Top 10 Super Heroes in 20th Century

10. The Spawn

The Spawn
One of the first independent comic book releases to become popular, this comic ushered in a wave of independent comics. The character became very popular for a short period of time and even today people love their comics. The character is also a little dark as compared to the clean super heroes but still stands out enough to be a favourite.

9. The Flash

The Flash
The fastest thing on two legs, The Flash is not to be confused with other super heroes. The Scarlet speedster leaves criminals baffled with his speed. His wit is second to none and reading his comics is nothing short of an adventure. The character has many different versions and a lot of exploration has been done with this character.

8. The Phantom

The Phantom
Known popularly as the Ghost Who Walks the Phantom is also a mysterious super hero who is in fact a normal human being with certain skills sharpened out. He has the aid of his trusted steed and his wolf known as shadow. The Phantom fights crime from the jungles of Africa but has adventures all around the world.

7. The Punisher

The Punisher
A hero with a dark side, The Punisher comic book series ushered in a revolution of sorts for the comic book industry. The comic book was among the first to really show that a hero could also be evil in many ways. Although too much violence in comics has been given a lot of harsh criticism but the overall vote stands and the punisher is one of the best heroes of all time.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man
A millionaire inventor, Tony Stark goes on a crusade to rid the world of evil using technology at its best. A genius mind makes an exoskeleton of super strong metal with advanced weaponry to reign over villains and super villains. Iron Man series has also a movie on its name and a cartoon series that has gained much popularity.

5. Wolverine

Recently made popular by the films made in the name of the character and in the X-Men series, Wolverine has powers of healing and a super strong skeleton made of a metal known as Adamantium. As part of the X-Men, the mutant Logan has lived through many wars and seen much violence which is probably why he has the fierceness of a wild animal in combat.

4. Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four is among the strongest teams of superheroes. Led by the genius Reed Richards (also known as Mr. Fantastic), who also has the ability to stretch his body like a rubber band. His wife, Sue Richards who is also known as the Invisible Girl has the ability to go invisible and cast invisible force fields around anything with the power of her mind. Her brother, Johnny Storm can engulf himself in flames and fly. He is known as the human torch. Ben Grimm is the last member who has superhuman strength and a very tough skin.

3. Spiderman

Spider Man
Spiderman is one of the most loved super heroes of all time. A lot of comic book series have come up around this character. A simple boy who by accident gains the advanced senses of a spider including super human strength, Spiderman is a much loved character and to top it all off, he has an amazing sense of humor.

2. Superman

Super Man
Sent to earth by a twist of fate, Superman is among the first real super heroes and is undoubtedly among the most popular. The success of superman is seen by the fact that movies and comics are still being made further on the character. The Man of Steel is undoubtedly among the most powerful and popular super heroes of all time.

1. Batman

Arguably the greatest superhero of all time, Batman is a caped crusader who goes out by night to rid his loved city and the world of villains. A millionaire in the eyes of the world, Bruce Wayne is the man behind the mask. He trains himself well to overcome any shortcomings that he has over other powerful superheroes and uses the power of his exceptional brain to tackle the worst of the situations. Also a part of a popular TV series and movies, batman is among the most popular of all super heroes.

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