The 15 Best PS4 Games For Girls in 2023

PS4 Games for girls are a big deal these days in the gaming community. They have various games for young girls, teens, and grown-ups that cater to different people’s gaming needs. 

The PlayStation 4 has grown into one of the best gaming consoles ever. Sure, it’s so much more than all that. But since we’re talking about how good it is for gaming, we need to mention the great games that have been released alongside it. The PS4 has a huge library with top games from every genre and remember for every gender too. However, if you’re a girl looking for some new titles to enjoy as soon as they’re released this year, there are 15 games you should keep on your radar. These are not only some of the best PS4 games, but they’re great for a woman’s taste in video games today.

Every year PlayStation hosts a PlayStation Experience convention where the next crop of PS4 games is shown off to the world. Sony’s playground is getting more crowded by the year, but there is still room to play. With so many amazing PS4 games on the horizon, it may be hard to decide which titles are worth your time. That’s why we’ve assembled this table of the top 15 PS4 games for girls in 2023! Let’s round on them. 

15. Forager

Release: April 18, 2019
Designer:Wilmer Willgot
Publisher:Humble Bundle
Genres:Open-world, adventure, survival

Forager is an enjoyable open-world ps4 game for girls in which the player moves on a broad scene with the collection of resources, tools, and objects. It also includes many activities to simulate that allow you to cook, mine, farm, produce things, do magic, and much more. The majority of the critics gave it positive feedback. As you do more activities, you gain more XP, which allows you to advance to new levels and stages. During your adventure as a girl, you will also find new types of enemies and NPC.

14. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Release: June 30, 2017
Developers:Vicarious Visions
Designer:Dan Tanguay
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot girl games for ps4 pro are great for everyone, but they can be a bit tough. But the good thing about the new version is that it includes all three games and a colorful art style which should certainly appeal to younger players. It’s a game that you play as Crash through every game level, and you play with other characters in some of the games. The different stages are very fun to go through and try to stop the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. The game is also very humorous.

13. Sonic Mania

Release: August 15, 2017
Developers:Christian Whitehead
Designer:Jared Kasl
Sonic Mania

Our next PlayStation 4 game for girls is Sonic Mania, an officially licensed game for Sega’s best-loved platform character. This return is exciting not only because it’s a new Sonic game but also a return to the 2D roots of the franchise. The Sonic games have had some ups and downs over their past decade of existence. The past few years have been good for the franchise, but now fans are looking forward to future holds. This is great for people looking for something different for their daughter. It is inspired by the original Sega Genesis Sonic games and includes scroll-out phases, in which people help people overcome various obstacles and overcome the game. 

12. Horizon Zero Dawn

Release: 28 February 2017
Developers:Guerrilla Games
Designer:Michiel van der Leeuw
Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genres:Action role-playing
Horizon Zero Dawn

A fantastic and immersive video game with a women’s player, Horizon Zero Dawn, is next on our list. Horizon Zero Dawn is a 2017 action-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The plot follows Aloy, a young hunter in a world overrun by machines, which sets out to uncover her past. You could consider her introduced in this roleplaying game if you have a girl who loves gaming. It is rated as the best PS4 game for a young girl and has some adult themes but is certainly not as mature as some of the other RPGs, and it is great for teen girls to see complex feminine characters in games. 

11. The Sims 4

Release: November 17, 2017
Designer:Eric Holmberg-Weidler, Matt Yang
Publisher:Electronic Arts
The Sims 4

Now, coming to our next Ps4 game for women is The Sims 4 by Maxis, The Sims Studio. Many children begin playing Sims at a young age. Many people remember what it looked like when they were only in high school in their 20s and 40s. Yes, there are some adult themes, but if parents felt they needed, it’s nothing too extreme for a ten-year-old girl not to be able to play without some adult care. The game is a joyful and addictive way of creating your worlds and characters, creating unique families, and performing complex histories. Plus, Sims 4 enables tonnes of adaptation for children with a creative mind.

10. Overcooked

Release: 2 August 2016
Developers:Ghost Town Games

This crazy cooking game is a co-op bonanza high-stakes couch, where you and three other players must cook perfect meals frankly! Your little girl needs to get all orders out to save the Onion Kingdom with several quirky kitchens and nail-biting periods. It is a fun and chaotic game with friends that offers the perfect sleep-over and a wonderful way to connect with your young princess. So, take those hats and prepare them in overcooked for those meals and must try these fun PS4 games for teenage girls.

9. Yooka-Laylee

Release: 11 April 2017
Developers:Playtonic Games
Designer:Gavin Price, Gary Richards
Yooka Laylee

Yooka-Laylee is a bright, loud, and colorful game for teen girls, which allows you to control the green lizard (Yooka-Laylee). Cross five giant worlds while collecting all the money you can find to defeat Capital B, the corporate crack. Take this weird but dynamic duo through the five worlds and save the day, full of various puzzles, creatures, and enemies. This game is a perfect upgrade of the platformers that we played during our heyday, and you will love your little girl.

8. Minecraft (PlayStation 4 Edition)

Release: 18 November 2011
Developers:Mojang Studios
Designer:Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten
Publisher:Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genres:Survival, Sandbox

Minecraft is the game for you if your little girl likes to combine imaginative adventure and creativity (that does not ruin your walls!). Minecraft is a simple, imaginative game that allows your mind to be wild as you try to create anything that your heart wants with blocks. Everything in Minecraft is possible, whether she wants to dig into the earth or build the country’s biggest castle. For the PS4 4th class edition, we must say that it is one of the best fun girl games for ps4. Girls, you must try this! 

7. Flower

Release: February 12, 2009
Designer:Nicholas Clark
Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive
Genres:Adventure, art game

Our next leading ps4 game for women is Flower, enabling you to escape into a minimal world like a dream and leave behind the chaos. Simple in its premise, Flower’s stunning visuals and amazing colors will captivate your girl and even inspire her more artistic side. Carry lovely flower petals in the landscapes and see them live by themselves. Fly over lush fields and enjoy Flower’s soothing colors. This game is also a great on-the-go game for the little ones in the back of the vehicle if you’ve got an old PS Vita lying around.

6. Journey

Release: July 21, 2015
Developers:Thatgamecompany, Santa Monica Studio
Designer:Nicholas Clark, Bryan Singh, Chris Bell
Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive
Genres:Art game, Adventure

Another dreamlike world that caught the world by storm comes from the creators of Flower and is famous as one of the best Indie titles ever. This is none other than Journey, one of the best PS4 games for teenage girls. Cross amazing deserts and ruins as you unite the mysteries of the world around you. The intention is to reach the top of the mountain and reveal the legends that the lost civilization offers. The Journey is a perfect game to give your little girl basic controls, a simple objective, and a beautiful look.

5. Abzu

Release: August 2, 2016
Designer:Steve Green
Publisher:505 Games
Genres:Simulation, Adventure, Art Game

Coming on to the next PlayStation 4 game for girls is Abzu. Children are naturally curious, which we all strive to maintain as we grow up in the world. Abzû is a neighbor and provides an international experience of what lives in the below waters. Take control of a diver while you swim in old ruins, discover long-lost secrets and meet beautiful sea animals along your way. When you explore the depths of the ocean, you will explore and watch a variety of fish and enjoy the game.

4. Just Dance 2018

Release: October 24, 2017
Developers:Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Pune, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Montreal
Just Dance 2018

Just Dance 2018 PS4 Games is the latest addition to the Just Dance franchise. It brings many new exciting features, including better graphics and new innovative ways of collecting points that will be sure to delight fans. The game includes over 40 beautiful songs from different genres played by popular artists such as Queen, Ariana Grande, and many more. The children are filled with energy, and it can be a battle of the ages to keep them still for over five seconds! Why not pull them out before bedtime or a major, quiet event. Dance 2018 is an excellent game to get your tiny diva up and move, so you can’t go anywhere you turn. 

3. Tearaway Unfolded

Release: September 8, 2015
Developers:Media Molecule, Tarsier Studios
Designer:Rex Crowle
Publisher:Sony Computer Entertainment
Genres:Platformer, Adventure
Tearaway Unfolded

Unfolded Tearaway is our next girl PlayStation game that’s completely made of paper, that is, digital paper. Play as Atoi as you help her to make an important contribution. The most imaginative wireless controller DUALSHOCK 4 requires you to throw objects to places difficult to achieve, blow wind blows to uncover secrets, and shine a light in frightening places. Tearaway Fun Unfolded doesn’t stop at the console as the creativity in the accompanying app continues. Place yourself in the game and create your fancy game designs.

2. Lego Harry Potter Collection

Release: 25 June 2010
Developers:Double Eleven
Publisher:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral Interactive

If you are a girl and fond of a game, and the graphics and visual effects of the game impress you, then LEGO Harry Potter Collection PS4 games are best. The graphics in all these games are designed using fascinating technology and feature beautiful scenes. In the 1900s, you probably had a soft spot for Harry Potter, which was the franchise to beat. Whether you own the complete box set or the endless commodity, it is a must for most people to bring their girl into this magic world. Enjoy your girl all the best of moments in the LEGO world from the franchise. The collection of LEGO Harry Potter follows the famous trio Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they embark on an adventure of wizards and witchcraft.

1. Lego Worlds

Release: 7 March 2017
Developers:Traveller’s Tales
Designer:Toby Everett, Georgina Cronshaw, Jack Chapman, James Anwyll
Publisher:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Lego Worlds

The leading girl PlayStation game on our list is LEGO World. We’ve all loved LEGO. From the days of playing with your toys as a child to building epic creations in video games – we all know one way or another, we love LEGO. This is what brings us together today to talk about the new game – LEGO Worlds PS4. The game currently on Early Access for PC users and coming out for major consoles. LEGO Worlds is a Minecraft-like game, but you have LEGO bricks instead of blocks! LEGO Worlds brings you to an experience that takes you to your limits with the charm of the LEGO video game franchise. Allow your girl wildly to go to the LEGO verse as she deconstructs and rebuilds a world of endless LEGO opportunities.


So, we have concluded this list of the best 15 PS4 Games For Girls that will take your gaming practice to the next level. The PS4 console is now available in the market for you to consider as your entertainment unit. With great graphics, exciting games, good sound quality, superb picture quality, lots of media players, and many other features, the PS4 can become a favorite choice for you.

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