20 Yakuza Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meaning !

Why get a tattoo when you can get an entire bodysuit? Yakuza-designed tattoos are the most prevalent culture all over Japan. This article will look at the meanings of these Yakuza tattoos and appreciate their beauty and symbolism.

Yakuza tattoos are a cryptic language, even to the Japanese themselves. Yet, there are seemingly no barriers when it comes to their designs or their meanings. We put together a list of the top 20 yakuza tattoos and the deep meaning behind them. Yakuza are Japanese mafia members who use elaborate tattoos to form bonds in their violently organized crime rings. These symbolic body markings are done with precision, pain tolerance, and love, making for an incredibly rich tattoo tradition that goes back centuries.

So, here we’ve compiled The Top 20 Yakuza Tattoos and Yakuza Tattoo Meaning here to give you an insight into what some of these might mean and where on your body they might be found.

20. Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoo

One of my most favorite Japanese Yakuza Tattoos is Cat Tattoo. We are all familiar with the fact that cats often have good fortune and wealth and thus create great tattoos. There are different methods of designing your Yakuza Tattoos, and while some people choose the more traditional approach, others may choose things they like about the Japanese culture, like cats. From food to dress to tattoo style, this could be anything. It is essential that your conceptions are not offensive and that sacred and religious imagination is always best prevented, and a cat tattoo is one of the best choices.

19. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Our next Tattoo is Yakuza Dragon Tattoo. In Japan, dragons are seen in a way other than the West. The Japanese regard dragons as protectors of the human race. The tattoos of dragons represent courage, clarity, and endurance. Schwarz dragons are compared to know-how and illumination. Green dragons are related to nature, and gold dragons are a mixture of virtues. The blue and human, generous dragons are tender, while the yellow is dignified partners. That’s why this Japanese Yakuza Tattoo is the most popular all over the world.

18. Phoenix

Phoenix Tattoo

A Phoenix Tattoo is often linked to birth, death, and rebirth and is one of the most prominent Japanese Yakuza tattoos. The Japanese phoenix, called Hou-ou, is a mythical creature of fire, justice, and power. It was also done to renovate homes, and people who lived there are thought to be honest and loyal. Therefore, it’s one of the most memorable and beautiful birds rich in symbolization to be inked. In Japan, a myth of the phoenix, like many other features of Japanese culture, was found in China.

17. Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

The Snake tattoo in Japan has several connotations. First, it is a symbol of renewable strength and health. Second, snacks are linked with knowledge, divination, and powers of the cosmos in Japanese legends. Third, they also symbolize the spiritual characteristics of the female and can symbolically avoid disease and misfortune. Finally, in China’s zodiac, scholars and sophists are born during the year of the snake, the intelligent lot with a strong headstrong. That’s why we put this Japan Yakuza Tattoo on our list.

16. Samurai Tattoos

Samurai Tattoo

Now, moving on to our next famous Japanese Yakuza Tattoo is Samurai, literally meaning ‘the warrior‘ precisely denoting the Bushido’s principles. The code highlights honor, courage, integrity, and good execution. It has its profound roots in the Buddhist and Confucian principles. Yakuza has accepted Bushido’s many opinions and recognizes itself as guardians of ancient Japanese tradition. A close reading of the chronicle of Yakuza, however, shows that this is wrong. The early Yakuza were opponents of or had very suspicious connections to the samurai.

15. Cherry Blossom Designs

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Our next Yakuza back Tattoo, Cherry blossoms (“sakura”), are deeply remarkable in Japanese culture. Their ephemeral nature and short lifespan mean life itself, which is little more than the grazing in a quickly swirling river in classical Japanese dogma. Once the sakura is drawn from the tree, breeze and rainfall spread out, and from that time disappear from the earth’s surface. The Japanese celebrate hanami every year (Flower Views), a lifetime celebration where colleagues and people get together and waste a little while savoring outstanding spring sakura. Sakura tattoos somehow describe that while life is gone, it is still full of beauty and color.

14. Oni Mask

Oni Mask Tattoo

Oni Mask is also most prevalent in the category of Japanese Yakuza Tattoos. They are ogres or fiends that punish the minister gravely. These are huge, terrifying, usually red or blue skin, uncompromising white hair, and fangs. They operate large, spiky clubs that can change at will, lead to disease, madness, and death. Their ideal diet is made up of the human body. The oni mask tattoo thus exemplifies the application and discipline of behavior. Oni is perceived to intimidate villages, degenerate into society, and is recognized as a reincarnation of the especially malicious, yakuza-like.

13. Demon Tattoo

Demon Tattoo

Our Yakuza tattoo for demons may not be an attractive design for all, but it does have an extremely interesting meaning. Such a different Demon represented in Japanese folklore is the most popular Tattoo in the world. Your ink portrays the balance between good and evil, and it may remind you that harmful activities will not go unpunished. It is also possible that the wearer wants to intimidate others with their bodywork and impression of being unaffected. The pieces are also exceptionally detailed and often feature cherry flowers or a snake, which are decorated in a statement.

12. Crane Tattoo

Crane Tattoo

The crane in Japan is very important and symbolizes peace and hope. So, this Japanese Yakuza Tattoo is also considered a worldwide creature, is respected and admired profoundly, and is the subject of interesting legends. The bird brings fortune and luck, but also longevity and wisdom. The design is usually detailed, and other images like a sun or flora can be included. Therefore, a placement option with sufficient space is required for this information. As you often see, the arm or the thigh are great spots, but you have more scope to create audacious and colored art.

11. Japanese Women Tattoo 

Japanese Women Tattoo

Our next Japanese Yakuza tattoo is the Japanese Women Tattoo which Geishas embrace. They have an important Japanese history and are often linked with appeal, femininity, and grace. An ink for both men and women represents perfection, respect, and intense beauty. A tattoo of a geisha or Japanese woman is styled as a single one. It is also observed as a sign of the culture of Japan. The back is a popular placement option to allow sufficient space for most of these pieces. Depending on the significance, you may add other images such as cherry blossoms or a samurai.

10. Peony Flower

Peony Flower Tattoo

Inspired by the Japanese traditional art, Japan Yakuza Tattoo, Peony flower is a strong and elegant tattoo design. The black and grey arrangement of lines and dots gives this Tattoo the feel of a colorful piece. The peony or botanical flowers represent plenty, dignity, and fulfillment. The peony is appreciated as the King of Flowers in Japan. It thus may represent a male and carefree attitude, as opposed to its physical beauty and identification with feminine grace.

9. Floral Tattoo

Floral Tattoo

Moving on to our next Yakuza Tattoo, Floral Tattoo represents the Imperial Family in Japan. The stellar flora with the petals scattered like flames is supposed to bring fortune in life. The core of the flower shows the social rank of the emperor in the center of everything. The Tattoo is durable and satisfying. In Irezumi (Japanese  Yakuza Tattoos), flowers often surface in large and complex tattoos with other subjects. In such compositions, chrysanthemums usually appear next to dragons.

8. Momiji or Maple

Momiji Tattoo

Momiji is another Yakuza back tattoo design of Japanese style for men or women. This inspired us to create a theme for you guys in yakuza style. It usually has various meanings, but it also relates to the meaning of life. There are usually some colorful geometric lines in Momiji and symbols, and they are quite playful and intriguing. For example, the leaves of the maple (“Momiji”) show the passage of time. Typically, these tattoos represent the leaves tangled into the brisk or drift into the waters, describing people caught in time. The seasonally changing leaves also symbolize the life sequence.

7. Lotus

Lotus Tattoo

Moving on to our next Japanese yakuza tattoo is Lotus. The lotus is intimately linked to Buddhist teaching. In Japan, the flora means the life strains on the way to its full potential. The flora springs on the ground of a pond and slowly flow out to the outside. The blooming lotus tattoo symbolizes spiritual resurrection and the metaphorical journey through the muck of life towards a wider realm of life. This is quite different from the Floral Tattoo, as discussed above; although it’s a type of Flower, both have different yakuza tattoo meanings.

6. Sun Tattoo 

Sun Tattoo

Our next and most infamous Yakuza Tattoos is Sun design. The rising sun of Japan, the bold red design, symbolizes divinity, courage, and life, used in flags. For some, this is a symbol of the country. There are many different designs, some with warriors and some with waves or temples. It’s a very controversial picture, however. This design can be unbelievably offensive for certain people. It was used as a military flag and represented a very dark part of history for countries that were invaded during this period.

5. Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo is one of the most fascinating Yakuza Tattoos in Japan. Yet, this subculture is aimed at a specific group of people, or should we say, women? When you consider the thought, the whole taboo idea of the Tattoo is a little weird. Nevertheless, Japanese skull tattoos are meant to represent the natural cycle of life positively. Furthermore, the Japanese skull tattoo traditionally expresses a development insight since death is a man’s biggest advance.

4. Koi Fish

Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish is a common Japanese Yakuza tattoo, usually linked to good fate and prosperity. In Japanese legends, the Koi can overcome cascades and move against a heavy tide. Koi thus exemplifies resolution and is usually used to mean that a person has experienced unfortunate events. It’s all about black Koi. The Red Koi refers to some sort of love, typically strong and energetic like the cordial relationships of the yakuza brotherhood. Blue Koi is reproductive representatives and are considered to be extremely male.

3. Couple Samurai

Now, let’s open your door to the world of your next favorite Japanese tattoos. Yes, it is a Couple of Samurai Yakuza Tattoos. Samurai are the high-class and well-disciplined combatants in Japan whose purpose is to guard their people, culture, and territory. The samurai Yakuza tattoo is probably one of the most interesting Western-style yakuza tattoos. The samurai Yakuza tattoo, which is sometimes the hiatus-me (literally, one point) yakuza tattoo worn on the back of the hand with its sweeping lines and scroll, began to appear in earnest during the mid-90s, and it has since flourished.

2. The Foo Dog

Foo Dog

The Foo Dog Yakuza Tattoo is a highlighting Japanese art, tattoos, and Yakuza culture. We scour the country for tattoos and images that tell their own story or remind us of the grit of old Japan. There is great power in the mystical Foo Dog. The Foo Dog Yakuza tattoo is a Chinese philosophy that has been carried out as a way of life by the toughest and strongest individuals. The Foo Dog Yakuza Tattoo has been brought to the United States by tattoo artist Mike Tyson. This Tattoo is used by several gangs and other tough characters as a form of protection and intimidation.

1. Shark Fish Tattoo

Shark Fish

So, Our favorite and leading Japanese Yakuza Tattoo is Shark Fish Tattoo. Shark Fish Yakuza Tattoo lovers often apply it on their body skin. It’s interesting to hear about the Shark Fish as a Yakuza because it is our favorite too…! This translucent, winged sea creature has a fierce maw filled with sharp teeth. This Tattoo is an ancient representation of a shark fish and was once an effective deterrent against drowning enemies. Some stories even claim that matching shark fish yakuza tattoos could give you magical power. Like Koi fish, the shark is a very important water animal. It stands for courage, strength, and passion.


Choosing the right Tattoo is very important. That’s why we’ve completed this list of The Top 20 Yakuza Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meaning to help you make an informed decision. In addition, we’ve broken down the meaning behind each design, so you can carry your new Tattoo with pride for years to come. We hope we will help out in choosing the best one for you!!

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