Top 10 Fruits for weight loss

Most of the fruits are low in fats and calories.such fruits helps to loss your are the top 10 fruits,as a part of healthy diet to loose weight.Without exercise In-taking of these fruits will not help you to reduce your weight.Consider to take these fruits along with daily diet and exercise practice.

weight loss


Apples are the one of the best fruit to loose your weight.Apple contain high fiber and low calories.It contains vitamins as well as fiber.These can help you to loose the weight in variety of ways.



Presence of high Potassium and fiber in banana help in weight loss.vitamin B6 helps to boost your immunity and lower risk  of heart disease.



oranges contain a lot less calories and they provide with fiber which is not present in juice form.They are good for weight loss as they are fat free.



Pears are rich in fiber and with low calories.Pears contain several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with less than 60 calories.It will help you reduce weight.



Among all the fruits mango are the sweetest.Mango are fat free, cholesterol free.In a mango there will be only 1% of fat and 0% cholesterol.If you eat less healthy food along with the mangoes then you will loose the weight.



Pomegranate contains the polyphenols antioxidants which helps to boost your body metabolism.In addition they stop the build up of arterial lipid and lower your appetite.It is a super fruit for weight loss.In addition Pomegranate reduces the LDL cholesterol, removes harmful toxins and  increases the blood flow in the body.



Peaches are Low in  calories.It contains a high amount of fiber, potassium and it is full of vitamins.Peaches are good in antioxidants,it has many health benefits and also it helps you to reduce weight.



Watermelon are good for hydrating your body.It is a inexpensive  juicy fruit  with lots of health benefits.Watermelon has low calories with no fat,which plays a vital role in weight loss.



Guava is rich in vitamins,proteins and minerals but it has no cholesterol and it has a  low number of digestible carbohydrates.It has many health and weight loss benefits.



Grapefruit is low in calories In fact It just  37 calories in a half a grapefruit.Half a grapefruit before breakfast helps you to rev metabolic rate and achieve your weight loss goal.


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