Top 20 Best Anime Cat Girls Of All Time !

Everyone loves anime catgirls, so today, we will create a list of these cute anime catgirls. While most of the internet loves cats, the animal sector should connect cats with adorable people and make imagination a reality called Nekomimi. Get to know more about Nekomimi’s origin and significance.

Nekomimi signifies cat ears but is used for catgirls as a slang word. Catgirls are also referred to as Neko Musume (cat daughters), nekojin (cat people), and plain old Neko (cat). Nekomimi is someone with cat ears, a cat tail, or a feline figure. A person with faux cat parts or a whole costume might also be regarded as a catgirl. Given that cat ears are not gender-related, a cat boy in the uncommon case is also known as Nekomimi.

Here, Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi leads the list, which is best known for her floor-length blue hair attached in a very low ponytail with a white scrunchie and purplish eyes. Followed by Millianna from Fairy Tail in second place and then Himari Noihara from Omamori in third place. It may seem nice to learn more about these fabulous characters, so let’s put it on the table since we’ll discuss the top 20 Anime Cat girls of All Time in this article. Let’s explore the world of cats – The Nekomimi.

20. Chaika – The Coffin Princess

This anime character of a cat girl has long white hair and a waist, and big purple eyes. She wears a white dress that is somewhat snug with a black skirt with blowing sleeves and a white headband frilled. She owns camouflage sleepwear, which she sewed herself before meeting the Acura siblings while traveling. She also has a neck scarf, which appears like her head has been sliced off. She bears what appears to be a mystical emblem on the back of her neck. Her large, black eyebrows are her most noticeable feature.


19. Catherine – Gintama

Catherine’s straight black bob and her cat ears are striking. Her eyes are dark, her lips and nose are rather large. She has tanned skin likewise, albeit not her race. Gintoki frequently commented that she is an old lady who is not attractive, presuming her ex-boyfriend just got involved because he lost a bet. Nevertheless, Catherine is really fine and has a lovely physique. Her slim figure is a green kimono. And one of the best Anime cat girls among all.

18. Natsuki Sasahara – Hyper Police

Natsuki is an anime cat girl of 17 years old. She is a daughter of a human father and necomat mother that was born in 2005. Natsuki is very lovely and kind to everybody and always willing to defend the poor and maintain the law. She is exceedingly feline, eating cat food, weddings like a cat, playing chords with string and other moving things (including tails of Sakura), and a pseudo-alcoholic beverage is her favorite.

17. Yoriko Sagisawa – De Capo

Misaki/Yoriko Sagisawa is an animated young cat girl, staying at home, looking at the world from the window of her room. The enchanted sakura tree fulfilled her request in the game, and her body, Yoriko’s, was converted into a duplicate of her original body with cat ears. This cartoon cat girl Yoriko springs forth out of the window of Misaki to see the world in its place and becomes a maid similar to Misaki with cat ears.

16. Alicia Rue – Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue has a little, wavy, blonde hair around her trapezoidal cat ears. She’s wearing a one-piece armor exposing her tanning flesh. Hanging from the sides of her waist are claw weapons, while the colorful stripe around her hips enhances her tail. It also wears on its neck a bell collar and on its left arm a cape with a crimson stripe at the front. Overall, she is one of the best Anime catgirls.

15. Shizuka Nekonome – Rosario + Vampire

Her hair is fashioned like cat ears in her human disguise, although she seems to have a white top, an orange skirt, low-headed shoes, and eyes. Her hair is blonde and sandy and glows seemingly in the light. Her character is lovely and girly. She appears to recognize that Tsukune is human, but she doesn’t care because she believes in human beings and monsters. Her preferred food in the human world is raw salmon. She says she doesn’t wear a bra in one of the manga’s extra panels. And one of the best Anime catgirls.

14. Nozomi Kiriya – Mayoi Neko Overrun

Nozomi has light violet hair and ruby eyes, and cat ears. She is usually apathetic and unmoved, but she also appears to be in the air when it comes to being bare. She also joked that she wishes Takumi Tsuzuki to enter a hot spring bath and show her naivete further. At first, she went away because she believed she was getting in the direction of the connection between Fumino Serizawa and Takumi but finally was certain she would return to Takumi. Her character is amazing to watch.

13. Ichigo Momomiya – Tokyo Meow

When Ichigo becomes an anime cat girl, her hair and eyes become bubblegum rose, and her ears and tail become black. Her tail is bonded with a pink ribbon. Her hair has been loosened and is more curly than her civil form. She wears a short rose dress with matching armrests on her right thigh and a leg garter and a necklace around her neck. Her gloves are dark pink, and her wrists are reachable. Her boots are black-laced magenta and end just under her knees.

12. Dejiko – Di Gi Charat

Di Gi Charat is the principal character of the Koge-Donbo anime and manga series, frequently abbreviated to Dejiko or Digiko. She is a princess of a planet also known as Di Gi Charat. She is a girl who is underlined by the fact that she concludes with the cat sound ‘by every statement. Sometimes, she may be aggressive and will use her special power, eyebeams, to harm people. She is one of the best Anime catgirls.

11. Nuku Nuku – All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl

Nuku Nuku started as just a stray cat Ryunosuke tripped upon taking a leak while on the sequence with his father Kyusaku after regaining (stealing) an ideal android of Kyusaku’s own design to prevent it from being traded off to the military by Ryu’s mother, Akiko. After Ryu was permitted to retain the cat as a Christmas present, Akiko’s henchwomen shot the street cat fast in the fire. Kyushu inserted the dead-brain cat into the android in a flash of genius, bringing feline wisdom and a robot feel.

10. Ao Nanami – Yozakura Quartet

Ao is a thin-built anime cat girl. She has short, blue chin hair with two cat-like antennas over her head with light skin. Ao typically wears a toque of black hat that forms her cat’s ears. She uses a black Alice band to cover her hair when she doesn’t want to stand out as a yokai. She is frequently seen as a dark sleeve mini dress with a white neck and black buttons with dark-colored boots in summer attire. Ao is One of the best Anime catgirls.

09. Eris – Cat Planet Cuties

Eris is a 16-year-old cation scout who explores the Earth. She is large and well-groomed, and friendly, and she met many typical cats on Earth. Initially, most do not understand her as an alien, but she reveals Kio the proof directly with her technology, ears, and tail. She is also a capable warrior who uses techniques and technology rarely seen on Earth as she learns the Earth’s manners.

08. Cyan Hijirikawa – Show by Rock

Cyan is a female with large, bright, turquoise eyes. Her hair is incredibly dark blue, nearly black, and worn with few small curls. She wears a frilly white fabric at the top of her head that remembers a maid’s cap. She has a black cat cock and a couple of ears with a row of black buttons, and she wears a black shirt with white frilly material. Cyan is one of the best Anime catgirls.

07. Koneko Toujou – High school DxD

Koneko (High school DxD) is a white-haired, gold-eyed anime female. There are two lengthy bangs on the front of her hair and several loose bangs flowing over her front while the rear is short. She also wears a black cat hair ribbon on both sides of her hair, containing information on how new Super Devils were manufactured artificially. She sprouts a white cat ear in her Nekomata form with a matching white color, and her eyes are more cat-like. She got three tails in volume 24.

06. Leone – Akame ga Kill

Leone’s a young, curvy cat girl. She has two long tufts of short blonde hair, framing the sides of her head and golden eyes. She has a showy costume around her neck with a black pipe top, detachable sleeves, pants, and boots. Her hair lengthens as she changes, and she gets ears, tail, and clutches. Her hair grew longer, and her ears grew somewhat larger, she also spread lion-like feet, and several parts of her body had fur. Leone is one of the best Anime catgirls.

05. Blair – Soul Eater

Blair is a purple cat in anime cat shape with big yellow eyes, pale bushy tips, and a long curly tail. She wears a smaller version of a witch hat and a necklace with a spherical bauble, which has three triangles grafted in it that look like the face of a jack-o-lantern. Inhumanity, she looks like a youthful, tall, very broad-breasted woman with an attractive body. Overall, Blair is one of the best Anime catgirls.

04. Kirara Bernstein – Gj-bu

Kirara is a large cat girl fashioned like cat ears with bleaching eyes and short blonde hair. She generally shows up in her classroom uniform, a black and blue blazer with gold and bottle linings, a white-collar shirt, and a blue jacket, as many GJ-Bu characters do. But her uniform displays her cleavage too.

03. Himari Noihara – Omamori

In her teenage years, Himari appears in a buxom physique as a young anime cat girl. She has long, blue, black hair that stretches down her hips, with bangs flowing over her front and side bangs framing her face (longer bangs in the anime). In a lengthy ponytail, she normally wears a pink ribbon that holds her hair. Her initial shape is a white cat, and she has purple eyes in both shapes. Overall, she is one of the best Anime catgirls.

02. Millianna – Fairy Tail

Millianna is a medium-height anime cat girl with a curvy physique. The cat-like aspect of Millianna is also notable: cat-like eyes, lips, and nose. Her dark hair is lined on her crown in cat ears and linked to two base ponytails. Her face has four crimson tattoos that look like whiskers. She wears a black and white striped yellow jacket. Millianna also wears a pink gown with a white bow tie and pinkish ruffles on the base of the garment, a choker, and white leggings.

01. Tsumiki Miniwa – Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki has blue hair knotted in extremely soft, white, and purple eyes the length of the floor. From time to time, she formed cat ears and a cat tail when she saw Iowa. However, she has on her head at all other times a big, swirling home. Normally she is wearing the Uniform Nekoge Prefectural and is featured in the winter with a pull-out version (instead of wearing the winter version with a jacket). Overall, she is the best anime catgirl from animated series.


Anime is a little bit more diverse than the average felines. Some talk. Some fly. And sometimes anime cats even lead magic females in seafood costumes to prove this medium’s unlimited potential. It also seems that there is a movement towards creating people who act like cute cats to speak and think as others do. It makes them adorable and understandable. And these animes, as mentioned above, cats are the best of twenty.

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