Top 20 Best Female Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked !

What makes the best female anime character? It all depends on the story or setting. Some anime female characters are lively, cheerful, and energetic, while others are cunning, efficient, and powerful. This is because the genre of a story determines how we perceive the characters. These 20 best female anime characters of all time have won their place in this list by proving their worth as the ultimate leading ladies in various genres of anime such as romance, adventure, comedy, or sci-fi.

This list looks at the twenty best girl anime characters of all time based on voting results. So when you’re looking for a new female anime character to idolize, it’s time to look no further than the one you already know. It’s a well-known fact that most of the best male anime characters come from male-oriented shows, while the female characters tend to be more popular than their female-targeted counterparts.

So, this is a list of what we think are the top 20 best female anime characters of all time. These women made an impression on us — whether it be their looks, their personalities, or just the way they rock that costume. Feel free to put your vote in for whichever of these girl-anime-characters you like the most and vote up your favorites!

20. Saki Hanajima – Fruits Basket

One of the most distinctive and popular anime characters female is Saki Hanajima from the Fruit Basket series. The series is full of fruits that this anime girl loves the most. Her favorite fruit is apple, but you can find oranges, bananas, mandarins, or peaches in her basket. Fruit Basket is unknown for its princess warriors, but Saki Hanajima has terrifying powers worth mentioning. She is a mind reader who can detect electrical waves that carry people’s thoughts. In addition to this, she can also emit “poison waves” and put curses on people – she accidentally killed one of her classmates.

Saki Hanajima-20th-Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

19. Saber – Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night

Saber, also known as Artoria Pendragon, is a fierce and valiant warrior who plays a central role in the thrilling anime series Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night. Summoned by both teenagers Shirou Emiya and Kiritsugu Emiya in their respective battles for the Holy Grail, Saber is an agile and powerful force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her swordsmanship is unmatched, and her unwavering dedication to justice makes her a truly heroic character. So join Saber on her quest for the Holy Grail and experience the fierce battles and exciting adventures she encounters!

Saber- 19th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

18. Madoka Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname is a regular high school student with no special ability to talk when Puella Magi Madoka Magica begins. Our best female anime character has a mysterious and compassionate wish. When she finally agrees to become a magical girl, she is stronger than anyone had ever expected. Before it ever existed, she wanted to destroy every witch, liberating all other magical girls from the sorrow and pain they suffered. She wants godly powers, and she becomes a true god.

Madoka Kaname-18th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

17. Hinata Hyuga- Naruto

Hinata Hyuga is a beloved fictional character in the thrilling anime and manga series, Naruto, created by the remarkable Masashi Kishimoto. She is a talented kunoichi (female ninja) from the Hidden Leaf village (Konohagakure) and a former heiress of the prestigious Hyuga clan. Admired for her compassionate personality and formidable Byakugan eyes, which grant her the ability to perceive both chakra points and solid objects with ease, Hinata stands out as one of the fandom’s favorite characters and serves as one of the primary love interests of the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki.

Hinata Hyuga- 17th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

16. Kanade Tachibana – Angel Beats

Our next female anime character is Kanade Tachibana. The last thing anybody in Angel Beats’ world would like to hear is the sweet little voice of the Kanade Tachibana saying, “hand sonic.” They know they’re going down when they hear that. Kanade’s job is to assist the inhabitants of the post-life in their issues, but she must defend herself after declaring war on her. In this respect, she develops a range of superhuman skills. She could also distort pictures, create painful waves of high frequencies, clone herself, take up the clones, sprout the wings of an angel, produce a drilling blue light that destroys everything in her path, and much more.

Kanade Tachibana-16th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

15. Nana Shimura – My Hero Academia

It’s difficult to imagine that My Hero Academia’s All Might ever has a mentor — she is so powerful that’s why we consider her one of the best female anime characters. She seems like she has had to come to it alone. But the heroic stance came from the 7th inheritor of One For All, Nana Shimura. The power enables the users to store their power, thus providing super-stärke, excellent speeds, and other incredible capacities – but the strain can tear the user apart unless the user is physically strong enough to withstand it. Nana is equally strong as All Might protect her.

14. Biscuit Krueger – Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit is one of the cutest anime girl characters. She might seem like a cute, innocent girl, but she’s a 57-year-old Stone Hunter who can kill you very easily. Her true shape is even terrifying, as she could become several times the size of a massive, buff woman. Fortunately, Gon and Killua can benefit by becoming their mentor on Greed Island from their skills and knowledge.

Biscuit Krueger

13. Lucy – Elfen Lied

Our next best female anime character is Lucy from Elfen Lied. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Lucy, but you probably have any characters in Elfen Lied as strong as Lucy. She can use “vectors” or invisible, unbelievably powerful telekinetic arms. Such vectors are powerful enough to destroy the planet literally. They have been used to killing more than 9,000 people – but perhaps her most impressive capacity is a tragic background to make all such killings justifiable.

12. Ryuko Matoi – Kill La Kill

Our next best female anime character is Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill. She doesn’t know any special powers at the beginning of Kill-la-Kill. She discovers her immense potential for knocking on the ass once she comes with Senketsu, a sensitive school uniform made of life fibers, an almost immortal form of life. Later, Ryuko does not need Senketsu to defeat her enemies – she is composed of life fibers. These fibers give her superhuman strength and enable her to easily heal even the most serious injuries. That’s why we put this girl anime on our list.

Ryuko Matoi- 12th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

11. Yuno Gasai- Future Diary

Yuno Gasai-11th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

Yuno Gasai, our beloved fictional character, plays the main female protagonist in the magnificent manga series Future Diary created by the one and only Sakae Esuno. As one of the diary owners in the Survival Game, Yuno owns the legendary “Yukiteru Diary/Diary of Future Love”. Her heart aches deeply for Yukiteru Amano, and she will go to endless lengths to keep him by her side. Known for her cunning and ruthless personality- Yuno is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

10. Revy – Black Lagoon

Revy is a previous “Black Lagoon” member, a legendary killer squad. She is a woman anime who lives by the philosophy that life is just a big game; she’s a fool, some money-loving, gun-happy shell. Despite all her flaws, she remains fast, adept with firearms, and ruthless with her enemies. She is a deadly fighter with unbelievable skills in manufacturing, often overcoming whole platoons. Revy is also considered a dangerous opponent among the deadly gangs and assassins in Roanapur. You’re not going to want to get on her bad side.

Revy-10th-  Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

9. Kagura – Gintama

Kagura, a girl anime character, belongs to the Gintama series. Although she prefers to eat anything for most days (particularly kombu), she has superhuman strength. She is one of the deadliest races in the world named Yato, who has unbelievable strength and murderous instincts. It does not hurt that her father, Umbozu, is regarded as the most powerful man in the world, while her brother, Kamui, is a second rather near. She was forced to be counted against in her family despite her adorable, childlike look.

8. Izumi Curtis – Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi Curtis may call herself an ordinary housewife, but ordinary homemakers are typically more powerful than anyone. That’s exactly how our strong female anime character Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist, is. She was a talented Alchemist. Despite her overwhelming physical prowess, she taught the Elric Brothers almost all they knew. These talents are more impressive since Izumi badly damaged her organ as she tried to restore her child through alchemy. She’s still a formidable adversary even when she’s coughing up blood.

7. Tsunade – Naruto

While Naruto has many badass women, Tsunade is probably one of the most powerful and best girl-anime-characters. Not only does the chakra (energy) control, which she can use in the exercise of lightning, fire, waters, earth, and yin and yang, is superb strength, so unbelievable that she was able to divide the ground with a single finger (techniques). This means she controls the elements and her spiritual energy completely. She is so powerful that Susan, an impenetrable defense, can penetrate her attacks.

Tsuande-7th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

6. Akame – Akame Ga Kill!

Akame of Akame ga Kill! is the most powerful anime woman of the Night Raid, the recognition and murder group. Akame has a high level of sword control, and her skills are also fascinating. She can handle the poisonous Teigu Blade, immune to most pollen. Even she can move Mach-1 sound speed too. She can disguise her intentions and surprise her opponents when Akame wants to kill somebody. The challenge to defeat her is one that few are ready to face. She is also one of the cutest anime girl characters of all time.

Akame- 6th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

5. Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

So, our next best female anime character is Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. She has so many incredible special skills that it takes more to describe them than Goku does to complete a battle. She can fly, explosive, shoot powerful beams, teleport, and usually beat anyone who wonders to mess with her. Moreover, her strong personality requires obedience even from the strongest fighters in the universe of Dragon Ball. Although she is one of the black girl anime characters, you will adore her by her incredible skills.

4. Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Our next best female anime character is Tatsumaki from the One Punch Man anime series. She is the epitome of terror in the series who makes up ten times in capacity and strength that she lacks in height. Tatsumaki is a psychic hero of S-Class 2. She is supposed to be one of the most powerful anime women in the One Punch Man universe of the Hero Association. She and her more junior sister, Fubuki, are a psychologically studied duo. She’s unbelievably competent and has no tolerance for arrogant men who reject her as a girl. Before you mess with her, you better think twice.

Tatsumaki- 4th- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

3. Mereoleona Vermillion – Black Clover

Mereoleona isn’t the strongest person out there, and it’s hard to argue, but she is one of the most iconic bunny girl senpai characters. What can you expect of a lady training in a hot fiery volcano? Well, her magic of fire is deadly and explosive, as the captain of the Royal Knights. Mereoleona, many consider, is the strongest person in the Kingdom of Clover. You can find her shooting for wild animals or snoring in steaming hot springs when she’s not fighting.

2. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is one of Hajime Isayama’s leading characters in Attack on Titan. She is an important character in the series as she depicts Historia Reiss’s closest friend Eren Jaeger and her twin sister. She comes from the hit anime series ‘Attack On Titan!’ She has a fearless, standard expression, a fierce combat expression, and a hurt expression on her facial plates. She is a deadly force on the Titans and is even “as valuable as an average of one hundred soldiers.” Despite being black girl anime characters, she is loved by all.

Mikasa Ackerman- 2nd- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time

1. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

So, who tops this list of best female anime characters is Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail. She has so much astonishing ability that the dungeon master would flip frustrated over the board if she was a D&D character. This is one of the cool anime girls and a great lady in her most popular series Fairy Tail. She has the ridiculous magic ability to “Requip” and switch armor off and offensive tools on fast flashing, which includes telekinesis, sword magic. She is also frighteningly strong, super-fast, and master of archery, hand-to-hand fighting, and swordsmanship.

Erza Scarlet- 1st- Best Female Anime Characters of All Time


We’ve come to the end of the list of the 20 Best Female Anime Characters. We hope you enjoyed it and were proud of our picks! Please add any characters you may feel should be in the top 20, and also, please comment on characters you like or dislike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.  Who Are Some of the Strongest Anime Villain Characters?

Some of the strongest anime villain characters are Boros (One Punch Man), MadaraUchiha (Naruto), Sosuke Aizen (Bleach), Frieza (Dragon Ball), and Father (Fullmetal Alchemist).

Q2. Who Are Some of the Fastest Anime Characters?

Some of the fastest anime characters are Anti-spiral (Tengen Toppa), Wolfgang Schreiber (Shinza Bansho), Zeus (Record of Ragnarok), Whis (Dragon Ball) and Borsalino (One Piece)

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