Top 10 Freelancers Website

1. Odesk
This site is awesome, there is a ton of work available through this job board and it is all pretty quality. A lot of the work goes for cheap, so you have to be careful when applying for a job on this site.

The work appears to be really easy and could easily end up paying more for fixed jobs because of the little amount of time that a lot of them will require. The site is fantastic because it allows you to take thousands of different tests to show your knowledge on a certain subject. This feature helps potential clients to better size-up your abilities and helps them to make their choice on hiring you for their next contract.

2. Elance
This site has an amazing amount of opportunities available for the freelance web designer or even multimedia designers. The amount of jobs available on this site is truly staggering. You can typically find some pretty high-quality freelance jobs on this site as long as you know what you are looking for. A lot of the clients that are listing jobs on this site will typically know exactly what they are looking for which will make the process much easier.

3. FreelanceSwitch Job Board
This is one of my favorite job boards to find web work, there are a lot of very good oppurtunities on this site. It seems that most of the work available has very descriptive listings that help to decide if the job is right for you. For this site the freelancer pays $7/month to discover how to contact clients, it is worth it though.

4. Sologig
This job portal is excellent for finding any kind of freelance work, whether it be for web design, development, programming or even blog writing. There are a ton of listings through this site and the work is pretty high quality as well.

5. Guru
This site is not just for freelance web designers, it also has a wide array of different industries available to apply for. There are a ton of opportunities on this site, a lot of the requests for web work I see are for search marketing related freelance jobs though.


6. Authentic Jobs
This site has a great listing of quality work for designers, developers and programmers. You have to switch to the freelance side to find contract work. There are a lot of full time and part time positions available on this site also.

7. Krop
This site is one of the best interfaces out of the bunch, it is extremely easy to use and provides a good deal of information about the job and the client. You have to search for phrases related to your field, such as typing in “freelance” through their search. Once you have located a good amount of jobs you can really apply for some great freelance work that pays well.

8. fresh web jobs
This job board has an excellent and easy-to-use interface, there are times when not many jobs are available for freelancers but it is still an excellent source to find quality work for web designers and programmers.

9. Get a Coder
This site has a pretty great list of projects available for web designers and programmers. The interface is a little clunky but it seems to have a pretty good client base that can open up some fantastic opportunities for freelance web work.

10. Onlinejobguru
This site has some really great listings on it, a large portion of the jobs listed on this intend on applying for freelance web work with some of these listings. A pretty great source though, the interface could use a little work though.

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