Best Anime Characters – List of Top Anime Characters Ranked!

Who are the best characters in Anime ever? This list contains the best, perhaps all-time favorites in the manga. These are the classical and most popular personalities like Son Goku, the fictitious protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series, and ‘L,’ the Death Note MANGA series investigator. These characters include animated and manga protagonists. Not unexpectedly, many of L and Son Goku’s greatest and most iconic animals are some of the most popular Anime shows ever. And this article provides a glimpse into the Top Ten Best Anime Characters of all times.

A community of fans may be a fantastic means of connecting people who have a mutual love of Anime, manga, and otaku! Here, Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass leads the list, which is the most tightly structured and multifaceted series. Followed by Lawliet from Death Note in second place and then Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece in third place.

We have handpicked such ten best Anime Characters that you must recall. Let’s round them!

10. Sakata Gintoki – Gintama

This list is the anime class that can make anybody laugh at a hat or even cry at a hat’s drop. Gintama is a series renowned as the King of anime comedy, recognized for its weird humor, loving characters, and unbeatable allusions to pop culture, which even shamed Family Guy. The “White Demon,” Sakata Gintoki, leads the riotous gang of clowns.

Ever since he was a rebel during the extraterrestrial invasion of the Japanese Edo era, Gin currently works in “special tasks” around the city to produce meats, whether to help with the sushi store, resolve detective cases, or battle foreigners. Gin’s ability to pull straight face witches, ecstatic straight man’s routines, and delicate stoic lines, as both the humble idiot and the hard-boiled badass with such proficiency, serves to raise Gin to this roster and more wonderful to watch. So this anime character is on number ten in our list of 10 best Anime Characters that you must recall.

Sakata Gintoki

9. Naruto Uzamaki – Naruto

The Hidden Leaf Village’s “Nine-Tailed Fox” Naruto Uzumaki is one of the key characters in the infamous “Big Three.” Naruto describes “begun on the ground” as he starts his adventure as the inept discharge of his school of ninja, only for fans to rejoice and to cry while seeing him work and scrape to the top, train the wisest men, battle the strongest of ninja and yet find time to look after his friends.

Knucklehead is in the hearts of countless animated fans as he delivered some of the great struggles, tragedies, and stories from Anime. And only a couple of years ago, the uncommon race of the Shoun protagonist, Naruto, matured the 7th Hokage of the Leaf Village, making primers and viewers who accompanied him feel like proud parents. So this anime character is on number nine in our list of 10 best Anime Characters that you must recall.

8. Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

The “Pirate Hunter” proves this list and the first partner of the Straw Hat pirates, Roronoa Zoro, that secondary characters and second-in-command may be appreciated in their own right. Zoro was at first just a boisterous youngster who believed he was stronger with more swords. But he would perfect the legendary three-word approach and evolve into a stoic badass which fans appreciate till now with ongoing training and the anguish of lost rivalry.

Zoro has paved (in many instances, cut) a devastation trail that has left buildings, robots, and some of One Piece’s strongest opponents on his way to becoming the world’s top swordsmen. It is the cool base of which Luffy was a Captain of the Straw Hats and a valued comrade who showed loyalty and honesty to fans more than often.

Roronoa Zoro

7. Rintarou Okabe – Steins

Apart from the heavy-weight fighting series, the list includes science fiction/sufficiency/visual novel terrain, which examines Anime’s beloved mad scientist Rintarou Okabe, the Future Gadge Research Foundation leader. Rin epitomizes all the striving university/STEM students desire to be. Having opted to shift his operations to Akihabara in a very first year in Tokyo Denki University, he built his time-travel research laboratory, directing a crew of engineers who are more active than researchers.

Rin brings viewers to his excenter and his best behavior but pinpoints the viewer’s attention with his hidden depths of sincerity and mystery. The series delves into more profound mysteries and puts Rin into a range of high-level concepts that give him a lot of work to do. So we put this anime character on number seven in our list of 10 best Anime Characters.

Rintarou Okabe

6. Light Yagami – Death Note

The adolescent savior of humanity and punisher of everything wicked, “Kira” Light Yagami, has a comparable high idea, moral problems, and suspense. Light was once a beautiful high school genius whose society and family demands made him increasingly remote from the prosaic parts of everyday existence until the literal chance of life dropped at his feet, and a voyage of the world’s salvation and the mass slaughter began.

Having found the Death Note and starting an association with the death god Ryuk, Light now can hit anyone, anywhere, by composing their name and even cause of mortality within the Death Note. Taking upon the identity of “Kira,” Light uses his newfound excuse to kill all of the worst criminals of the world, dispensing closure to some while driving a universal conspiracy/mystery to others. Light has led fans in Anime’s greatest cat-and-mouse chases with his genius-level intellect and eccentric passion.

Light Yagami

5. Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

The “Fullmetal Alchemist” Edward Elric has given fans a spunky, subdued love and a morally conflicting human drama, which most, if any, other Shounen actors cannot attain, as the protagonist of the biggest Shounen anime of all time.

Ed led viewers along a completely stormy trip of existential and theological drama, political infringement, warm friendships, and epic concept-alchemical fights after an alchemical experiment that had left him locked in armor and the soul of a brother. Edward Elric was the face of an experience that ironically anime lovers everywhere yearned for a happy ending, despite his arrogant, laughing at nature. That’s why we put this anime character on number four in our list of 10 best Anime Characters.

4. Levi Ackerman – Attack On Titan

The strongest soldier of the human race, Levi Ackerman, the captain of the Scouting Legion and the Special Operations team, is to continue to work on a master of blades of a different race. Levi has gained more from his Attack on Titan’s introduction than fans’ adoration, given that his position as icy and severe captain has always been respected but is offset by the touch and real concern for his purpose and his squad.

Levis is also a superb warrior on the battlefield, beyond a leadership that even attracts spectators’ notice because he displayed some of Titian’s most dramatic moments battling titans and other troops equally. Anyone who misjudges this man because of his diminutive height will soon be on the wrong side of a sword.

Levi Ackerman

3. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

The Shonen Jump’s “Big Three” leader, the Straw Hat Pirates captain, Monkey D. Luffy, will properly join #3. Luffy, son of a famed revolutionary and grandson of a legendary seafarer, had shockingly modest beginnings as a young child watching his pirate idol, Red-Haired Shanks. Luff would continue his path to become King of the pirates after eating the gum fruit and raising bandits, leading a loving crew of misfits and characters who have embraced this series with plenty of charm.

And no other crew member has more personality than the commuter herself, as Luffy’s particular brand of justice and freedom are as controversial as they are appealing as the friendly and fun-loving, mental rubber man makes the audience laugh, weep and stare in amazement. Luffy is a guy who has difficulty with hatred, and he’s a Shounen protagonist. But, in a manner that other Shounen heroes just did not, his distinctive flavor supports accepting and dreaming. That’s why we put this anime character on number three in our list of ten best Anime Characters.

Monkey D. Luffy

2. Lawliet – Death Note

Light Yagami’s foil and the largest investigator in the world, L Lawliet, are beyond his primary character. It’s no wonder L gained as much appreciation as he did because he’s a distinguished aesthetic. Whether it’s his high degree of intelligence, his eccentric personality, his central position, or his sweet tooth diet, L only gives the spectator an impression, which adds to the intrigues of an already exciting series of suspense.

Beyond the match between Light and intelligence, L is a fit in aesthetics because Light is a more sophisticated strategic and social reasoning because of his social incompetence and weird aura. Everyone likes L in an important popularity contest in the fight against the outcast, which is hard to see off. L strangely wins out. And one of the most popular anime characters in the animated world.


1. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

The ranking on #1 is complicated, leading to complicated characteristics in one of the anime series. Lelouch Lamperouge was a prince on the throne who gave up his rank after his mother had been assassinated and his sister was paralyzed. After being a politician captive as a student who was exiled within Japan, he felt his chance to seek vengeance and redemption when he stumbled on C.C., a mystery girl who gives him the power of Geass.

Lelouch proceeds with his new gift along the path of salvation and destruction, becoming the leader of the revolutionary group of the Order of the Black Rabbits, lies and betrays his comrades, and murders hundreds and thousands. Seeing what type of man he matures as he comes out the other side is just titillating enough to bring fans across a deep moral analysis and human drama. Although he has a badass personality, he is one of the best Anime characters you must recall.

Lelouch Lamperouge


Anime as a media is typically defined by its most popular personalities, whether it is the greatest appearance, more fascinating, or bad-ass. Whether you love a series condensed into an embodied form or just stolen from the concert, animated characters pay the price for their performance. So, bringing things back to that glorious lunchroom at the high school, we hope that this list will help you to decide who’s the coolest.

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