremely effective and delivers everything you could need, which include editing up to 256 video/audio/still image clips, as well as 64 effects that can be used serially.

10. Wax

Wax is a high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software. The idea for Wax is to be very general purpose and flexible in video compositing and effects, so that you can compose your dream video sequence with ease everytime. Wax can create 2D & 3D special effects and can work in two modes – as a standalone application which would appeal for home users/beginners, and as a “plug-in” to video editors/NLEs which would be more useful for professional editors.

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