Top 10 corporates that changed the world

Top 10 Corporates That Changed The World

Top 10 corporates That Changed the World shows how some of the greatest businesses of all time achieved their success – found untapped niches, stayed on top of trends, managed progressively, and encouraged creativity.

Wright brothers

wright bro

The Wright brothers described the invention of three-axis control that covering pitch, roll, and yaw of the airplane that made fixed-wing aircraft practically. They were not the first to build and fly airplanes, and their company focused more on maintain their open rights than on developing new aircraft. Wright brothers keep securing their ideas but not interested in development. Their method remains standard for airplanes today.



mc Donalds

Giant for fast food likers training us to expect compactness from our food. McDonald’s really boon for the people. They made the Big Mac and fries synonymous with American cuisine around the world, serving 70 million customers a day in more than 35,000 restaurants in 120 countries. “The hamburger is symbolic of our society, which is very famous and benchmark for McDonald’s.



 Xerox-not the printers and printing supplies. Xerox was responsible for developing the technologies that made many of our modern electronic devices possible. Ever heard of a mouse, a desktop computer or a graphic user interface? Well, thanks this company for that.

Why not taking like these one who introduces the GUI (Graphical User Interface) Because its executives felt that graphic user interface was that great product and allowed some other minor companies of that time to make a run for it.

East India Company


What comes if you hear the word company in past centuries? The Giant East India Company. It established a few major precedents for modern corporations. This company brought the world and the countries to the greater extent. The company was ruthless in its quest for profits. Parliament even called the EIC tyrannical. However, without the EIC, England may have never developed into the nation it is today.

Standard oil


Standard oil is one of the biggest characters in oil field. John D. Rockefeller was a visionary that believe in the importance of oil in the years to come. That’s why he cofounded Standard Oil in 1870, a company that would become patent of the most valuable commodity for his future world. It took him only 10 years to take the company to control the refinement and distributions of the oil industry, a move that made him the richest American in history with worth $440 billion. 34 companies originated from it, with behemoths like ExxonMobil and Chevron having their roots right here.



It is one of the hated companies in America. The company bought the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell in 1877 and it used it as its foundation to become a monopoly. Certainly the communications world of today wouldn’t be possible without the existence of AT&T. Nowadays throughout America it becomes one of the vital company in American telecommunications in 20th century.

Ford Motor Company


Absolutely took 7 years for Henry Ford to go from building his first gasoline-based vehicle to creating his company, Ford Motor Company. The production of the company did well for this modern world. First the introduction of average American cars. Then later the second generation cars with all latest highly advanced facilities with manufacture interchangeable parts that would later form the product to the interest. This way of organizing labour revolutionized work across industries and re shape the world in the form of mass production and consumerism.



Funny story! The company was under the line during 80sitssuccess starts with its Macintosh computers. However, the company that become like a phoenix from the 90s finally rose up to the challenge and made a lasting impact in the world.

Cleavers would prove to be the best decade for the company in all its history with the introduction of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Truthfully, none of those products were own but the keen attention to detail, appearance and performance made them all winners. Apple brings the smartphones very smatter.



“He is the one who leading the world”, right? Google is a company that focus on major innovations and that’s made the jump from our computer to our daily lives. The company started with the core called search engine to find the information. Now it becomes worldwide thing in all places

Also many think of Google as the site that let them find anything they want, the company is just more than that. Creators of Android, managers of YouTube, inventors of Maps, innovators in all the sense of the word, Self-driving cars and wearable computers are just some of the things that prove it and are just 2 examples of how Google is shaping the world we live and the future we going too.



Nowadays without Facebook you’re in ill iterated list. Facebook if you wanted to let friends know about your current status and thoughts. People socially living with these kind of sites in that this plays a vital role

Facebook has become the de facto way of reconnecting with long lost friends and staying in touch with others.




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