Top 10 Best Family Movies Of All Time!!

The global pandemic is still halting, and theaters do not seem to be a reliable option to hang out with your little kids. Movie nights at home are the best option within it that are relatively safe too. 

So are you guys looking for exciting and fun-loving movies that you can freely stream with your whole family? Here, we are with the Best ten movies you can pick in your entire family time. Alongside the emergence of many genre movies, there are the top ten movies specially created for children, streaming on various streaming networks, from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney. So, if you want to enjoy and relax at home along with your young ones, there you can go!!

10. Frozen

 Director: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
 Writers: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Shane Morris
 Cast: The Good Place lead role- Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana, Josh Gad who participates along with Tim Curry ‘Rocky Horror’ Halloween Virtual Event.
 Year Released: 2013
 Genre: a computer-animated musical fantasy 
 Ages: it's best to go for 5+

In Frozen, you will see the fearless and optimist character named Anna, who teamed up with a rugged mountain man called Kristoff and his loyal reindeer, depicted Sven in the movie. They all are set down for an epic journey searching for Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have been stolen by the kingdom of Arendelle in extreme winters. They will also encounter Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls, and a hysterical snowman named Olaf.

So here you can watch will this trio succeed in finding Elsa in time to protect Arendelle?

It is still streaming on Disney+!

9. The Iron Giant

 Director: Brad Bird
 Writers: Brad Bird
 Cast: Jennifer Aniston receives backlash on Twitter, Harry Connick Jr, Vin Diesel gave voice on Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gammon
 Year Released: 1999
 Genre: Scientific fiction action movie 
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.

The Iron Giant movie dramatized in the Cold War scenario in 1957 and The Iron Giant emphasized a nine-year-old boy, Hogarth, who encountered a vast, alien robot who recently landed on Earth. This damaged robot had lost his senses, and he had no idea who he was or from where he arrived! But the way he befriends Hogarth made the movie more excited. Hogarth treated him like a 50 ft tall pet rather than a colossal extraterrestrial weapon. However, the Alien’s arrival quickly drawn the attention of the U.S. military, who assumed that he might be a threat to the humans and harshly tried to bring him under their control.

So here you can watch Hogarth will succeed in saving his friend from the U.S. military?

It is still available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

8. Enchanted

 Director: Kevin Lima
 Writers: Bill Kelly
 Cast: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel
 Year Released: 2007
 Genre: animated romantic comedy 
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.

Enchanted is one of the other princess movies with a fish-out-of-water angle. Here you’ll watch an animated princess, Giselle, as played by (Amy Adams). She dropped into New York City and survived as a real human being. But unfortunately, she has later been possessed by an evil soul, as played by (Susan Sarandon). She sheltered herself into a single dad (Devils star- Patrick Dempsey) and hunted by an animated prince as played by (Dead to Me cast- James Marsden) whom she convinced was his true love.

This movie is still available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

7. Elf

 Director: Jon Favreau(Alien XMas)
 Writers: Jon Favreau
 Cast: Will Ferrell, James Caan, Zooey Deschanel, Mary Steenburgen
 Year Released: 2003
 Genre: Christmas Comedy movie 
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.

If your family fond of festive films, then there is no competition instead of Elf, which features Will Ferrell as a character named Buddy. He was raised at the extreme North Pole by the elves, but they decided to set down for New York City searching for his father after knowing that he is a human being. However, Buddy faced a tough hard time exploring everyday human life.

Here you will get inspire and know the quite differences in human lives.

This movie is still available for streaming on Hulu!

6. Kung Fu Panda

 Director: John Stevenson, Mark Osborne
 Writers: Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris
 Cast: Jack Black
 Year Released: 2008
 Genre: Animated action movie movie 
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.

Kung fu panda is characterized by the titular panda named Po, as voiced by Jack Black. He was the lazy kid of a noodle merchant, and he dreamt of being a legendary kung fu fighter, but he never thought it would become a reality one day. 

The same lazy character is chosen as the Dragon Warrior, known for an elite kung fu master. Later, he learned Dragon Scroll’s technique, which he further used in defeating the evil villain Tai Lung.

This movie is still available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

5. Anastasia

 Director: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman (Dragon's Lair Director)
 Writers: Eric Tuchman
 Cast: Meg Ryan, Kelsey Grammer, Christopher Lloyd, Hank Azaria, Shameless cast- John Cusack
 Year Released: 2008
 Genre: Animated musical drama
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.  

Anastasia is one of the Another Don Bluth animated movies that features Russian locations. The fictional story of the real-life personality, Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, suddenly disappeared when her family was murdered in the early 20th century. Although the real Anastasia also died with her family, in the story, the writer speculates that she lived but lost all her royal memories. It is a complete animated drama.

It is still available for streaming on Disney+.

4. An American Tail

 Director: Don Bluth
 Writers: David Kirschner, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss
 Cast: Cathianne Blore, Dom DeLuise, John Finnegan, Phillip Glasser, Amy Green
 Year Released: 1986
 Genre: musical adventure comedy-drama 
Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.

An American Tail's story follows a young mouse character named Feivel, mistakenly separated from his family while he movies from Russia to the United States of America. When he found himself utterly alone in New York City, Feivel struggled hard to survive on his terms while balancing his family's hope.

It is still available for streaming on Netflix.

3. Sky High

 Director: Mike Mitchell
 Writers: Paul Hernandez, Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle
 Cast: Kelly Preston, Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
 Year Released: 2005
 Genre: American superhero comedy film 
Ages: it's best to go for eight and up. 

If your kids love superhero movies and in search of a bit different storyline, then you will check out SKY HIGH. There you will watch a teenage high school with superpowers. The main character is Will Stronghold as played by Michael Angarano who expect baby with ‘Pen15’ producer Maya Erskine, son of the most famous superheroes The Commander ( played by Kurt Russell- passed out a statement about political issues) and Jetstream (played by Kelly Preston), who joined the Sky High ashamed of the truth that he hasn’t developed any superpowers yet of his own. So here you will find all the struggles of Will and inspired by him.

It is still available for streaming on Disney+.

2. Abominable

 Director: Jill Culton
 Writers: Jill Culton
 Cast: Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Eddie Izzard
 Year Released: 2019
 Genre: Computer-animated adventure film 
Ages: it's best to go for five and up.
Abominable animated drama is based on the Trio, Yi, Jin, and Peng, who discovered a young yeti on their terrace. Later, they named him Everest and flowed on a thrilling adventure to reunite that cute magical creature with his family. Everest also helps Yi, Jin, and Peng to unlock the inner bravery they didn't even know on the whole journey. They even rush to China to get back the magical creature to his family.

So this whole drama takes your young one on the adventure of a most beautiful journey.

It is still available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

1. Ralph Breaks the Internet

 Director: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
 Writers: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jim Reardon, Pamela Ribon
 Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson, Jack McBrayer
 Year Released: 2018
 Genre: American computer-animated comedy-drama
 Ages: it's best to go for eight and up.
In Disney+ drama Ralph Breaks the Internet, you will encounter a video-game terrible guy named Ralph and his fellow misfit Vanellope who traveled to the World Wide Web to find a replacement part in Vanellope's video game, 'Sugar Rush.' 

In way over their heads, they both rely on the internet citizens, known as netizens, who helped them navigate their way. It also included an entrepreneur named Yesss, who seemed like the hearted soul of Buzzztube and the head algorithm’s trend-making site. The whole drama focused on technologies and a warming storyline that may excite your kids further to take an interest in computers and the internet world.

It is still available for streaming on Disney +.

So, if you have trouble finding the best family movies you can pick for quality time? There you can go for, including beloved classics, superpower dramas, action-packed adventures, magical creatures, and laugh-out-loud comedies. Ensure to check out this list as the favorite time-tested titles we know your family will love. So grab some popcorn, sit, relax, and enjoy!

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